Natutuwa, pero hindi nirerespeto. Natatawa, pero hindi tinatrato ng sakto.

That sums up to what being gay is like here in the Philippines, and how treatment is most likely have and still happening. Upon the issue of the rumored Vice Ganda and unknown boyfriend break-up raised an unforgivable and pitiful issue of pre-judgment, inequality and discrimination.


Based on the articles I’ve read and TV show clips I’ve seen in the past few days: first and foremost in The Buzz which Kris Aquino interviewed the indisputably the most famous Gay ever that stayed long in Philippine Television: Vice Ganda, about his break-up with the unnamed lover.

He has hints of initials T and R in his official Twitter account which is the rumored Ateneo basketball star Terrence Romeo. Clearly, whenever that topic is raised, even on his noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’; he always give comical remarks on what really is it but never gives a confirmation on who that person is. Leaving people in question, ‘Is it true or not?’

Hence to the issue in that TV interview; a Facebook account of Terrence Romeo grudgingly posted about how dismayed he is about the said issue and threatens to deactivate it permanently if people tolerate it.

Terrence, on the other hand, then denied, but seems happy and even praised that someone took the initiative to post it.

In addition to that faux-post and partly degrading appraisal is a statement made by Terrence Romeo’s father William, quoting:

“Si Terrence talagang tinuturuan ko ‘yan ng katuturan. So kung totoo man ‘yang istorya na ‘yan, sinuway niya ako. Dahil hindi naman lahat ng oras nakasama ko siya,” he said. “Pero si Terrence, kumpleto ng aral sa akin ‘yan. Pinaiiwas ko siya sa mga bagay na hindi mabuti.”

In the past, being gay is generally unacceptable in the Filipino society because of numerous reasons:


1. Religious – As a true blue religious country, believing in everything the church says; we are ignorant of the fact that the Earth is round, the universe is infinite, and science can be the highest form of education we can achieve to become a worthy and knowledgeable citizen. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God, it’s just that I have my faith, but not in the same normal people who preaches.

2. Global Standards – Rest assured, the Philippines is not the only nation to appease an abomination to the gay community, but also to the world.

3. Homophobia – to get a textbook definition of this: Prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality. Or in societal definition nowadays; a person acting straight, disliking homosexuality because of a hidden, unaccepted and shamed hypocrisy within self.

4. Family Standard/Upbringing – this sums to parents’ Religious beliefs, Global standards and/or Homophobia.


And some other pathetic reasons you can think of. With this still obvious in our society; I’m definitely sure we’re still in the century where science is denied and ignorance is tolerated.

And now back to the issue as per told by William Romeo and how discriminative his statement is:

Pinaiiwas ko siya sa mga bagay na hindi mabuti. (I let him keep distance to the things that aren’t good.)”William Romeo

It’s annoying and unfair because he correlated being wrong with being gay or having an affair with a gay person.

Discriminating gay people on their gender preference or sexual orientation or same sex relations is like claiming you are GOD that you can do or say whatever you want because you are the Law. And obviously, you are not GOD, therefore you have ZERO right to dictate on what preference these people chose to have; not even lecturing on absent verses on the New Testament about how wrong being homosexual is wont exempt you from hell, because in the first place you have judged.

And what I learned about Jesus is that he was here not to judge but to accept and forgive. And that’s one commendable personality one person can have, and definitely that’s what it meant by being Christ-like. And Pope Francis clearly understood that.

If you have nothing good to say, better shut the hell up.

And if you think I am over reacting to this issue; well you’re ignorant to what’s happening outside our nation then. If this was heard in the US; this would be sensationalized.

Vice Ganda is a national phenomenon, he has breached the cinema and the music scene smashing some records. He’s called the Unkabogable (undefeatable) because he’s the only gay person to have reigned in our showbiz who lasted years and still going strong with the ultimate competition that is himself and only himself can break it.


I look up to him.

Because he set the standard of a fact that Showbizness is done with straight people on the top of the charts, and it’s time to be different; it’s time to accept the fact that there are talented people out there, straight or gay, who could redefine total entertainment.

He did also change the way people think about being gay: that respect is somehow subconsciously earned and some people changed the way they look upon us. I can concretely say that because as years passed by, straight people changed the way they treated me; some with utmost respect, some with a cunning fear, and some trying to be close with me with no prejudice on what orientation I might choose.

I felt that sudden change in people surrounding me and in my society. But there’s still that lingering fact that discrimination is going on in these uncharted hearts of people laughing with Vice Ganda or Gays in general.

Natutuwa, pero hindi nirerespeto. Natatawa, pero hindi tinatrato ng sakto.

They adore, but respect is fleeting. They laugh, but discriminate right after. Hypocrisy seems to be floating amidst this battle we’re fighting. The LGBT community has been fighting for equality. I too have been fighting my whole life for equality, acceptance and a resonating cry for RESPECT.




Pagawas sa kos akong gibati nga Kaanyag, Kalipay’g Kasakit, AMEN.

Once you step into the Employment realm; you’d be glad that you did. But one unfortunate fact about being part of that world is to have your national identity be processed in numeric sense. And with that comes the unsystematic, long lines and most of the times not centralized filthy government institutions.

This has been one of the causes of high blood in the Philippines, besides the fact of the intense heat we experience in our beautiful yet unsophisticated country.

When I applied for a job; it was obvious that I should get my SSS, Philhealt and PAG-IBIG numbers/papers so that I could become a registered citizen working in the Philippines with a very unique number that is unchangeable.

But the plot twist here was that I had no idea what to do first. I was asking some older co-workers on what to do, and they are even lazy enough to tell the tales with me on getting these important numbers/papers. Dali raman daw, kapoy lang daw’g linya... True. Ending up people telling me ‘Adto lang, dong nya pangutana lang sa guard‘… But also a fact nga away-awayon pakas UBANG mga itsep nga empleyado sa gobyerno, di nalang mag tarung sa ilang trabaho, PWEH!  Tawgon pakog ‘Dong’.

But where do this all route back? To a simple ignorance…

I believe that students should be educated in schools with a subject teaching them on how to open/use/update credit card, ATM, Deposit, Passbook; Apply for SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, Passport, License, VISA etc; How can we apply for public and private Loans; What are, Where and How can we store all important numbers and papers that are useful for employment, and all those kinds of practical life uses. Because Algebra, Chemistry, and Random International Languages are honestly impractical in terms of everyday, employment or general life situations.

Cuz truth be told, I’m almost 24 and I still have no idea on how to do most of it. It’s a fact I’m ignorant about it because it’s my choice to be, wa koi interes sa mga butang-butang nga gahatag nakog ka-kapoy, since going and applying to places I’ve mentioned IS VERY, VERY TIME CONSUMING AND TOTALLY ANNOYING!!!!! No words can explain how pissed I am with these stupid systems we got.

But to be fair, sa ubang institutions, nindot na baya and systematic na… sa UBAN.

Kung di lang grabe ka importante ning mga pesteng papeles ai.



Have you read my past reviews of restaurants, movies, or travel spots? Yeah, you might be discombobulated, raising one of your eyebrows because of too much grammar lapses in my posts. (Charot kayng discombobulated)

Yes, we Filipinos are so good with speaking the English language but not too much on the technicality of it. Yufak man sad jud tinuoray nga bantayan nalang tanan nimong ininglish diba? But to the benefit of the perfectionist people; we just look for somebody to proofread our diligent works only to find out how erroneous it is. Feeler man sad gud usahay hehe.

I do not deny nga daghan kayo kog error sa grammar sa akong mga post, heller, English is my 2nd language. Di baya ko si Georgina Wilson, although ora-ora mig byuti katong wa pako buyagi.

But as a blogger, I realized that there’s going to be a social responsibility, even when I did not think it is part of what I do, but we are just like these politicians that whenever we suit ourselves up for public service: we now have in our hands the power to subconsciously educate people especially and most especially the youngsters. Because I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…

Anyhow, upon that actualization of mine comes also the part of me that I am not perfect. Although I love to write, and I’ve been writing ever since; the duty of being perfect is far away from what I intend to do. Layu ra baya ang blogging sa teaching the English language ha… kung mao man diay; maynta ga tukod nalang kog ESL school.

The fact that there are rude people, who correct my grammatical mistakes, thinking they’re better than me, is a proof that people in this world are inevitable from social scrutiny due to the lack of knowledge in a certain field, and mine is with grammar. I know basic grammar, kai mao raman sai nahibaw-an nako sa skwelahan; and not to include the fact that we often forget everything basic. Kai ngano, kabaw pa diay ka sa mga tanan-tanang basic rules sa English grammar ug Mathematical equations? (ug kabaw gihapon ka, sorry, pero di na nako sala kung wala kai social life). And pasensya if imong course kai Education, Major in English who is in depth of everything in the English language, and lahi ako-ang course which do not have the same focus as yours. Mao sigurong heavy mo bash sila online because they are not appreciated in real life, kaluoy sad.

Again, I’m not perfect with my English grammar… di man gani perfect nang mga Amerikano, truth be told, most of us Pinoys are a bit better when it comes to technicality paman gani, and that’s according to my friend living a long time there in the U.S.

Truth is, most bashers of my grammar lapses are Pinoys; kay pa-mai-mai sad baya ang mga oatch kasagaran but I leave it to them because they’re ‘experts’ to that, and nothing more when it comes to real life.

Although there’s one commenter which was uber nice to me, telling me about my grammar lapses in a very subtle way was very much pleasing to read, not to include the fact that before he mentioned the negative part of my posts; he first praised me for my ability to blog something that will warn or entice people to visit a place. He was so nice; I bet he has a much better life than those paka-arun ingnon bashers.

What’s important, actually for me, is that you are understandable and relatable. It’s going to be a responsibility as a random social media correspondent; but not totally. I try my best to correct any erroneous sentences I have in my posts to make sure I do my best in giving information with perfectly structured English language. But tinuoray lang, ang importante para nako is that I can impart my experiences to my audience and give them insight to what they might experience ahead, and most important is to enjoy reading and looking at the pictures.

Just read and enjoy and if you think one has grammar lapses or technical errors, tell them nicely… tell me nicely, I really do appreciate corrections. Di man sad ni para ako ra, para mani sa tanan. (IBOTO PARA PRESIDENTE!)

The point here is that there’s no reason to be rude and vile just because you think of yourself too high; there are better ways than bashing one’s imperfections, not unless he/she did something ugly to you. Just be nice, mas daghan paman siguro’y mo bilib nimo/ninyo kung di mo hawd.









If there’s one gay who definitely understands every single Taylor Swift song that would be me.

I have always been a fan of Taylor Swift; one of the most award winning and successful singers in this generation who captivate the hearts of millions around the globe. And she’s just 24 and she’s up to the top giving endless hopes to broken hearts out there, and inspiring millions of damsel in distresses hoping for their prince to come and save them from loneliness, or just simply sing the songs of their lives.

Why do we love TSwift?

It’s because she’s young and successful, therefore, she’s really inspiring others to pursue one’s dream. It’s because she’s inspiring others to take risks and be FEARLESS, because it won’t be life as it is if you’re not one. It’s because she knows her worth, making other girls out there realize that you’re more than something out from that semi-toxic relationship you’re having. It’s because she’s a fashion icon and makes girls remember to stay classy. It’s because when she dances, she dances awkwardly, and many can relate to that, but because she’s fearless, she’ll do it whatever critics might say about it. It’s because she’s not afraid to love, and she’ll do whatever it takes to give everything even when critics say or write in epic proportions about how she’s not learning from it, in which she is.

It’s because she speaks to the hearts of millions through her songs… That completes a Taylor Swift.

Why do I love TSwift?

Because she sings the songs about my love and life in the perfect tone, melody and exact words that are impossible to speak out in person. Because her songs give more meaning, in spite heart breaks and trials of love she’s singing; but let’s admit, we’re all kind of a hopeless romantic in our own way. Because she inspired me to be FEARLESS and to take risks because life’s what makes it. And because, I learned to love with no boundaries, because that’s what love’s all about. If you don’t give what you have, then why bother in the first place?

Then the inevitable came in February of 2011, when her Speak Now world tour came to the Philippines… I kinda have hoped I would’ve came, because my brother promised me he’ll take me there, (I was still at school that time). But no, he’s kind of a jerk. And that’s one of the many reasons why we had a drift.

I lost that opportunity to see her live and have my first concert experience. But anyway, I knew she would come back sooner… or later.


Then she recently announced that she’ll be bringing her Red Tour in Asia, and one stop is in the Philippines; I was so ecstatic about the news that I was literally jumping on my bed. My heart leaped telling my partner about the news. He always has been a great supporter of mine when it comes to Taylor Swift; even calling me T.T. Swift (whatevs haha).

I said that I’ll do everything in my power to get to this concert… then the day when the concert tix was released. I planned to buy it online (since it was the only way, I’m in Cebu, and her concert was in Manila, so I had to take a plane to get there), and when the morning came I opened the online ticket seller, learning that it was already too late for me since it’s already been sold out… literally, like I called the ticketing department where they sell those tickets, and she enthusiastically told me that there was just NONE. Before whenever I opened the website, TSwift’s concert was bannered, and now it’s Barney’s. (Anong gagawin ko sa concert ni Barney? Dadami lang kaming mga bakla doon).

I never saw that coming. My heart got crushed. It was a dream of course and it makes a normal person sad. I already had foreseen myself with my partner jumping on the balcony of the General Admission (Since I can’t afford the expensive VIP tix, cuz I’m not rich), and dancing together with ‘22’, singing my heart out until my voice runs out.

I even foresaw that I was holding this colorful marquee with an “I LOVE YOU, TAYLOR! –DON” with it. Wow, it just sunk my heart.

I am so like Taylor Swift, melodramatic on this, I’m even blogging about it! But oh well, its life, full of surprises and disappointments. But then, my hopes went back up after learning that I still have a chance, that the Ice Cream brand Cornetto (who is sponsoring Taylor’s concert), is doing a raffle draw by sending out codes on the lids of their ice creams with the price of 2 VIP Tix, and some minor prizes.


So, literally, I bought almost every day. I have already 10 coupons, hopeful for my first concert experience together with someone I truly idolize. Even my co-workers helped me in finding this Taylor Swift promo of theirs just for me to win.


My co-worker, Miss Ay, was so sweet in buying me 2 Cornetto’s and giving the lids to me :)



Why do I deserve to win? Because, I know and understand every melody, rhythm, lyric, and heartbeat of each song she’s made.

SO, I’m still hoping to win. Although my best chance might be one is to a million or two… or three.




Lately, I’ve been playing this game called Disco Zoo which I downloaded from the App Store. This game consist of a Zoo that rescues animals from different places like in a farm, outback, Savanna, Northern, Jungle and Jurassic using any aircraft upgrades. It’s not a hyped game that rushes your adrenaline, complex or the like. Although rescuing the animals do need some memory skills and luck; the game is just calm and easy. Everything you need is just told.

Animals make money until the time they fall asleep and the phone notifies you to wake them up. It’s easy yet fun. And upon rescuing animals, you need to follow patterns in which I’m quite appalled about because I really do have a bad memory. And to remedy my plea, I managed to look up (cheat) on the internet all of the animal patterns and print it out.


Sample animal pattern

And, I’m not that selfish, so I’ll be sharing this ready-to-print Word file for the ease of everyone playing the game.

Download here —-> Disco Zoo



Photo: Chang Euldan Article: CebuFinest

Photo: Chang Euldan
Article: CebuFinest

I love how this issue has been brought about because it just goes to show how intolerable these insensitive kind of people who don’t have emotional considerations upon most things, for all they know is how to party and have fun with no consequences to realize about their horrid actions.

Stupidity replaces propriety… This is my society.




I know most people, especially Filipinos are visual learners and reading is a pain in the ass, especially in long narratives like my posts in this blog. But I’ve had a lot of instances where friends or acquaintances really got me on my nerves.

When times like people tell me that have I gone or I should go to this place or this place, and I’m like, “Dude, we’ve been Facebook friends for quite some time and I’m like posting places especially the ones you’ve mentioned.” Or an instance like people ask me why I go to places like restaurants and the like and I keep saying, “I do blog, that’s why,” and they’d be like, “Really?”….. “REALLY????????????” Or some instances like when I post something then I share it on Facebook, and friends ‘liked’ it and they’d be PM-ing me asking, “Is the restaurant/cupcake house/tea house any good?” and if punches are to be made legal, I’d freakishly punch them in the face… via online.

Some people just needs a high-five… on the face… with a chair… in front of a crowd.

Whatever happened to reading?

This century has been the age pictures, videos and instant camera flicks; but we’ve forgotten the essence of reading and having the feel of the author and laughing with him or having the same sentiments with him.

Please do give yourself time to read. I bet, this place would be awesome if everyone does.



2013 was a great year for new restaurants since the knowledge and the need of some people in Cebu or the lovely visitors are wide and they now wanted variety of experiences.

It is also a great year for coffee houses, specifically Korean owned ones, because of the calm and warm ambiance they have that’s what Filipino’s wanted from the very beginning.

Also, junctions for friends or socialite groups have also started to sprout in the queen city like of some cupcake houses or in La Vie Parisienne.

Well, summing it all up to the best of the best in 2013 from all the restaurants, coffee houses, cupcake houses and everything in my blog that we’ve been.

So here’s the roundup.


 IMG_2599 2

Having variety of flavorful offers, my favorite is their baked scallops; Kuya J doesn’t offer you only good food but also good service and ambiance. With stylish contemporary façade; you could never go wrong in this place.




Undoubtedly, the most talked about Café this year was Café Noriter. With the warm and cozy ambiance and a fun ‘no-chair-just-sit-on-the-floor’ theme; Café Noriter will surely make you feel comfortable in all sides of the café.




A cupcake house which is also in the category of a coffee house; Café Caw is the best cupcake house there is in town. With variety of delish offers, from cupcakes to coffee/tea; Café Caw is the best there is to offer when we talk about the spot itself.




According to Carrie in The Carrie Diaries; Hot Boite means ‘cool restaurant’, and I couldn’t think of anything but Lantaw sa Busay. With lots of good dinner offers; the mountain top location that has a beautiful, beautiful city view; Lantaw sa Busay is the best there is when it comes to having a cozy pigging experience.




A Parisian delight; La Vie Parisienne is now done with their renovations and now has a splendid, splendid theme. With colorful faux cherry blossom all around the spot; La Vie Parisienne is the best there is to meet with friends and experience an alta sociedad mood.




With more than 50+ designs; you could have fun in their still paintings that sure to make you feel be a part of.


So that’s the list of the best of 2013. I hope you tried all of these places! Happy New Year!



This is a related post to our experience at Simply J’s AND what we’ve noticed about the lack in customer service in most restaurants nowadays. This is me writing but the voice behind this rant goes to my partner.

Don’t get fooled by this category title that talks ‘Good Customer Service’ cuz I added ‘Rant’ to it because before we got there; I’ve had researched about Simply J’s, and usually, I go to Foursquare to check up on the setting, and I read something about bad customer service their having. So basically, this is not about their good customer service but neither about a really terrifying service also.

When we got there, the waiter took us to the table we wanted and gave us really good looking menus and right after 15 minutes or so, our food arrives, just exact for our famined stomachs.

Everything was PERFECT.

Not until we discovered a huge fly in my partner’s Iced Tea. We were shocked by it, but the good waiter then replaced it with a new one so we proceed. Then my partner signaled the waiter for his dessert which was their Apple Pie. But then, the waiter served us something different. It was dark and with ice cream on top. We did not bother asking the waiter because for me, I wasn’t curious enough to know what the offer was and why it was black since I was not enticed to eat the dessert, and my partner thought maybe it was a twist in the dessert or something like that.

Then we got to taste it, and I was in familiar with the taste of chocolate, but did not bother to ask as well. Not until my partner stepped in a conversation telling me that that was a Brownie Ala Mode. A eureka moment came to me, which was totally right all along.

We called the attention of the waiter and told him our plea, and right after, he got hold of the Brownie and took it away in exchange of the real Apple Pie Dessert.

Don’t get me wrong, this is actually NOT a really, really BAD customer service, but the point my partner took me to realizing something correct was when he said to me;

‘The trick to good customer service is turning a bad experience to a good one.’

What my partner meant was that if this was a true restaurant, not a family owned one; they aren’t allowed to eat the mistaken dish given, and so, since they aren’t allowed to indulge one; they might as well offer it as a complimentary dish/dessert to the customers they’ve wronged. They couldn’t just throw it all away like that? And if we two were really having ill manners, we could’ve ranted out our dismay to the waiters or to the manager, but no, we’re not those typical customers. We side with the waiters mostly IF and only if they do their job without giving us an attitude.

To sum it all up, when customers experience a bad experience like giving wrong dishes; they could offer it to the customer instead or we would think they’ll recycle the dish onto the next customer ordering it? Yuck.


I’m/We’re not bashing or turning the place down because I’ve entered a category where I talked about bad customer service; no, it sometimes turns out that way when we were there, and no, there are NO perfect service one restaurant can give, and no, I’m not bashing, I’m merely trying to suggest what could the management do to turn the tables proficiently and professionally in cases like that.

And in reality is that: this is true for most restaurants out there.

(cheers to my partner Jamie who gave me a thought to rant about this)



In my recent experience, the four kinds of people are the:

1.) Good Samaritan

2.) Opportunist

3.) Ignorant and

4.) Willful Ignorant

Amidst the brimstone of poverty and financial scrutiny; I managed to simply spend my dosh to enjoy all the weekends with my partner; and luckily for me, that sense was reciprocated by him. Although, we both know that upon this splendor, we would radically be poor in the future.

Amidst the brimstone of ravishing crimes and undignified salutatory from the atrocious politicians especially here in the Philippines; I would consider us the many kinds of people who have motivations upon reaching one goal: to have money… huge amount of money.

And amidst the brimstone of Madam Janet Napoles who stole billions of dosh for the sake of nonchalantly live in the world where she and her family will just lie in a cushion made bed in a twenty-star hotel (if that’s possible) and not minding if ‘that’ in the bank has lost thousands just for one glamorous night in luxury!

Here’s my story…

One Saturday evening…

My partner and I were prepared to head to a burger place where the buzz is all about. After two hours of preparing for our date; we then went down the boarding house where he is staying which I barge in on the weekends.

We then waited for a jeepney to take us to that specific place, since our stomachs were already fimished. We even shared laughs on the pavement, while the noise of the passing chariot tries to disturb.

We then saw an upcoming jeepney, with headlights shining viciously, blinding us both. And we waved for it to stop.

My partner and I then were inside the jeepney, and noticed, there were only a few people. While we sat on the further part from the driver; we saw two women across us (they maybe not be related because they were obviously away from each other) and another girl wearing headphones in her ears who sat a feet behind the disabled front seat.

We were all silent, hoping for a pleasant night even when you can see the grim and suffering on the faces of these people.

And then the interesting part came when my partner got hold of my attention to something really valuable, he said, “Hala B, naai nahug nga pitaka!” (Someone dropped their wallet).

I looked at the jeepney floor, and indeed, there was a wallet inches away from the girl with the headphone. I noticed how she was nonchalantly listening to the music. But sense came to us realizing, how come she’s not able to pick up that wallet when it’s just right in front of her?

My partner convinced me that she actually sees it, but did not act about it!

He then told me, “Kwa-a b!” (You get it, B!)

In my heart, I was willing to pick up that wallet, because I know deeply, incorruptible; I’ll be handing it over to the owner, dignified. But I was sitting at the very end of the jeepney while my partner was beside me, but blocks my way to reach that wallet. But I was also in battle of myself that it could be the girls’ wallet. But that doesn’t make sense since it was obviously for men! Also, the jeepney was moving fast. Those things stopped my gut to get it.

Then the jeepney stopped, a guy with a backpack entered and sat behind the girl with the headphones on, and one of the older lady in front of us dropped off.

That stopped my gut again, and the jeepney continued while My partner and I continued to talk about how it came about there and how much worried the owner might be at that very moment.

The battle continues inside me, up until the jeepney again stopped and another lady came in and sat beside my partner.

My partner and I said to each other that it’s better if we got hold of the wallet because it’s safer since we know that we could return it complete to the owner.

Then the guy with a backpack transferred seats, across the girl with headphones on.

I have a gut feel that he already had seen the wallet, and my partner told me that he might get it and not return it. I even saw him took a glimpse of the wallet.

When we gave our fare, that’s been passed by the lady next to my partner and handed it to the guy and the guy then passed it to the driver. He then quickly bent over and, (I was right) got hold of the wallet.

What’s interesting was he kept it in his hands and looked away… still, acting like there’s nothing happened.

My partner and I were babbling about his body language and how it is likely possible that he won’t return it, since we concluded that if he really has good intentions for that wallet; he would’ve scanned it right away to look for the name of the owner OR he could have simply asked the girl in front of him if that’s hers, or ask us if we knew who that wallet was. We could be wrong, but our hunch tells us the other way round.

He kept it in his hands and looked away, maybe trying to avoid eye contact with us.

My partner and I then realized how awful that situation was, and regret was in our guts.

It was like our society where there are people who are blinded and ignorant of the hideous happenings around. Some choose to rather be blind and deaf to exclude themselves from tension, OR some have not yet discovered the true maleficent nature of people and the events but are willing to fight, if given the chance so.

Then there’s the willfully ignorant people, who sees everything that’s been happening around them, how they could less care about listening to people who are willing to fight for what’s right, and press on with what they do for living instead.

And there are these good Samaritans who are willfully willing to help, but gets caught off guard by situations while reaching for the goal of the barrage for equality, peace or simple respect.

Then there are opportunists who are always on the move whenever there’s a loophole they could pass in to. They would neglect values and slumber their souls in figurative squalor while acquiring the plentiful of others. They would rather save thyselves rather have the unspeakable suffering others already are in. They would rather step on other’s heads for them to reach the mountain of fortune.

But then I realized; it all boils back to us…

We could’ve done something more than just looking at that wallet and run for it and willfully return it to the deserved owner whose dead worrying the whereabouts of his possession.

But no, we were just there; feeling regret while ranting about giving the guy the benefit of the doubt that he himself is suffering from financial needs and does the dirty job instead which gives him quick access to gain money… or we were totally wrong. But we know in our guts that we’re not.

I realized, we were not the ‘Good Samaritans’ yet. We could’ve really done something… I personally could’ve done something MORE.