- ★★★★★

I’ve always known that the alta of the Queen City can always be seen in restaurant like Canvas in Ayala, Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant or Café Georg which is also a part-time tambayan of the #KatKat’s. But on March 14, 2014: the bar for sophisticated restaurants for these kinds of people has been stepped one notch.

Circa 1900 is a new spot in town to look up to. The restaurant is located at Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City, to be specific, it is the small passageway between Metrobank and Sinangag Station near J.Y. Square. It is a colonial or ancestral house owned by the Castillo family that was bought and restored to become one of the most or (I should say) probably the most elegant restaurant in Cebu, not even the illusion of height and affirmation of being a socialite in Sky lounge  Blue Elephant could top this spot.

The Chef of Canvas Restaurant in Ayala spearheaded the restoration of the colonial house and created a brilliant Modern Filipino Cuisine hot boite that offers piano room indulgence and high class service.



Speaking of service, the waiters and waitresses will give you a five star service in their warm presence from welcoming you on the spot, upon taking you to your table, when you order food and when it arrives and most especially when you go home. A waitress even gave us a tour around the house just to show us the function rooms downstairs and their cute little vegetable garden on the backyard which is one of the sources of their ingredients. Isn’t it just sophisticated?

The place is just warm and expensive; you’ll feel like one of the rich people inside having their dinner or whatnots. (Hashtag KatKat)



They have variety of meaty and veggie offers that ranges from P200.00 to P400.00 but mostly just within the range of P200.00-P300.00 and to be honest, it’s just worth it! (MENU BELOW)


Try their Pork Belly with Apple Fennel Compote that’s really delicious and sumptuous, because it’s a bit salty but with a hint of sweetness coming from the apple ingredient.


Also, try their Chicken Bringhe that’s made up of chicken, some spices, sauces and the bombshell which is the puto… yes; it was puto that was the superstar of it all. It has different taste but sums up as a complimentary dish.

Unfortunately, we haven’t tried their famous iba shake because it was not available at that time. Bummer.

For dessert, try their Pumpkin Pie which was unfortunately just a slice but was delicious nonetheless.




The very elegant dinner experience we had is enough for me to be happy. With their great service, food and ambiance; other restaurants should make this one as an inspiration slash competition to give a full customer satisfaction.



Open everyday from 11AM to 12MN




Contact Number: (032) 239 6265 or 0923 279 5616












Restaurant Facade


Complementary Dish (very, very delicious!)

IMG_6989 IMG_6972 IMG_6968 IMG_7006 IMG_6961







- ★★

For a long while, cosplay fanatics have raided the scene from television to cinema and showcase their creative talents all over the globe. Japanese people have always been at the top of this kind of league due to the fact that they’ve always pride themselves having the best anime’s of all time; one of it is Dragon Ball Z which I’m also a fan.

Korean coffee houses have dominated the scene in the Queen City of the South, but I’ve recently discovered something new that would incorporate coffee house and cosplay.

Tomo Café: A Maid and Butler Cafe is located in Talamban, after  University of San Carlos campus and Family Park and right after the Park Terrace Arcade if you come from the city and it is uniquely good for everyone. The café itself, although it has been clear that it is a Maid and Butler café, is a haven for cosplay fanatics and common anime geeks alike. The café is rich with anime, cartoon and mostly Japanese stuffs that certain kinds of people will fancy.

Tomo Café offers a variety of food and drink services: from pastries, coffees, teas and breakfast foods if you might want to.

Try their bestseller Campfire Mocha which costs P150.00 and taste really good plus the weird smiley on the side of the cup you’re sipping with.


If you love tea, I’d suggest their Four Red Fruits Tea for P100.00 which you can enjoy sipping hot while on a chilling misty day.


Also, if you’d like to learn basic Japanese language this place is perfect for you because on the other room of the café: you will see a small classroom loaded with students learning the said language and the best thing about it is it’s for FREE! You’ll only have to go there and ask for the schedule and register.


Although the place is really, really interesting with its Victorian inspired color and design plus the good service the cutely dressed waitresses provides: the students, cosplayers and geeky people (all of them young) are too noisy for the seemingly cozy place to sit down and have a chit-chat with your friends or just by reading a book. But then, it is obvious that the café’s intentions are for those kinds of people I mentioned. Although I would love if the place would be as silent as possible, but I’d respect their target market; besides, business is business.

Anyway, you should try there and be delighted with everything you see and taste.





11:00AM – 2:00AM

RATINGS – 2 Stars












Cebu is one of the fast growing provinces in the Philippines in economic sense due to rising job vacancies and availabilities, plus with international schools with variety of students from all over the globe. Also, tourism in Cebu is in a high rate not just because we have beautiful spots all around the vicinity, but Cebu also connects one place to another in the entire Philippines, especially on provinces that are only accessible via the Queen City.

And due to that demand of number of people rising is also the number of good restaurants to enjoy that are affordable, accessible yet satisfaction guaranteed.

Here is the list of my top common restaurants that you’d want to visit not just once but many other times:




I might have learned it wrong, but my friend told me it was originally a small restaurant in the heart of the city which customers like, and now they’ve grown to an entire new level (but not really sure about their history). What I love about Manila Foodshoppe is their variety of good Filipino foods yet very, very affordable. My partner and I always order for their Chop-suy which is good for four because it’s really plenty. They have variety in their menu too, from pork, beef, fish and pastas. Where else would you like to taste Filipino cuisine than in Manila Foodshoppe?


LOCATION: SM City Cebu, Osmena Blvd, Parkmall, Manalili St., and Gaisano Mactan




The sister company of Lantaw Native Restaurant (which I happen to have a review here) and also Thirsty (Which is my FAVORITE); the empire itself is somehow bringing something really, really good to the table. All three of their chains are so likeable in many different ways. Lantaw is a very special restaurant in three different terrains (beachside, mountain, roadside); Thirsty is a fruit-shake stand that has plenty of delish and classic offers; it never gets old, and also Moon Café.

What I love about Moon Café is it’s a Mexican themed restaurant. I love anything that culminates spices and flavorful. I always go there at 2:00-5:00PM from Mondays to Fridays because they have special offers for about 99 pesos only. Their steak also rocks! It’s really affordable and delicious.


LOCATION: G/F Robinsons Cybergate, 2/F The Terraces Ayala Cebu, G/F The Walk I.T. Park, G/F SM City Cebu, Parkmall, Shopwise Supercenter, Emilio Osmena St. Guadalupe.




Another Filipino Native Restaurant that offers really, really good foods. What I love about Golden Cowrie is the fact you’ll eat in a banana leaf (excites me every time) and it offers unlimited rice, only that the rice is so heavy, you’ll feel bloated after one and a half cup. Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their baked scallops. It’s so heavenly, I could die. People in Foursquare talks about their Dinugu-an too which I haven’t tried. Their crispy pata is one of a kind and their soups are delicious.


LOCATION: SM Cebu, Salinas Dr. Lahug, Robinsons Cybergate, A.S. Fortuna St., The Terraces Ayala Cebu, Parkmall, Marina Mall.




Want something Asian specifically Chinese? Well, there’s Dimsum Break. Offers variety of Chinese fast-food cuisine; from siomai to steamed rice. Although their offers are variety and delicious, I only have one claim that I quite feel steep; it’s their price. In one meal, if I order steam rice, siomai and drinks, I could reach P150.00 just for that. Although affordability-wise it’s not competitive; but let’s admit, it’s a Chinese restaurant.


LOCATION: SM Cebu, Banilad Town Center, Ayala Cebu, JESA ITC Avila Bldg., Elizabeth Mall, Parkmall, Gaisano Fiesta Mall, One Pavillon Mall, Colon, Mango Square,




Grill at its best? Gerry’s Grill got it all good. Although everyone agrees (except the #KatKats) that the price is quite steep for the serving, still, they have the best offers from all the restaurants in Cebu. Everyone knows about Gerry’s Grill which you can find easily navigating around the city.


LOCATION: SM Cebu, Ayala Cebu



Natutuwa, pero hindi nirerespeto. Natatawa, pero hindi tinatrato ng sakto.

That sums up to what being gay is like here in the Philippines, and how treatment is most likely have and still happening. Upon the issue of the rumored Vice Ganda and unknown boyfriend break-up raised an unforgivable and pitiful issue of pre-judgment, inequality and discrimination.


Based on the articles I’ve read and TV show clips I’ve seen in the past few days: first and foremost in The Buzz which Kris Aquino interviewed the indisputably the most famous Gay ever that stayed long in Philippine Television: Vice Ganda, about his break-up with the unnamed lover.

He has hints of initials T and R in his official Twitter account which is the rumored Ateneo basketball star Terrence Romeo. Clearly, whenever that topic is raised, even on his noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’; he always give comical remarks on what really is it but never gives a confirmation on who that person is. Leaving people in question, ‘Is it true or not?’

Hence to the issue in that TV interview; a Facebook account of Terrence Romeo grudgingly posted about how dismayed he is about the said issue and threatens to deactivate it permanently if people tolerate it.

Terrence, on the other hand, then denied, but seems happy and even praised that someone took the initiative to post it.

In addition to that faux-post and partly degrading appraisal is a statement made by Terrence Romeo’s father William, quoting:

“Si Terrence talagang tinuturuan ko ‘yan ng katuturan. So kung totoo man ‘yang istorya na ‘yan, sinuway niya ako. Dahil hindi naman lahat ng oras nakasama ko siya,” he said. “Pero si Terrence, kumpleto ng aral sa akin ‘yan. Pinaiiwas ko siya sa mga bagay na hindi mabuti.”

In the past, being gay is generally unacceptable in the Filipino society because of numerous reasons:


1. Religious – As a true blue religious country, believing in everything the church says; we are ignorant of the fact that the Earth is round, the universe is infinite, and science can be the highest form of education we can achieve to become a worthy and knowledgeable citizen. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God, it’s just that I have my faith, but not in the same normal people who preaches.

2. Global Standards – Rest assured, the Philippines is not the only nation to appease an abomination to the gay community, but also to the world.

3. Homophobia – to get a textbook definition of this: Prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality. Or in societal definition nowadays; a person acting straight, disliking homosexuality because of a hidden, unaccepted and shamed hypocrisy within self.

4. Family Standard/Upbringing – this sums to parents’ Religious beliefs, Global standards and/or Homophobia.


And some other pathetic reasons you can think of. With this still obvious in our society; I’m definitely sure we’re still in the century where science is denied and ignorance is tolerated.

And now back to the issue as per told by William Romeo and how discriminative his statement is:

Pinaiiwas ko siya sa mga bagay na hindi mabuti. (I let him keep distance to the things that aren’t good.)”William Romeo

It’s annoying and unfair because he correlated being wrong with being gay or having an affair with a gay person.

Discriminating gay people on their gender preference or sexual orientation or same sex relations is like claiming you are GOD that you can do or say whatever you want because you are the Law. And obviously, you are not GOD, therefore you have ZERO right to dictate on what preference these people chose to have; not even lecturing on absent verses on the New Testament about how wrong being homosexual is wont exempt you from hell, because in the first place you have judged.

And what I learned about Jesus is that he was here not to judge but to accept and forgive. And that’s one commendable personality one person can have, and definitely that’s what it meant by being Christ-like. And Pope Francis clearly understood that.

If you have nothing good to say, better shut the hell up.

And if you think I am over reacting to this issue; well you’re ignorant to what’s happening outside our nation then. If this was heard in the US; this would be sensationalized.

Vice Ganda is a national phenomenon, he has breached the cinema and the music scene smashing some records. He’s called the Unkabogable (undefeatable) because he’s the only gay person to have reigned in our showbiz who lasted years and still going strong with the ultimate competition that is himself and only himself can break it.


I look up to him.

Because he set the standard of a fact that Showbizness is done with straight people on the top of the charts, and it’s time to be different; it’s time to accept the fact that there are talented people out there, straight or gay, who could redefine total entertainment.

He did also change the way people think about being gay: that respect is somehow subconsciously earned and some people changed the way they look upon us. I can concretely say that because as years passed by, straight people changed the way they treated me; some with utmost respect, some with a cunning fear, and some trying to be close with me with no prejudice on what orientation I might choose.

I felt that sudden change in people surrounding me and in my society. But there’s still that lingering fact that discrimination is going on in these uncharted hearts of people laughing with Vice Ganda or Gays in general.

Natutuwa, pero hindi nirerespeto. Natatawa, pero hindi tinatrato ng sakto.

They adore, but respect is fleeting. They laugh, but discriminate right after. Hypocrisy seems to be floating amidst this battle we’re fighting. The LGBT community has been fighting for equality. I too have been fighting my whole life for equality, acceptance and a resonating cry for RESPECT.




maleficent poster-1


- ★★½ out of 5

“It’s a grandeur for the family. But not for adults alone.”


When I first saw the behind-the-scene picture of the Maleficent movie, same time they announced that they’re in the process of making it; I was ecstatic: it was because of the fact that everyone in my generation, and the generations before me knows who Maleficent is and that she has infiltrated the general audience with fear yet with sophistication.

I personally feared Maleficent when I was a child. Watching Sleeping Beauty was a fairytale trauma, together with Alice in Wonderland due to the fact that they’ve put so much power to these characters plus an evil-ish depth to the story: it’s really amusing but scary at the same time.

Plus the fact that Maleficent is played by Angelina Jolie was a wow. Then the trailers came and we saw the first outing of the actress as Maleficent: it was just mind blowing. It already felt like she was destined to the role itself. Ecstatic became ecstasy to my senses: then I waited for a year and a half.

Now, it’s here.

Maleficent is a story ripped off from one of the world’s most popular fairytale: Sleep Beauty. It tells the tale of the ultimate villain, Maleficent, and what the real story is.

I have to admit, after watching it, from all my rapturous emotions being super excited to watch the film: it kind of was an ‘OKAY’ movie. Maybe because I was too much expecting from the ‘twist’ itself in which re-imagined fairytale stories are intended for, or maybe because of a technical status which didn’t made me happy.



What I mean to say is that the film was Rated ‘G’… for those who don’t know what ‘G’ means: it’s for General Patronage. Adults can see it and kids too.

From the moment the film rating popped up before the movie; I was taken aback, figuratively and literally (even bumped my head, thankfully to the soft cushion of my seats, Thanks JMall Cinema!). I was expecting for a hold back from all the actions I’d be seeing in the film. My partner told me then, “There will be no blood.” And of course as a Disney film, there will be minimal or no blood at all.

I can’t even remember any killing in the movie, except for the fact that soldiers were thrown away or dropped by huge metal chandelier outside and inside the castle, but there was never a feeling of death in the movie. Well of course, again, it’s Rated ‘G’ and for adults movie goers, it will never be enough.



We all know that The King is the lazy ass character who will give an incentive to guys in town who uh, could save the kingdom’s princess so that they could bang her right after; and we all know Sleeping Beauty/Aurora is just asleep for the entire movie-time; Prince Charming/Phillip as the hero who desperately rescued Aurora from being a damsel in distress and Maleficent as the fashionably evil one.

But in the re-imagined movie today; there’s this chance for the Evil one to tell her side of the story, and it’s definitely not what we thought it was going to be.

The depth of her becoming evil was for me quite lacking, because of the straight fact that they couldn’t push the limits beyond Rated ‘G’. It was a bit disappointing in that part and I could’ve wished that she was pushed so much leading on why she became evil. The trailer promised a ‘dark version’ of the re-imagined story, but I don’t see any resemblance of darkness in emotional sense to this film. The mood of the fairytale land where she resides was first blooming and colorful, but when she turned evil; everything went dark, but there’s nothing more ‘dark’ after that.

Which leads me to the next point.



I wasn’t expecting for the movie to be quite humorous in the midst of Maleficent’s evil presence. The danger didn’t lurk for the Kingdom and Aurora, but it was for Maleficent only. But even when there’s this threat to her mortality in the land; there were times where you can’t help but give out a giggle because of some comic characters surrounding Maleficent, like Diaval (Sam Riley) and Aurora herself (Elle Fanning).

There were more of cute, queer and heart-warming scenes between Maleficent and Aurora but was essential to the story as you watch it and will all make sense once the climax hits.



Maleficent started as a cute, young fairy whose wings gave her the ability to soar through the magical land and to the skies above. After that tells a failed love story that lead her in becoming evil. But then, the movie gave chance of redemption to evil queen after years of being an accidental fairy-god-mother to Aurora.

Most of the movie geeks who posted predictions on how the story will go about, pointed out on how it might be disappointing to find out that Maleficent is not evil after all.

It’s a straight FACT after watching the movie. Yet still, the duality of the character; the emotional turmoil: a fight between good versus evil and the chance of redemption is the entire plot of it.

In the middle of the movie, you can really tell how it’s going to end because you can’t really lead someone astray who’s seen hundreds of movies, no matter how you give twists to it and especially on a Rated ‘G’ film rating.



Angelina Jolie IS Angelina Jolie. Wow. The role was PERFECT for her and her natural vicious façade brings life to the most feared Evil Queens of all Disney.

Her acting was superb and her unprecedented punchlines were funny. She was just outstanding throughout the film. A fact that acting really is practiced through time and Jolie is a testament to that.



The beginning of the movie was really straightforward and strong. It will captivate both young and adult’s attention to watch and listen because we might miss something.

But I wished Maleficent stayed as a badass rather than the hero in the end of the movie, but still it was amusing especially on its visual effects that puts excitement to anyone watching on a big screen plus it’s heartwarming perfect for the young ones.

And there was no greater push towards her being evil which lacked the emotions of being feared.

As an adult, it was an OKAY movie rather than spectacular, but still, NOT hideous. It’s a grandeur for a family movie.


RATINGS: 2.5/5


Maleficent is a 2014 American movie starring Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Shartlo Copley, Sam Riley, Brenton Thwaites, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, and Leslie Manville. The film is directed by Robert Stromberg based on the story of Sleeping Beauty.



Pagawas sa kos akong gibati nga Kaanyag, Kalipay’g Kasakit, AMEN.

Once you step into the Employment realm; you’d be glad that you did. But one unfortunate fact about being part of that world is to have your national identity be processed in numeric sense. And with that comes the unsystematic, long lines and most of the times not centralized filthy government institutions.

This has been one of the causes of high blood in the Philippines, besides the fact of the intense heat we experience in our beautiful yet unsophisticated country.

When I applied for a job; it was obvious that I should get my SSS, Philhealt and PAG-IBIG numbers/papers so that I could become a registered citizen working in the Philippines with a very unique number that is unchangeable.

But the plot twist here was that I had no idea what to do first. I was asking some older co-workers on what to do, and they are even lazy enough to tell the tales with me on getting these important numbers/papers. Dali raman daw, kapoy lang daw’g linya... True. Ending up people telling me ‘Adto lang, dong nya pangutana lang sa guard‘… But also a fact nga away-awayon pakas UBANG mga itsep nga empleyado sa gobyerno, di nalang mag tarung sa ilang trabaho, PWEH!  Tawgon pakog ‘Dong’.

But where do this all route back? To a simple ignorance…

I believe that students should be educated in schools with a subject teaching them on how to open/use/update credit card, ATM, Deposit, Passbook; Apply for SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, Passport, License, VISA etc; How can we apply for public and private Loans; What are, Where and How can we store all important numbers and papers that are useful for employment, and all those kinds of practical life uses. Because Algebra, Chemistry, and Random International Languages are honestly impractical in terms of everyday, employment or general life situations.

Cuz truth be told, I’m almost 24 and I still have no idea on how to do most of it. It’s a fact I’m ignorant about it because it’s my choice to be, wa koi interes sa mga butang-butang nga gahatag nakog ka-kapoy, since going and applying to places I’ve mentioned IS VERY, VERY TIME CONSUMING AND TOTALLY ANNOYING!!!!! No words can explain how pissed I am with these stupid systems we got.

But to be fair, sa ubang institutions, nindot na baya and systematic na… sa UBAN.

Kung di lang grabe ka importante ning mga pesteng papeles ai.



Have you read my past reviews of restaurants, movies, or travel spots? Yeah, you might be discombobulated, raising one of your eyebrows because of too much grammar lapses in my posts. (Charot kayng discombobulated)

Yes, we Filipinos are so good with speaking the English language but not too much on the technicality of it. Yufak man sad jud tinuoray nga bantayan nalang tanan nimong ininglish diba? But to the benefit of the perfectionist people; we just look for somebody to proofread our diligent works only to find out how erroneous it is. Feeler man sad gud usahay hehe.

I do not deny nga daghan kayo kog error sa grammar sa akong mga post, heller, English is my 2nd language. Di baya ko si Georgina Wilson, although ora-ora mig byuti katong wa pako buyagi.

But as a blogger, I realized that there’s going to be a social responsibility, even when I did not think it is part of what I do, but we are just like these politicians that whenever we suit ourselves up for public service: we now have in our hands the power to subconsciously educate people especially and most especially the youngsters. Because I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…

Anyhow, upon that actualization of mine comes also the part of me that I am not perfect. Although I love to write, and I’ve been writing ever since; the duty of being perfect is far away from what I intend to do. Layu ra baya ang blogging sa teaching the English language ha… kung mao man diay; maynta ga tukod nalang kog ESL school.

The fact that there are rude people, who correct my grammatical mistakes, thinking they’re better than me, is a proof that people in this world are inevitable from social scrutiny due to the lack of knowledge in a certain field, and mine is with grammar. I know basic grammar, kai mao raman sai nahibaw-an nako sa skwelahan; and not to include the fact that we often forget everything basic. Kai ngano, kabaw pa diay ka sa mga tanan-tanang basic rules sa English grammar ug Mathematical equations? (ug kabaw gihapon ka, sorry, pero di na nako sala kung wala kai social life). And pasensya if imong course kai Education, Major in English who is in depth of everything in the English language, and lahi ako-ang course which do not have the same focus as yours. Mao sigurong heavy mo bash sila online because they are not appreciated in real life, kaluoy sad.

Again, I’m not perfect with my English grammar… di man gani perfect nang mga Amerikano, truth be told, most of us Pinoys are a bit better when it comes to technicality paman gani, and that’s according to my friend living a long time there in the U.S.

Truth is, most bashers of my grammar lapses are Pinoys; kay pa-mai-mai sad baya ang mga oatch kasagaran but I leave it to them because they’re ‘experts’ to that, and nothing more when it comes to real life.

Although there’s one commenter which was uber nice to me, telling me about my grammar lapses in a very subtle way was very much pleasing to read, not to include the fact that before he mentioned the negative part of my posts; he first praised me for my ability to blog something that will warn or entice people to visit a place. He was so nice; I bet he has a much better life than those paka-arun ingnon bashers.

What’s important, actually for me, is that you are understandable and relatable. It’s going to be a responsibility as a random social media correspondent; but not totally. I try my best to correct any erroneous sentences I have in my posts to make sure I do my best in giving information with perfectly structured English language. But tinuoray lang, ang importante para nako is that I can impart my experiences to my audience and give them insight to what they might experience ahead, and most important is to enjoy reading and looking at the pictures.

Just read and enjoy and if you think one has grammar lapses or technical errors, tell them nicely… tell me nicely, I really do appreciate corrections. Di man sad ni para ako ra, para mani sa tanan. (IBOTO PARA PRESIDENTE!)

The point here is that there’s no reason to be rude and vile just because you think of yourself too high; there are better ways than bashing one’s imperfections, not unless he/she did something ugly to you. Just be nice, mas daghan paman siguro’y mo bilib nimo/ninyo kung di mo hawd.






Malapascua is an island located at the northern tip of Cebu, and a barangay of Daan Bantayan with its local name ‘Logon’. The island of Malapascua is known for the crystal clear water beaches and white, powdery sand shoreline. Also, it’s been a diving spot for people who loves witnessing coral reefs and under the sea wonders. Malapascua is also known for the Thresher Sharks that are abundant in the surrounding waters of the island.

I still can never forget the first time I went there way back ten years ago: we had our struggle in going there but when we arrived at the beachfront; it awed me to my soul. The clear blue waters were at the most splendid and captivating. The memory stuck in my mind still.

Not until I went there ten years later.



Let’s start from how we travelled.

First, we (all people know) rode a Ceres Bus bound for Maya that has a sea port where numerous of transportation boats await.  The ride was a painful 4 hour drive (not unless you have your own car or service). We started our trip from the North Bus Terminal by 7:00AM and arrived at Maya port by 11:30. It was long and torturous. But I let it pass and just enjoyed the annoying smoke and dirt that is visible in my face.

The boat you will ride on from Maya port to Malapascua Island

The boat you will ride on from Maya port to Malapascua Island

Next, when we arrived at Maya port, there were several boats parked in their port. So my partner told me that we should go to the ticketing office to pay the port fee and so on. But then, one local told us that they were not present any longer right after the great typhoon Yolanda. The ruins left by the typhoon are still visible in the port, actually. There were people (usually locals) barking at everyone who reaches the port and it feels like everyone new has no idea where to go. So, we asked one local on what to do and where to go and just pointed at one boat that will transport us from there to the island. But it was a wrong boat so we transferred to the right one.

We waited there for an hour or so because they have to fill 30 people in that boat. By the way, the fee for the boat is P80.00 per person. (If and only if the tide is low, there will be an inconvenient small boat or banka that will transport you from the port to the boat waiting afar that will cost you another P20.00)

After Yolanda, there was no organized direction on what to do and where to ride there at the port. We were frustrated about that fact and it was scorching hot.

Then we arrived at Malapascua after 20 minutes. Before we docked; we could see the beauty of the crystal clear water (you can see in the video below) as the boat rushes to the beachfront and it is magnificent.

And then we docked, unfortunately I was not impressed. What welcomed us shocked me, and you can see in the pictures below.

IMG_6549 IMG_6555 IMG_6554 IMG_6552 IMG_6551 IMG_6550

It is fitting that Yolanda struck the island so badly that it destroys most of the trees and nearby buildings/cottages but it’s unfathomable for the government not to take actions in any of these unfortunate circumstances when it’s already six months passed. And there were no governing rules upon littering in the seashore.

The part where we stopped 10 years ago in the island was now a place of garbage.

We hadn’t had our lunch so we ate at Mabuhay Restaurant or whatever it is called. We ordered many foods (ala cart kuno) because the waitress said it was good for 1 person only when in fact it’s good for 2, DUH. We waited for almost 2 hours before our meal arrived. It’s very, very annoying, although their food is OKAY. But still, it’s beyond frustrating.

At that time I felt like it was a wrong decision going there. It’s really dreadful.



But then we were there because a friend of my brother invited us to come over the island for their fiesta, and so it’s good to know that there’s someone who could navigate us to somewhere different and clean.

I was not hoping to find one, but then when we went to his family’s house in Guimbitayan, located at the other side of the island; the beauty of the beach there was magnificent. I was in awe seeing the shore and the clear blue waters.



When I dipped, it was just perfect. I was then transported back 10 years ago, and reminisced the feeling of awe. It was almost deserted, and I can only see us playing around the very long sea shore.


The sunrise is just perfect for the PANG-Instagram/Facebook photo-shoot we did. It captured the island’s vibrancy to life.


My father and our friend’s grandmother built a tent for us to relax and feast our eyes to the beauty of the beach. It was really pleasing.


At night, the moon serves as your spotlight to go and take a dip without wondering where your companions are, even though it’s black dark there because the houses around don’t have electricity maybe due to Yolanda (again).

We just brought tents with us to stay for the night.

Nearby, the people build a campfire on the shore, which for me is not good at all; and the local children were playing around it. It was nice of sorts though.



Our friend told us to go to Bantigue cove which is just a walk away from where we were staying. And so, we realized how little we have seen from the island. And we reached the part where the sand is softer (on the shore and in the waters) and the view is nicer.


To reach Bantigue cove, we have to climb up the hill and it shocked me to see the back part of the island where there’s a soaring high lighthouse at the top.

It was stunning as you can see in the pictures.


But then when we reached the cove itself, there were ruins everywhere.


Our friend told us there was a resort built but destroyed by Yolanda (AGAIN AND AGAIN!). There were just ruins everywhere that entails a PANG-Instagram/Facebook photo-shoot.

The beach in Bantigue cove was not at all nice now, so we climbed back.



I realized that I should never just be mediocre, just because the beach front frustrates me doesn’t mean there’s no other part of a place that will ‘wow’ me. It’s very essential to everyone who loves to travel. Never Stop.

The island is full of garbage now, there are so many issues that I’ve found when I was there from Maya port to the island itself; and it’s for the government to take action and for the people also take initiative.

Malapascua is such a beauty! Reliving its potential means potential for a booming tourism. People just have to create ground rules and not just write it but to apply, organize and follow it, and with just that; the island will be perfect again.



Bus (back and forth) – P163.00 + P163.00

Boat (back and forth) – P80.00 + P80.00

Small Boat (if lowtide both to and from) – P20.00 + P20.00

Stay (At Moonlight Resort – for me not advisable) – P1,600.00 AC Room


Note: I cannot post all the costs, room availability and the food here because our friend’s family plus my parents paid for many things there.




At night, under the stars

At night, under the stars

Tents, Tents, Tents

Tents, Tents, Tents

Our friend's house.

Our friend’s house.

The local name for Malapascua.

The local name for Malapascua.

Starfish everywhere! It made me happy.

Starfish everywhere! It made me happy.


Cozing under the tent.

Cozing under the tent.

Push mo pa!

Push mo pa!


Stay cool under the sun.

Stay cool under the sun.

IMG_6502 3

The Sunrise.

The Sunrise.







-          ★★★★★


Are you feeling weary and tired of the same old same design or themed Korean coffee houses that have wooden platforms, scattered post-it notes and warm yellow lights that honestly looks like the prison cell in the Korean movie Miracle in Cell No. 7?

Well, here’s another Korean owned but with difference from all of those coffee houses that you know.

Recently opened, and still in their soft opening; Café Tiala: Princess Room is the one I can see people will destroy the intimacy right after they did with La Vie Parisienne and Café Noriter. It is located at Unit 2-D 2F, The Forum Bldg., Archbishop Reyes Ave., (Bario Luz), Cebu City. To be specific, it is the building beside the new Grand Con.

They differ in theme and design because they offer the very cute theme of a Princess room. It’s a dollhouse matched with a touch of elegance (because of the chandelier, nakaka-sosyal). It has cute figurines and stuffed toys all around the vicinity. The lights are not that yellowish, far from the other Korean coffee houses (which you might want to look back at your photos without Instagram filters that you look like you’re having Jaundice).


Anyhow, the place is so cozy and welcoming, added to their cutely dressed staff that were smiling and very friendly. They’re so cute they remind me of the girls in Kafra Corporation in the online game Ragnarok.


I love how they presented their Menu stacked in a cylindrical cute, cute, cute box. I love something fancy, and this one is really fancy.


They have plenty of offers which did not differ from other Korean coffee houses; yet still very satisfying. They also have food if your stomach craves for one. The prices are all not that steep and reasonable at times.

What we did while we were there was that we had a small tea party celebration of our own… which was really cute. I already felt like I was inside a gigantic castle and I was with the one I love having tea. I just love the fact that the place makes you feel relaxed and at ease.


They also have this cute gimmick called ‘Candlelight Time’ where the staff comes inside the room and lights a candle while they flicker out the lights.


And by this, it doesn’t also goes with cuteness; it also gives a romantic feel even when the place looks like childish and girly bombarded with pink; but no. It’s cute and romantic; perfect for lovers.

DISCOUT EVERYONE! I don’t know when this promo will last but if you report to the staff that you uploaded and tagged or checked in at Café Tiala’s Facebook Page, you will get a discount! And in ours (it was May 9, 2014) we got 15%.

Check out Café Tiala! Really nice.






Telephone no. – 260-5503



RATING – 5/5


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The very sosyal chandelier


the candle which looked like a screaming ghost

IMG_6471 IMG_6463 IMG_6378 IMG_63683 4






To be direct, Mountain View Nature’s Park in Sitio Garahe, Busay, Cebu City is one of the most famous places you could hear from talks in town because of the overlooking indulgence of the entire Cebu city, and I’ve been here for plenty of times but never experienced the way I did on the Holy Week passed.


Same as my blog for Lantaw Native Restaurant, which is just around the corner of the entrance there in Mountain View, if you don’t have a car, you can go there by taxi which you can rent from J.Y. Square, P250.00, or by Habal-Habal (motorcycle) which costs P50.00 per person, or if you have your own car; that’s probably the best.



Because of a family affair, I got there again. To make the story short; my mother and brother rented a stay for one night just for P1,200.00 non-air conditioned room.

The P1,200.00 Cottages

The P1,200.00 Cottages

I have a short knowledge that there was lodging in Mountain View! So bummer of me.

So the clan went there for a hike and ended up gasping for breath because no one expected how difficult it is to reach on top since it was most of their first times.

Back to the room: it was big, enough for my clan of ten (imagine that) but sush, they didn’t know we were that plenty. Though some of my family members brought with them tents and just stayed outside. The room is (as they say) good for four people. The bed is humungous and very good to sleep into.

You can order food in their canteen and have them delivered in your room if you like.


TIP: If you’re planning to go there, have your rooms booked ahead of time, especially on weekends and holidays like the Holy Week. And I, most especially, like for you to book on the air-conditioned room, good for P1,500.00 on the overlooking deck part because you can see the city lights from the windows of your room, and there’s no need for you to climb up just to see it.




You can also enjoy their amenities. They have an Adventure Obstacle that is variety for P150.00. Their trail entails a lot of challenges; from walking on an unstable hanging bridge (but safe) to zip line-ing your way to excitement. This is available 9:00AM to 7:00PM daily.


You could also experience their very cold swimming pool that’s good for P100.00 on adults and P75.00 for youngsters. It’s very good for kids because the highest is just 4 feet, so no fret.


You can do camping, as I’ve said a while ago. There are certain places you can do it, but mostly, people build their tents when the dusk hits the horizon.

I’ve seen people grill outside of their rooms too.

You can soul search, or try marathon from the top down to the entrance of the vicinity. (Just kidding, you’ll end up getting killed)

And when nightfall comes, the city lights below will enchant you. It’s very amusing and enthralling yet at the same time very serene. Looking away from the busy city makes you go past through everything you’ve been through and ponder about your life. It’s very nice, I tell you. I’ve been there many times, yet the city lights never fails to amaze me.


It’s best to see it in their viewing deck which you could also have a booze with your friends. Thank GOD there’s no entrance pay.



Here’s the catch, is all the amenities too expensive or too much? Well for me, there are a lot of transactions to be done in the spot, and the prices are quite revamped from the normal prices in the city, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s really quite difficult to transport goods from down below up there on the mountain, that serves justice.

Also the crew’s salary hehe.



Telephone – (032) 231 5444




Another evening shot

Another evening shot

Cebu in the morning.

Cebu in the morning.

IMG_7149 IMG_7141 IMG_6985