Yeah, that’s how young this blog is. To be specific, I started my very first post on October 8, 2013.

However, although it’s still far from the outstanding blogs out there; my dreams for this new and entirely exciting venture has and will always be the part of me where I sit in broad daylight: daydreaming, or lying in my bed and looking outside the window in the vast infinite night sky thinking about doing what I love which is writing, taking pictures and sharing true experience to people so they could have a glimpse of comfort, which will lure them or displeasure, which will warn them to a place that they only have heard about and wanted to give it a try.

My aspiration for creating this blog is to push people not to be afraid in taking risk, however inconvenient or how lacking their budget for a planned adventure or finding a fancy spot to eat, drink and laugh with friends, family and with that special someone.

To sum it all up, I wanted to create a menu of dainty places giving readers the correct expectations out from my experience.

Not just here in Cebu but praying for an expanded discovery not just in the Philippines but to the world which is part of my dreams.

Many Happy Returns to us!

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