• ★★★★ ½

Would you believe if I say there’s a restaurant inside Sto. Nino village in Banilad? Although it’s been there for quite some time now; the restaurant located at the cul de sac (dead end in layman’s term) of Maya St., Sto. Nino village, Banilad, Cebu City perhaps called Café Old Cul De Sac because of the obvious reason.

The restaurant needed to be Foursquared for everyone to realize that a European-esque, specifically Italian themed restaurant is present in that commonly known prestigious village.

The place speaks for itself as the entrance is a true reminiscent of an Italian eatery as well as the inside of it.


The Faux fireplace amazed me with its three dimensional animated fire that is installed in an embossed true to life base of the chimney.


An outdoor seating is within the romantic courtyard with function rooms on the other side of the main restaurant that’s good for receptions and celebrations. When I checked Foursquare, I realized that there were events that were held in their close to this Spanish/Italian sophistication restaurant.

The ambiance is cozy and relaxing. You can’t help but feel at home (because it is really a house converted into restaurant).


Their offers vary from fish, pork, beef, and pasta to salads and sumptuous deserts that has a price range of P120.00-P400.00.

Try their Osso Buco, which is a crowd favorite. Although a steep price of P340.00 may be in question at first glance, but this famous beef Milanese dish which literally means ‘hole in the bone’ is one true delicious offer that I can’t help but take a bite over and over again even if it’s my partner’s order. The veal of the calf is so soft and tasty, feels like the heavens offered it to humans to get a taste of what it’s like in paradise. It doesn’t just come with the rice and the Osso Buco itself, also with a homemade ice cream that’s really delectable.


Try their pasta offers, for mine, I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese for P160.00 and it was just a fine dish to try since I’m a huge fan of pastas.


Their Rhapsody in Blue for P230.00 is a sumptuous meal, and that’s together with their homemade ice cream as well.


They have this soda mixed with fruit syrup offers that are seemingly acquired taste. We ordered Mary Ellen shake for P130.00, Granny Smith Apple Coke for P60.00 and Berry Sprite for P60.00.



Check out Café Old Cul De Sac!




RATING – 4.5 out of 5 stars




We sometimes can’t help when we get stuck in traffic and our tummies are rumbling. But if you’re in that situation, there’s a treat for you at 2nd floor, West Side Hub Bldg., MC Briones St., Tipolo, Mandaue City, and you’re in luck for some ngohiong experience.


They offer all those easy-to-dine food starting with the famous ngohiong which is the same as the one near USC main campus and behind CNU. I kind of love it there especially when I was in college where that’s one spot where students gather from all over the town to taste their delicious ngohiong, and yes it’s now in Tipolo, Mandaue.


I love easy-to-dine restaurants because their offers are mostly generic and are often the best treats you could have if in case you’re in a hurry for something, or can’t decide what to eat, or even take your first dates there, or just simply the right foods to eat when you want a snack from the lazy afternoon and the boring evening.

You can see the pictures below showing most of their offers. I also loved that they have a special soup that changes from day to day to keep the ‘generic’ restaurant out of the way. Cool.

IMG_8530 IMG_8529 IMG_8585 IMG_8544 IMG_8588 IMG_8533

They also have RILOG offers… yup that’s short for Rice and Itlog because ‘SI’ in ‘SILOG’ can sometimes be unavailable in other restaurants like this, so they made sure to have the available one.


This humbly small business will soon be filled with people as this building the restaurant is in would have two call center offices, and that’s an addition to the neighboring Urban Homes people.

The friendly owner will welcome you to have a chillin’ dining inside.

Check out IMBA now!



MON-SUN: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM








-★★★★ 1/2

I’ve wandered throughout Cebu looking for good food and it never failed me, but even when there are a lot of good restaurants out there: it seemed too generic to me. I’m looking for something that’s new and not famous because I’d love to discover them first, especially those that are praiseworthy.

There are those that stood out and one is Gibbs: Hot Wings located in Holy Family Village II, Banilad, Cebu City. It’s the village after you’ve passed the Banilad fly over if you’re coming from Cebu City.

Gibbs: Hot Wings offers you a very famous treat of hot chicken wings in different levels: hot, original, insanely hot, 2 intense and freakin’ hot. I’m not going to mention how spicy the levels are, but you have to try them yourselves.

And even when we ordered two of the insanely hot chicken wings; it was just worth it. The taste was so good, and cooked very well. The sauce that covered the wings was the one causing the spiciness of the dish and that’s what makes it a superstar.


I’m kind of happy tasting this original spicy wings in town because I’ve tasted WORST. One restaurant served us wings with hot ketchup drops over it. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant again because it’s been a year, and I’m hoping that they’ve changed the way they cook their spicy wings.

Anyhow, the insanely hot wings we have was spicy, but the magic was that we never stopped tearing the wings apart and put it in our mouths, and my partner IS never a fan of spicy food but he LOVED this one. And one reason why he doesn’t love spicy foods was that every after dining, he feels sick, but the spicy wings in Gibbs were a miracle.

They also have other offers like Spaghetti Meatballs, Carbonara, Mozarella sticks and Potato Wedges which were love, love, love. Everything here is just pure delish.


What I’m bummed about the place was that it was too small, BUT I believe that this restaurant has a huge potential in becoming the next ‘IT’ in town, although I’ve learned for a fact that Gibbs is a ‘must visit’ for University students and some alta-sociedad. And going there means to call in for reservation (number by the end).

There are writings on the wall of the restaurant from customers, but we didn’t get the chance to write ours because there weren’t space for us, but that’s fine. I’m hoping we’ll be one of the people to write messages on their wall when they have another chain somewhere in the city.


Gibbs: Hot Wings became instantly one of my favorite spots, and I’ll be visiting this place again and again and again.

Check it out and tell me about it!


Monday-Sunday: LUNCH – 11:00AM to 2:00PM and DINNER 5:30PM – 10:00PM



Number: 0949-376-7220

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars!





-★★★★ 1/2

Hey, it’s been long since I had my last restaurant review on my blog, but I’m back, and this time I found a good spot in town located in Oakridge, A. S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, and it’s called 10 Dove St.

This rustic themed café slash restaurant is a small but cozy spot which offers brunch, lunch and dinner. Opens 10AM to 10PM every day of the week and the dining experience I have was pleasurable.

First, the place is very cute and very sophisticated it has a Victorian-esque or American townhouse themed like Simply J’s or somewhat like Café Georg have. The ambiance is welcoming and it really has a socialite feel with it that’s confident and partly intimidating.


The welcoming of the waitress named Grace was really warm and she was helpful while serving us in our time there.

The food offers are variety as well. If you want a big bite, I suggest their complete set from entre soup, main dish to cake OR entre soup, sandwich, salad to cake that will cost you just around P250.00-P275.00 for everything (except for the drinks) and to be honest, I have to say that two people could probably enjoy this type of set.

Lasagne for P160.00 only (And it's good for 2!)

Lasagne for P160.00 only (And it’s good for 2!)

Also, your money won’t go to waste because they have an American way of cooking and presentation, so the taste of the food was fair.


Visit 10 Dove Street and tell us what you think.


Mon-Sun: 10:00AM – 10:00PM



RATING – 4.5 Stars












– ★★★

Ever since the dawn of Sex and the City, comes the realization of the New York socialites rummaging to famous spots especially to restaurants that are a week long booked. They, one time, rendezvous in these high class places only to find out, in just one blink of an eye, the middle class people follows through. And that’s when these restaurants or café’s can say they’ve made it to the map of New York City.

I love it when there are new spots in the Queen City; it gives me a glimpse of SATC New York: it’s hip, it’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s a delish. And everyone’s there to snuck in and taste the goodness and, without the company’s effort in advertising; everyone’s talking about it.

In this case, there’s a new find in Salinas Dr., Lahug, Cebu named Brique. The restaurant is located just beside Chika-an, and it’s along Pizza Republic.



It is a sophisticated restaurant, high end and very, very New York.

Astonishingly, our photos share the resemblance of a graphic Big Apple studio flat so good to the eyes, my picture in front of the very cool wall made it look like somewhere in the USA (great for Instagram *wink).

okay small

The façade of the restaurant is highly modern, and the interior (besides the brick wall) is modern contemporary, an architectural porn for my eyes.

The place is a two storey building capable of a lot of people, yet still, you have to make reservations since they’re always fully booked especially on weekends if you don’t want to wait in queue (Contact Number below).


My partner and I found Brique in Foursquare and upon checking the food pictures; it gives promising offers that I would surely love to try.

They’re famous for their Drunken Angus that costs P370.00 which surely has a good taste and very soft meat.


Also, Fish Fillet with Porcini is one of the talks in Foursquare costing about P270.00 that gives you fish de la crème.


They’re also famous for their Truffled Shoestring Potatoes that costs P250.00 and I have to say, good for four people, so bring your barkada along and have the taste of a Pik-Nik-like deep fried potatoes topped with bacon and fried basil.


For the drinks, I ordered the Easy Morning Juice that’s oh-so-healthy, and for my partner is the ABC Twist, which perfectly is an Avocado taste and they’re both for P120.00


I have to say the sophistication of the place is the one to beat. The high class feel of it is really good. But then, unlike other American-style restaurants like Simply J’s and most especially in Café Georg; I have to say, I’m quite disappointed with their famous offers.

The Drunken Angus seems to be so-so, and the Fish Fillet with Porcini is not that good.

Although for a fact, it’s an American-styled restaurant, they have to stay true with the flavours of the West, and I understood that. Only, I can’t get the supreme taste of their offers. It leaves a disgust feel on my gut right after all the food were taken (bidli). I think the offers are not bad; it’s just that we don’t get it.

And we have plans to order the S’more’s but unfortunately, due to the high cost of every offer, ranging from P170.00 to as much as P1,000+: we have to cut our orders right there since our rule is simple:

If the price of two to three food plus the drinks is above P800.00, it’s already expensive. And to be honest, we reached a thousand plus.

Technically, it’s fine… really, really fine to spend that much, if the famous offers are oh-so-good and the serving is justifiable to what you are paying.

Also, we noticed on the other table, a group of six or seven people had their dinner and they came in ten minutes after us, and we finished at almost the same time. And I noticed how small the serving was and I felt dissatisfaction in their faces. So, this place is not for many people who want to have a buffet style. This is much like a la carte.

But if you ask me if the place is still worth another visit… well, yeah it is! They still have lots of food, drinks and pastries to choose from.


Mon-Sun: 10:00AM-11:00PM



Telephone – (032) 414-1720



RATING – 3 Stars









–    ★★★★★

I can’t believe there have been totally new and good café’s popping up in the entire Southside nowadays! And the number isn’t stopping anytime sooner. And with this, comes the battle on which who will win with the award of the Best Instagrammed café (and this is inevitable).

And one café that catches my partner and I’s attention is the café we saw in Foursquare and it’s called Coffee Prince.

Located at Osmena Blvd. just across Cebu Doctor’s Hospital and just strictly beside Suarez (makers of rings and all), Coffee Prince is an old house turned café that’s definitely bursting with colors on the façade and have welcoming feel on the inside.


The place is huge, I mean, I love how spacious the inside was. It has a high ceiling which is really good for claustrophobics. And it is unlike other café’s which are so tiny that you’ll be afraid to even move because you’ll crash everything around you.


I love the feeling that we can freely move around: sit or lie, without the fear of damaging stuffs.



With no halls barred, their offers are the best. They have different food and drinks that are so good for your taste buds. They have been famous for this Luther Burger that incorporates flavor overload.

Luther Burger has burger (of course) with bacon and some leafy vegetables on the side dish, but what makes it a superstar is the Original Glazed Krispy Kreme with it. I got so excited when I read some comments on Foursquare about how they included KK with it since I am a fan of the Original Glazed and I always eat it with the main course I have because I just love how the balance of sweet and salty are mixed on my dish. It’s really heavenly, and you should try it out yourself!


Also try their Bulgogi Panini that gives you a hint of the Middle East, it taste so good too!


For their drinks, I recommend the Java Chip Frap (I did it without caffeine) and it taste sooooo good you want some more.


For their tea, try their Green Tea Latte that doesn’t just give you good taste, but also gives you the health benefit for your body.


To be honest, Coffee Prince and Café Tiala has the best service, but you’ll feel that the crew in Coffee Prince has much professional experience when it comes to customer service. They know how to cater you with your needs as well as the right responses for questions or appraisals.

For recreation, they sell colorful locks and a pallet which you can write your promises or messages and lock it on a huge heart shaped fence located inside and outside the shop, similar to the locks in Paris, which is very unique for a coffee house too.

Overall, Coffee Prince has the highest standards when it comes to fancy coffee houses in Cebu and the one to beat. A definite no brainer five star.


9:00AM – 1:00AM














–     ★★

I can’t imagine how many tea houses are opening every quarter this year. The range has completely been overwhelming and I’ve seen this small industry grow. And creating a review for this post won’t be the last since there are lots of tea and coffee houses that are slowly making a name for themselves.

One of the new tea houses in the Queen City is Tea O’clock: Bubble Tea House housed in Vailoces Compound, Damascus Road, Talamban: it is the corner across BBQ Boss.

It is a tiny shop, (seemingly a former house) that is designed with childish, playground-ish or Alice in Wonderland-ish theme. When you see the place outside, it will really captivate you to come and visit.


Inside is very small but cozy and playful. I love the hanging tea cup decorations on top of the ceiling, and also on the walls plus the warm lighting that really feels like home.


The problem is that my partner and I were too big and we tend to bump the tables and chairs harshly (thank God no casualties). Anyhow, the walls are also refreshing to see with its huge mural of a grass field with two old people drinking tea on one side.

I love the playfulness of this place.


And with their offers that range from P80.00 and above, you will get the chance to taste the same offers as with other tea houses, only it’s not that good compared to others.

Yep, I ordered Red Apple with Nata De Coco as sinkers and it taste like C2 Green Tea with Apple, and the Nata was in a small amount. Also with the Matcha green tea that tastes a bit off for us.

I also tried their Pasta Mac and Cheese and it taste ordinary, but anyhow, it’s tolerable.

What pissed my partner off while were in that place was that when he tried to order their Milktea of the Month which was the Cheesecake + Grahams, it was not available… I mean, c’mon, it’s the offer of the month and it’s got no stock? And my partner tried to order other offers and most of it is unavailable as of September.

Plus, the service wasn’t that good. I bet they haven’t had training with customer service because unlike in Café Tiala: it is evident, from entering the café to going out, they were warm and welcoming and really helpful too.

Those were the downside of this café and I would love to see them improve if ever they read my post because I believe this café has great potential.

But still I would describe this place as a place good for Instagram photos. Taking pictures inside is just a pure pleasure.


Check out Tea O’Clock.



Mon-Sat: 11:00-12:00MN

Sun: 11:00-9:00PM





RATINGS: 2 stars