To be direct, Mountain View Nature’s Park in Sitio Garahe, Busay, Cebu City is one of the most famous places you could hear from talks in town because of the overlooking indulgence of the entire Cebu city, and I’ve been here for plenty of times but never experienced the way I did on the Holy Week passed.


Same as my blog for Lantaw Native Restaurant, which is just around the corner of the entrance there in Mountain View, if you don’t have a car, you can go there by taxi which you can rent from J.Y. Square, P250.00, or by Habal-Habal (motorcycle) which costs P50.00 per person, or if you have your own car; that’s probably the best.



Because of a family affair, I got there again. To make the story short; my mother and brother rented a stay for one night just for P1,200.00 non-air conditioned room.

The P1,200.00 Cottages

The P1,200.00 Cottages

I have a short knowledge that there was lodging in Mountain View! So bummer of me.

So the clan went there for a hike and ended up gasping for breath because no one expected how difficult it is to reach on top since it was most of their first times.

Back to the room: it was big, enough for my clan of ten (imagine that) but sush, they didn’t know we were that plenty. Though some of my family members brought with them tents and just stayed outside. The room is (as they say) good for four people. The bed is humungous and very good to sleep into.

You can order food in their canteen and have them delivered in your room if you like.


TIP: If you’re planning to go there, have your rooms booked ahead of time, especially on weekends and holidays like the Holy Week. And I, most especially, like for you to book on the air-conditioned room, good for P1,500.00 on the overlooking deck part because you can see the city lights from the windows of your room, and there’s no need for you to climb up just to see it.




You can also enjoy their amenities. They have an Adventure Obstacle that is variety for P150.00. Their trail entails a lot of challenges; from walking on an unstable hanging bridge (but safe) to zip line-ing your way to excitement. This is available 9:00AM to 7:00PM daily.


You could also experience their very cold swimming pool that’s good for P100.00 on adults and P75.00 for youngsters. It’s very good for kids because the highest is just 4 feet, so no fret.


You can do camping, as I’ve said a while ago. There are certain places you can do it, but mostly, people build their tents when the dusk hits the horizon.

I’ve seen people grill outside of their rooms too.

You can soul search, or try marathon from the top down to the entrance of the vicinity. (Just kidding, you’ll end up getting killed)

And when nightfall comes, the city lights below will enchant you. It’s very amusing and enthralling yet at the same time very serene. Looking away from the busy city makes you go past through everything you’ve been through and ponder about your life. It’s very nice, I tell you. I’ve been there many times, yet the city lights never fails to amaze me.


It’s best to see it in their viewing deck which you could also have a booze with your friends. Thank GOD there’s no entrance pay.



Here’s the catch, is all the amenities too expensive or too much? Well for me, there are a lot of transactions to be done in the spot, and the prices are quite revamped from the normal prices in the city, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s really quite difficult to transport goods from down below up there on the mountain, that serves justice.

Also the crew’s salary hehe.



Telephone – (032) 231 5444




Another evening shot

Another evening shot

Cebu in the morning.

Cebu in the morning.

IMG_7149 IMG_7141 IMG_6985







-          ★★★★

The dreading city life requires you to escape from it in order to maintain balance in your life. Ahh, the relaxation you acquire gives you pleasure. Whenever you look online for a place to stay or to escape; there’s always something that holds you back. But this time; try to pursue it, and you’ll be pleased.

And one resort that’ll give you that exact relaxation away from the city is in Huna-Huna Cliff Resort. It is located at Buyo, boundary Carmen/Catmon, Cebu.

Huna-Huna is a Visayan word for thinking, pondering or contemplating. True to its name; Huna-Huna Cliff Resort offers you a peace and serenity for a calm experience.

With its European Villa inspired theme; you could never go wrong to its relaxing feel facing the vast Camotes Sea. This European situation requires your full attention to its nonchalant ambiance convalescing from your city life.

The white walls and marble tiles of the villa are idyllic, hinting Santorinni, Greece.


The overhead pass is nostalgia of somewhere in France; and the Family house for number of guests makes me remember of an Italian Villa.


The beaut of the place gives time for yourself to escape and contemplate your life while sitting on the bench looking afar on the effervescent Camotes Sea.

Guest House in Huna Huna

Guest House in Huna Huna



Going to the resort is easy.

All you need to do is to ride a bus bound north at North Bus Terminal, near SM City Cebu. There you will find huge busses; and all you need to find is Ceres Liner. It’s fast, hourly and safe (sometimes, depends on the driver).

When telling the co-operator of the bus (kondoktor) where you’re heading; you can directly say in Huna-Huna, because most of them already know where it is. If not, then tell him at Buy, boundary Carmen/Catmon. The cost will only be P55.00 per person; so it’s not that really expensive.

From the city, you’ll be travelling 1 hour and a half if there’s no traffic. The resort can be found on the right side of the path; and there’s a marquee on the side of the road, if you have a car of your own or the co-operator forgets about you and where you’re heading.


TIP: Whenever you reach Carmen, Cebu; call the co-operator’s attention and make him remember where you’re heading. Or better yet, open Google Maps if you’re on 3G, but I doubt it will operate well on the countryside.



Booking ahead is always the best thing to do whenever you want to go to a certain place so that you’ll have a guaranteed stay. And when calling the resort (numbers at the end of the post), they will ask you to pay full at their Banilad, Cebu office.

For me, trying to book a room for the next day was lucky because I was only giving a promise to them that my partner and I will not cancel our reservation. But that was really our plan, so cancellation would be inevitable (hehe), but really, try to book really ahead of time.

The air conditioned rooms are available for P2000.00, good for 2 pax with breakfast, and the check in time is 1:00PM, check out on the next day, same time. (Room rates below)


They also have a 2 storey guest house, good for family or group of people.

The resort also offer some relaxing spa treatment for the price range of P900.00-P1,500.00.



We stayed in Room 11 of the resort, and that is on the bottom-most part on the cliff near the beach where you could take a dip.

The room is just fabulous. Its clean and our stay there was marvellous. If relax is what you’re looking for, then this is perfect for you.


The room is small BUT very, very relaxing. You’ll have your own veranda with table and seats; and for us at Room 11, the sea is just beneath us. It really looks luxurious even thinking about it right now makes me want to go back there.

Staying in their room makes me want to stay there forever.

I love their lights which have the control switch on how bright you want it to be; the very functional hot and cold water which for other resorts are not present; and the bed is soft, so as the pillows and the comforter.

The bed is facing the glass door with the sea as our breath taking view. The window on our left side is a perfect instrument for the sunrise to take a peek before we realize it.


Sometimes you’ll forget to close the glass door and hear the rushing sound of waters outside while you are lying like a king or queen in your very comfortable bed.

And our veranda is perfect for dinnertime, with the warm, romantic lights plus the stars above us.


It was just pure lux. C’est la vie.


TIP: And you should try to ask if Room 11 is available. *wink



The food is variety there, and mostly it offers Filipino style of cooking. But their breakfast is mixed from Filipino to American to whatever it is in their menu that you’d like to have.


You’ll only have to order ahead of time because they still have to prepare your food from scratch, so it takes a bit of time to finish and serve it to you.


The price ranges from P130.00 – P250.00 depending on what MEAL you order. There are also offers that reach P300.00-P500.00; these are specialties.



The beach is just part of the resort with no shoreline that is a little bit rocky on most parts. I did not get the chance to swim because I really did not want to. I just wanted to relax in our room, and in our sophisticated veranda.




When we checked in, we were greeted by a huge black dog (I have no idea what breed it was) which I was much afraid of at first due to its size; when we walked down to our room; he was ahead of us following the attendant, and whenever we stopped, the dog looks at us trying to signal something; then we realized he wants to take us to our room. The dog named ‘she-she’ (I think) was really, really sweet. She had our hearts just for a short stay there because of her kindness to visitors.




I’m still pondering how relaxed my partner and I were on that resort, and wishing we could just lie there forever… with money magically appear on our table. HAHA

But then, Huna-Huna Cliff Resort is a resort away from hassle.



Cellphone: 09173179741/09322242375





*According to as of 4/8/2014

Air Conditioned Rooms

Php 2,000

Inclusive Breakfast for 2 (two) persons

Prices are regardless of single or double occupancy

Extra Bed without breakfast Php 500


Fan Rooms

Php 1,000 to Php 1,500

Exclusive of breakfast

Prices are regardless of single or double occupancy

Extra Bed without breakfast Php 500


*Day use (maximum of 3 hours)

Air Conditioned Rooms

Php 800 (Php 100 each extra hour)


Fan Rooms

Php 500 (Php 100 each extra hour)


Entrance fee is Php 75 with free use of our cottages. Huna Huna Cliff Resort reserves the right to refuse or discontinue at any time any accommodation to any persons it deems unacceptable under its standard.



Rooms – 5

Food – 3

Service – 3

Facilities – 3

Ambiance – 5

OVERALL – 3.8/5




our veranda in the evening

our veranda in the evening


Our veranda in the morning


Our room in the evening

Our room in the evening












Ever wonder how you could navigate your way through the entire cebu? Here’s a very helpful website to know the routes of such jeepneys you ride on.

Just click on this link to go to the website which can help you map out the routes of jeepneys in Cebu.

62B Route

62B Route



-          ★★★★


Margarita Family Restaurant

Margarita Family Restaurant

While Lantaw sa Busay gives you the entire Cebu view from afar with amazement; Margarita Family Restaurant gives you the city view.

Located at Robinland Bldg., Tipolo, Mandaue City, across Cebu Doctor’s University; Margarita is one cozy dining experience while enjoying the nearby city view.



Dining in their spacious balcony is such a cozy spot for lovers. Feel the chill from the city wind OR you could choose the other sea-side view which has the ambiance that of a sea-food restaurant.

You can also have a booze in their bar which you can choose a variety of liquors.

Margarita Family Restaurant

Margarita Family Restaurant

Also, if you’re looking for function halls; Margarita Family Restaurant can give you that. With their spacious function, they can hold parties like Acquaintance Party, Christmas Party or even reception for weddings.



Have you ever eaten in restaurants like Manila Foodshoppe or Majestic? Well, if you prefer their taste; you may enjoy Margarita’s. The food is delish for an affordable price range of P120.00-P300.00 that is totally worth the money.

 IMG_2480 IMG_2478 IMG_2477


Lunch: 11:00-2:00

Dinner: 6:00-10:00/12:00MN



(032)505 – 8288

505 – 3688



Ambiance – 5

Food – 4

Service – 4

Value for Money – 4


Margarita Family Restaurant

Margarita Family Restaurant



Yakski Barbecue and Eatery

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery

Ever wonder what could replace the famous Larsian which was celebrated before but totally uncharted now due to some raunchy issues that defeats its glorious name to crash and fall?

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery is the new ‘IT’ to barbecue experience.

Housed at 268 Don Mariano Cui St., near Capitol; this residential eatery is as of its best from menu to the service. This warehouse location eatery is an open house/outdoor type perfect for a chill out with friends and family with affordable treats you’ll enjoy.

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery, dicer, sauce, barbecue

Yakski Dicer/Sauce

But the superstar of Yakski is not their cheap offers, but their amazing sauce/dicer which revamps your pigging experience. It’s a mixture of complimentary flavors that lifts the taste of the barbecue or even compliments with the rice itself!

Visit them now.

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery, dicer, sauce, barbecue

Yakski Barbecue and Eatery


Cell No. – 0932-4142008


Visit their Facebook Page






Having a blend of modern/contemporary art plus optical illusion and some masterful poses and angles equals a debonair interactive artwork. And all can be found in the newly opened Cebu Trick Art Museum.

Opened just recently; the site of the said museum is in the 3rd floor of J. Centre Mall, A. S. Fortuna Mandaue City, Cebu, beside N.B.I.

For an affordable price of P 200.00 peso as entrance; you can have 57 interactive experiences with the artworks that pop! Just bring your own camera so you and your friends can have an exciting, fun and entertaining moment while being creative, romantic and comedic, all at the same time.

Cebu Trick Art Museum

Feeding a Zebra at Cebu Trick Art Museum

Why does it look like 3 dimensional and life-like? It’s because the painters of the 57 art pieces rendered their masterpiece carefully into 3D-like effects that tricks they eyes and lens of the camera that results into a deceptive art piece. With a perfect angle, you can have the perfect conjunction of painting and reality.

I also like the fact that people there assists you to take pictures in correct angles.

TIP: Bring a tripod if possible for a more stabilized photo.

Find your angles now and practice different kinds of expressions that complement the artworks!

Cebu Trick Art Museum

Dog catch at Cebu Trick Art Museum


J Centre Mall hours 10:00AM – 9:00PM


(032) 260 – 0777


Their Facebook Page


Cebu Trick Art Museum

Angel wings at Cebu Trick Art Museum



Burger Joint Cebu

Burger Joint Cebu

- ★★★★

“Are you ready, kids???”


That sounds familiar, even to us adults; the indefatigable SpongeBob Squarepants series. Situated in the Pineapple under the sea; SpongeBob is known to human beings as a dumb and funny yet full of heart sea creature who works at the Krusty Krabs where he reigns as the cook, for that one menu eatery; and Plankton’s most desired recipe; the Krusty Krabs burger.

Burger Joint

In the Queen City, The Burger Joint has been a buzz.

Having mouthfuls of burger offers; The Burger Joint, located at Mabolo, Cebu City, just within the vicinity of the parking lot of The Gallery Arcade; The Burger Joint is a chill-out place for people who wants to sit down and chat and treat the tummy at the same time.

With their outdoor seating; nothing could go wrong.

Burger Joint Cebu

Burger Joint Cebu


Burger Joint Cebu Offers

Burger Joint Cebu Offers

Having the price range of P115.00 – P199.00 (for the burgers), it is a valuable price for huge and stuffed burger, with sidings like fries or their huge and delicious onion rings plus you get also a drink with it.

It’s worth the affordable price!


The taste ranges from fair to a delish, yet, you when you get their burgers, you wouldn’t mind about it.

Burger Joint Cebu's Bacon Mushroom and Cheese Burger

Burger Joint Cebu’s Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Burger

Burger Joint Cebu's Garlic Burger

Burger Joint Cebu’s Garlic Burger


The Burger Joint is likely open every day until 11:00PM or 12:00MN.

Contact Number



visit their Facebook Page


Overall – 4/5

Burger Joint Cebu's Panorama

Burger Joint Cebu’s Panorama

Burger Joint Cebu's Burger

Burger Joint Cebu’s Burger



Bucket Shrimps Cebu

Bucket Shrimps Cebu



New restaurants are booming lately in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. And quality is being battled out for customers to remember and have their great pigging experience being checked on their bucket lists.

One has been creating a buzz lately and it’s called Bucket Shrimps. An outdoor seating restaurant; Bucket Shrimps is located at Gov. A. Climaco (ORCHIDS) Street, Jones, Cebu City, near Capitol and has been operating in just one or two months; probably in September 2013.

Across the restaurant is also the famous S.T.K. Ta Bai! (Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw) restaurant which is also a famous seafood restaurant.

The location is quite inaccessible to commuters and so if you have car, it would probably be the best way to reach Bucket Shrimps. Another way is by cab. And since Bucket Shrimps isn’t yet that popular in the ears of the many; I suggest telling the cab driver to take you to S.T.K. Ta Bai! And if you go there by the Jeepney; I suggest taking the Osmena Blvd. road and stop by at Coco Mall, just beside the Cebu Doctors Hospital, then walk across to the BDO bank, walk straight until you reach the third alley on the right; that’ll be Gov. A. Climaco Street or just simply ORCHIDS Street.

TIP: you have to make a reservation in order for you to garner a seat when you come because Bucket Shrimps has been a buzz lately, and people deluge there constantly every day. Telephone number by the end of this post.

I already made a reservation in the restaurant five days before we got there, and the best thing about it was that it was a text reservation, so just in case the person in charge of writing the details down; the confirmation would be verified by the text. AND that’s what exactly happened to us.

The owner, which spoke in an American accent English language (nosebleed, shet), greeted and asked for our reservation.

Unfortunately, our reservation was not written down in the list which pissed me off a bit, because I have to show the text message where I typed down the details of my reservation which I had to follow-up the confirmation since I did not receive one.

But, I let it pass, because I have no plans in ruining my birthday eve that night. And so we waited… and waited… and waited for about 30 minutes. The place was just small, yet packed with people, and I wondered why everyone took a long time to stay there; but I just didn’t mind it, even when my stomach is screaming of famine.

The place was small, and not well ventilated, they have small fans that can’t suffice the warm feel.

Bucket Shrimps Cebu

Bucket Shrimps Cebu

I checked in in my Foursquare account just when there was a seat available for us. And then we started to order in their tiny menu having only five offers.

MENU (in Bucket of…):

Boiled Shrimp(in Cajun Sauce or Gata) … P250.00

Soft Shell Thai Shrimp … P250.00

Chicken Wings (6 pcs) … P150.00

Liempo Loco … P130.00

Crazy Pusit … P120.00

My partner and I ordered the bucket of Boiled Shrimp in ‘Gata’ (Coconut Milk) since their bestselling Boiled Shrimp in Cajun Sauce was not available because it has been outsold before we came there. And it pissed me off. How could they not assume and anticipate the number of customers coming on that day, especially it was on a Sunday and created a contingency plan to cater all customers, most especially on their ‘bestselling’???

Well, my partner and I dropped it and continue ordering another offer. I was in argument with myself whether to choose Liempo Loco or that Chicken Wings and chose the latter instead because Liempo tastes are not that different from other restaurants since it’s just being roasted and all, and I was expecting that their Chicken Wings have different flavor that will surprise me! (Just like in Ryan Pizzerelli’s Chicken Wings)

And then we waited for our order to come… and waited… and waited. Until my partner and I ran out of comic thoughts and opened our Facebook instead. We even have chatted in the comment box. Then a commotion happened outside the restaurant that created a buzz. And then we keep waiting.

I checked my last Foursquare post and see how many minutes we have waited and shockingly, we waited 42 minutes already. WOW.

I can’t explain how famined we were already.

What also pissed me off were their grumpy waiters. They don’t smile; they don’t feel accommodating and welcoming. I hate the fact when I call them; you can see them almost look at you, but don’t proceed on looking to ignore you and walk away instead.

And I’m not done in saying we’re still waiting for the food to arrive.

I wondered how they have cooked their five dish offers and took too long to do it? It’s only FIVE dishes, and most of it is in shrimp servings. Well, my partner and I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it maybe is cooked so well, which will give us orgasms while eating.

And an hour or so later, the food came… that’s AN HOUR. The Boiled Shrimp in gata was in a metal bucket as well as the Chicken Wings and our Rice. They don’t have plate, only paper which was cool, and they also have plastic gloves which is exciting in not using any utensils.

So we started eating… in disappointment.

The shrimp sauce was colored yellow, and it tasted familiar. my partner and I had to figure out what it was and Google answered: it was a Chicken Curry sauce. It was OK, but the superstar shrimp was bland. We were expecting for it to be juicy and flavorful; but it did not give us any orgasmic feel like we have expected, since we waited for an hour!

Boiled Shrimp in Gata, Bucket Shrimps Cebu

Boiled Shrimp in Gata, Bucket Shrimps Cebu

The shrimp offer is good for two people.

And next was the six pieces Chicken Wings. The taste was oh-so-ordinary; I can even cook it myself. And they smothered… NO, not smothered, gave only drops of Heinz Ketchup on it. I thought about the P150.00 price and how it was not worth it.

Chicken Wings, Bucket Shrimps Cebu

Chicken Wings, Bucket Shrimps Cebu

The experience was oh-so-disappointing and annoying. Even getting the check-out bill was a pain in the ass for we waited again for them to give the check and the change. And while waiting; the pipe beside our table even broke and splattered water on the ground, luckily it did not create a fountain, which will totally piss me off.

I also heard a complaint from other table in their Vodka and how it had no taste: so I’m inferring how bad the service in the restaurant was.

I wonder how disappointing the experience it was in Bucket Shrimps and was it because by chance, we were unlucky? Or was the service has always been like that? By looking at the customers around us; they also have waited a long time for their order and it sucks to see their famined faces. Overall it was not worth the money.

Also, they don’t have WIFI (I’ll rant about this every single place I’m going).

In totality, it was a very bad experience in Bucket Shrimps and I would not totally go back there. I would if they have proper indoor restaurant that is well lit and ventilated, have warm waiters that will welcome us in their renovated restaurant, list their reservations properly and serve great food in right contingency planning to serve customers in their wants… ESPECIALY ON THEIR BESTSELLER, gaaah!

CONTACT NUMBER: 0933-199-2521


Lunch: 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Dinner: 6:00PM – 9:00PM


Boiled Shrimp in Gata – 2

Chicken Wings – 1

Ambiance – 2

Service (including no WIFI) – 1

Value for Money – 2