It’s 2015 baby! And when January comes, we know it’s PRITITIT!!!!

Sinulog is at its best when it comes to religious masses, walk and fluvial parades and street parties that rocks Cebu in a day. But nothing beats street party at night in the country than in a Sinulog Festival. It all starts with LifeDance 2015.



LifeDance 2015

But before anything else, two days before the Sinulog Festival happened: I went to the annual LifeDance EDM party which for me kickstarted the entire nightlife celebration. It was held at Sugbo Grounds, SRP… behind Kasadya Sa SRP.

The party hurt my soles from hours of just standing and casually jumping up and down to hail the heart-thumping bass, and also the party deafens my ears from the booming, supersonic sounds, but nevertheless it was dope all because of the sophisticated, Coachella-ish like stage, and awesome sound system, plus the DJ’s like VINAI and Borgeous which was one of the reasons why I attended this event, and they did not disappoint me… it wouldn’t be that awesome if not for them.

So, here’s the video I’ve made in our LifeDance attendance.

Congrats again, LifeDance.



Ayala Cebu Fireworks

My partner and I planned to go out early so we could attend to some daytime events and see the parade as well, but because of the intense heat in the Sinulog morning and afternoon; my lazy bone advised me to go out in the evening instead. I’ve already documented the Sinulog Festival in the morning last year anyway, which you can read HERE.

Sinulog nightlife street party is known in the entire Philippines for being one of the most hyped parties in the country.

And although I’ve tried partying in the evening before; this year’s Sinulog party is quite different because I did what every typical Sinulog partygoers have been doing: it’s jumping from one street party to another, get tipsy and most of all get head-to-toe wet!

Here’s the video I’ve made in our nightlife Sinulog experience… it was awesome!

Overall, Sinulog 2015 was a blast!

See you all next year!




Filipinos are always fond of carnivals even on the onset of foreigners bringing it to the country but as time passes by, this type of business did not flourish that much because new style of fun inside super malls became the replacement that are somewhat comparable to the ones outside and sometimes console and online games are preferred by the youth.

That’s why we only see these vessels of joy mostly on special occasions like fiestas in a certain place or if you’re rich, you could hire them for a day for your carnival themed debut party .

But then, two years ago, I’ve heard this Kasadya at SRP (South Road Properties) which has all these carnival rides making it an overnight hit.


Kasadya in the English language means ‘Fun’ and luckily, I visited this spot on the third of January 2015 since I haven’t had the chance to do so last year because they’re only available starting October or November up to February of next year.

Although this place is far away from where I live; I dedicated my time and effort just to experience again the typical carnival feeling in the Philippines.

And yep, it did not fail me.


This is really what a Filipino carnival looks like: damp and mushy roads, quite rotten feel, and most especially somewhat unsafe and dangerous rides… BUT that’s why these carnivals are frequented by us because of the underlying fear and excitement that are all mixed at the same time.

There is no entrance fee here, but the rides usually are at P50.00 and some for P25.00.

The ride that everyone’s talking about was the Galactic, and upon watching it afar: I already have decided not to try… I mean, that ride was hell crazy! You would step on a platform while standing on one side and holding on to dear life and you’ll rotate 360 degrees for gazillions of times… plus they’ll try to lift the ride vertically.


I remember my cousins doing the experience, while my partner and I were watching everyone screaming at the top of their lungs: we suddenly noticed a guy was vomiting on the ride. Luckily for everyone else, he was holding a plastic bag and kudos to him, he still managed to blurt it out in the bag while being rotated and rotated. I could only imagine if one didn’t bring a bag with them.

Next, we tried a calm and rejuvenating ride: Cable Car. Although it was just short and simple: it was already enough for me since I have fear of heights, and even it’s just like fifty feet from the ground; I still feel like it’s too high… everything’s too high when you’re acrophobic. But here, you can see the beauty of the entire Kasadya, especially at night where flickering lights surround the vicinity just like stars, as well as the economically growing Cebu City from afar.


Also, we got the chance to try the rollercoaster ride that is so unsafe: it adds to the excitement and hype we’re feeling. But in the end, it was still worth the try. I tried using GoPro here, and it’s really nice watching it as a look back while me screaming like a girl. Just make sure you hold on tight to your cameras, guys.

I got bruises on my knee riding their bump cars as our last ride at Kasadya. The rink was small: just like the typical Bump Car rink at SM, but still, it was all fun for three minutes especially when you know how to manipulate the car.


If you’re hungry and needed to pig out with your friends or family; no worries because there are A LOT of food stands from burgers to barbecues as the main foods to try just outside the carnival.

We were a bit apprehensive in the first place to come here and try because we don’t know if there are taxis around since we all know that SRP doesn’t have public jeepneys running around, and only a few taxi’s that are empty that passes by as well. But I was surprised there were a lot of it on that Saturday evening waiting for us just outside. And I also heard there’s a Kaohsiung bus (I don’t know if that’s the right spelling) that is free of charge and will take you from Kasadya to Cebu City Hall.

And of course, GrabTaxi is already there, although the internet sucks around Kasadya.

It’s always good especially when you’re on your Coachella (kuno) outfits plus camera that will turn this sleazy carnival set-up into western style sophistication. All you have to add is a filter.


But the experience of the typical Filipino carnival is always worth it especially when you’re with your friends or loved ones.








BEST OF 2014

Last year, I’ve chosen the spots that are worthy of the attention and deserves the title for the best of the best in the Queen City of the South. I’ve considered the restaurants, coffee houses, pizza houses and many others that I’ve been, blogged and rated this year and there are quite plenty to choose from.

We’ve found ourselves battling over some of the categories because there are a lot of spots that are really deserving.

So, below, the categories and then the best of this year as well as last year, and let’s start first with the specials.


Last Year: Trick Art Cebu


I was in the battle to which where I could place Pizza Republic because I really find this spot to be a crowd pleaser. It’s also jam packed with customers almost every day, and their offers are really good.

From personally choosing your own style of pizza, to their friendly staff and finally in their really cool place; I could say this spot deserves to be noticed by everyone in town.



Last Year: La Vie Parisienne


This for me is a winner, and as you can see, it’s already for two consecutive years. It never cease to surprise people with their place upgrades, and I always loved the fact that they try so hard to make the place a nostalgia of Paris, and it’s really that good. Their purple lighted trees to their humungous domes; it will always be one of the best.



Last Year: Lantaw sa Busay

Untitled_Panorama1 small

Probably the sassiest, sexiest and classiest restaurant I’ve been to. Socialites from all over Cebu emerges through its doors and be served with high end offers.



Last Year: Café Noriter


Actually, Coffee Prince and Café Tiala had a fair fight with this category because Café Tiala has this very cute and unique ambiance, away from the typical Korean coffee houses in town plus their offers are good as well, while Coffee Prince has really, really good offers and service as well.

But then, it all boils down to which is the best, and for me, Coffee Prince tops everything because they have unique food offers that others don’t have and it’s a surprise for me being tired of the same old, same offers from other Korean coffee houses.


…and then…


Last Year: Kuya J


Finally, the best restaurant for me is Café Georg. Why? Although it’s been for some time already, but their food, service and place still makes me fall in love. You have to give it a try.







-★★★★ 1/2

I’ve wandered throughout Cebu looking for good food and it never failed me, but even when there are a lot of good restaurants out there: it seemed too generic to me. I’m looking for something that’s new and not famous because I’d love to discover them first, especially those that are praiseworthy.

There are those that stood out and one is Gibbs: Hot Wings located in Holy Family Village II, Banilad, Cebu City. It’s the village after you’ve passed the Banilad fly over if you’re coming from Cebu City.

Gibbs: Hot Wings offers you a very famous treat of hot chicken wings in different levels: hot, original, insanely hot, 2 intense and freakin’ hot. I’m not going to mention how spicy the levels are, but you have to try them yourselves.

And even when we ordered two of the insanely hot chicken wings; it was just worth it. The taste was so good, and cooked very well. The sauce that covered the wings was the one causing the spiciness of the dish and that’s what makes it a superstar.


I’m kind of happy tasting this original spicy wings in town because I’ve tasted WORST. One restaurant served us wings with hot ketchup drops over it. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant again because it’s been a year, and I’m hoping that they’ve changed the way they cook their spicy wings.

Anyhow, the insanely hot wings we have was spicy, but the magic was that we never stopped tearing the wings apart and put it in our mouths, and my partner IS never a fan of spicy food but he LOVED this one. And one reason why he doesn’t love spicy foods was that every after dining, he feels sick, but the spicy wings in Gibbs were a miracle.

They also have other offers like Spaghetti Meatballs, Carbonara, Mozarella sticks and Potato Wedges which were love, love, love. Everything here is just pure delish.


What I’m bummed about the place was that it was too small, BUT I believe that this restaurant has a huge potential in becoming the next ‘IT’ in town, although I’ve learned for a fact that Gibbs is a ‘must visit’ for University students and some alta-sociedad. And going there means to call in for reservation (number by the end).

There are writings on the wall of the restaurant from customers, but we didn’t get the chance to write ours because there weren’t space for us, but that’s fine. I’m hoping we’ll be one of the people to write messages on their wall when they have another chain somewhere in the city.


Gibbs: Hot Wings became instantly one of my favorite spots, and I’ll be visiting this place again and again and again.

Check it out and tell me about it!


Monday-Sunday: LUNCH – 11:00AM to 2:00PM and DINNER 5:30PM – 10:00PM



Number: 0949-376-7220

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars!





-★★★★ 1/2

Hey, it’s been long since I had my last restaurant review on my blog, but I’m back, and this time I found a good spot in town located in Oakridge, A. S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, and it’s called 10 Dove St.

This rustic themed café slash restaurant is a small but cozy spot which offers brunch, lunch and dinner. Opens 10AM to 10PM every day of the week and the dining experience I have was pleasurable.

First, the place is very cute and very sophisticated it has a Victorian-esque or American townhouse themed like Simply J’s or somewhat like Café Georg have. The ambiance is welcoming and it really has a socialite feel with it that’s confident and partly intimidating.


The welcoming of the waitress named Grace was really warm and she was helpful while serving us in our time there.

The food offers are variety as well. If you want a big bite, I suggest their complete set from entre soup, main dish to cake OR entre soup, sandwich, salad to cake that will cost you just around P250.00-P275.00 for everything (except for the drinks) and to be honest, I have to say that two people could probably enjoy this type of set.

Lasagne for P160.00 only (And it's good for 2!)

Lasagne for P160.00 only (And it’s good for 2!)

Also, your money won’t go to waste because they have an American way of cooking and presentation, so the taste of the food was fair.


Visit 10 Dove Street and tell us what you think.


Mon-Sun: 10:00AM – 10:00PM



RATING – 4.5 Stars











– ★★★★★

I was always a movie goer but not as much as my partner who have seen all of those award winning, Oscar worthy, famous and not so famous movies. He’s influenced me in watching all those since I only bet the ones who are on the top charts in the Box Office.

When he came into my life, I get to watch most of these films which are more in the drama genre than I usually watch in cinemas or buy DVDs, I never complained with the long yet invigorating storylines of these movies because they’re full of compelling revelations or a touching bonanza or a heart crushing dénouement.

Anyhow, I task my partner to look for movies that have good reviews or 7.0 to 10 ratings in IMDB and I will be the one to look for the movie for us to see, and one of it was the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley.



The Talented Mr. Ripley is a psychological-thriller American novel adapted into a 1999 movie which stars Matt Damon as Tom Ripley, Jude Law as Dickie, Gwyneth Paltrow as Marge and Cate Blanchett as Meredith.

It revolves around the story of Tom Ripley and his so called ‘talent’ in deceiving people in lying , forgery and imitation.

He was once a nobody when the father of Dickie Greenleaf asked Tom for a favor since he was convinced that Tom and his son were friends in college which is totally not true. He sent Tom in Italy to convince Dickie to come back to the US in exchange of $1,000.

On his way, Tom met this lady named Marge, an heiress.

When he arrived in Italy, by chance, he met Dickie in a beach and become friends with him. He was also introduced to Dickie’s girlfriend Marge and got along just fine except when they bonded a little longer, Dickie felt Tom was becoming like a leech that couldn’t live without him and there he tried to stay away only ending up Tom killing him.

He tried to hide the body away (you have to discover how) and all along, in that mistake of his came an opportunity to deceive even more.

That’s where Tom used Dickie’s identity and lived like him until Marge grew suspicious of him and tries to reveal his true intentions especially to Dickie’s father.


photo: Paramount Pictures



This is the only psychological-thriller I saw that the main character is the villain, but to be honest, it’s not the first for sure BUT the thing about this movie that I loved the most is that even when Matt Damon’s character Tom is deceitful, liar and a murderer; there’s a feeling in the entire cat and mouse chase in the film that you would root for this villain not to get caught from his ill doings.

There’s this want inside of you that you want Tom to be saved even when he’s the bad guy, and that’s a commendable thing to ponder since we all know, even with other films or soap operas, we most of the times root for the villain not to win (if the protagonist is not as dumb as hell that we want them to die instead).

Also, the thrill the movie gave me was awesome. Again it’s in the cat and mouse chase where all of the excitement gets you.

Actually, I did not spoil so much on the OVERVIEW because it will be less exciting to know the plot; all I wrote was an overview. Also, the ending is bitter-sweet and is just perfect which I also did not include in the overview. You have to see it for yourself.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is an awesome film repertoire of a villain protagonist themed film that will surely enthrall you from start to end.



sinepatrol blogspot com


– ★★★★★

Filipino Indie films are nonchalantly popping out of the silver screens with or without our notice, but some of it are rather ignored and not praised unless the rights has been bought and distributed by Star Cinema and/or Viva Films.

There are a few Pinoy indie films that I’ve watched and still discovering for some more, especially with dramatic themed films, which really are hard to find due to the demand of sexually themed movies, which to be fair some have really good stories and most of it are, how can I say, lack of financial support and technical movie making skills? Most of it is shown in local cinemas that are honestly filthy and it’s one of the sources of quick pleasure and AIDS as well.

Anyhow, I’ve watched a trailer in ABS-CBN about Vilma Santos going back on the silver screen, only going indie, and it somehow got my attention because, Vilma Santos IS Vilma Santos, watching her movies could never go wrong.

But seeing her as an indie artist is quite bizarre and exciting at the same time, that is why, when it came out I did definitely watched it, and it did not fail me.



Ekstra is a movie of a mother and a dreamer as well, working in the film industry as an extra or bit player (Ekstra in Filipino Language) trying very hard for her to get a role that the camera will see. She needs to endure the exhausting and unstable job of being part of a film or T.V. series: from waking up early in the morning, trying her best just to get even a background role, doing her own make up and as well as mastering some lines when she did land one of the extra roles with definite lines to say in front of the camera, until it all gets bad in the end.



This film is not about happy endings, and that’s first and foremost a sadistic reason why I loved this film. It deals with a reality that when shit happens, shit really happens, and makes you question your own luck as well.

It dwelt the emotions of fun, tiring, unsure and regret as being part of the process in creating a movie or TV show as per this movie.

I definitely loved the humor on this film based on chances out from reality, like in the scene where a main character in the film is absent due to some attitude issues and Santos’ character was chosen to portray as that main character but of course the production needed to take her face away so what they did was to put a sack on her head to cover her up, and the editing will take care of the rest of it.

That part was really hilarious.

And although I never worked in the film industry, I feel that the movie really portrays on what is actually happening behind the scenes in Philippine film industry. The scourging heat that the extras experience, the prima-donna stars acting like royalties, the uncertain job which surely they won’t be part on the next episode, the low pay, the willingness of these people to do whatever it takes just to have a script to say and hopeful to become one of the stars.

The ending, as I’ve said, is not happy. It’s really bitter-sweet. I loved the way it really pulled my heart-strings. The ending is so simple yet so sad because it deals with an ill-fated circumstance that you will regret especially when seeing it yourself over and over again, and what’s more heartbreaking about the ending was that Santos’ character already announced to her family that she’s landed a ‘big’ role only to find out that it’s not the case.


Vilma Santos again never failed me with this. I remember the final shot where the camera focuses on her face as she regrets while watching the episode she’s in that’s on their TV, and she was just so effective portraying that sad emotion that transported beyond the silver screen and to me.

Ekstra is a film about misfortunes in life whether it’s by lack of talent or worse, by chance and dwelling on emotions of loss, despair and hopelessness for a dream that’s been built brick by brick on marshland, and dreaming a big break while chasing the lime light that’s pointed in a different direction.