Cebu: with its rich culture and one of the most booming in the Philippines economically, you could never go wrong North, South, East or West. But this time, I’m going up North… farther North to visit a somehow new travel destination and it’s in a very small island in Medellin, Cebu and it’s called Funtastic Island.

Like the usual travel tips, once you go south, you go to South Bus Terminal, and once you go north, you go to North Bust Terminal (there ain’t west and east here in the Queen City). Anyhow, find a bus that’s bound to Medellin and tell the person in charge that you’ll be stopping by wherever you want to stop: in our case, we rented an entire V-Hire because we were 11 and we have reserved a room in a resort that’s located in Medellin proper since there are no resorts or room for rent in the island.

Although for a fact it’s really not named Funtastic Island; Gibitngil Island is a twenty minute ride away from Medellin port via a banka or small boat.


TIP #1: you have to go there with your friends, specifically 10 to 15 to fill in the entire boat and to spend less as well for about P1, 200.00 (usually P1, 400.00 but we managed).


TIP #2: DON’T GO THERE ON A RAINY SEASON. Although it’s bound to be fun while experiencing the tumultuous ride; but it’s extremely dangerous. The banka is just too small and looks fragile for the incoming waves that are vast and strong. We went there on a rainy day, and to tell you it was terrifying, although we managed due that my friends are super funny, you can’t even remember that what we’re dealing is buhis buhay (life threatening).


Upon drawing near to the island; we have to reach the other end of it but there was this magnificent view I didn’t imagine Cebu would have that greeted us: these were the stone cliffs of the island. It was so Palawan-like. The humungous stone walls that has been holding the waters for ages was designed beautifully with its natural formations. It was jaw-dropping because it was unlike any other in Cebu.


Anyhow, when we reached to the island, the people and the scenic view greeted us. It was colorful and alive, and many people were there even when the weather wasn’t really nice. The waters were so indulging because of its blue inviting color which happens to be really clean unlike any other beaches in Lapu-Lapu.



TIP #3: Go to the island with all of your necessary stuffs: from camera to snorkels to food and drinks to your own booze and ice buckets with ice of course because you can’t buy anything from the island, except for the cottage rent.


Upon docking in the nice sand of the island, we went straight to the entrance (of course selfies and group pix are not included). The entrance fee is P10.00 and the cottages range from P150.00 to P500.00 depending on the size of the cottage.


But the fun won’t happen when you just take a dip in the cold waters, the fun starts when you decide to jump in their 30ft diving spot.

Trust me, it’s really, really scary.

Although you’ll end up in the clear and deep waters of the island, but the fact that it’s 30ft still remains to be 30ft HIGH.


We’ve had couple of stops and starts in going to and fro to the platform. There were unnecessary dramas and crazy pauses deciding to jump or not. It was totally funny seeing friends there with you and cheering for them to just take a dip, plus the readied cameras that eventually gets low-bat because of the time consumed by all the drama.

Well, when you dive, you just have to.

The enthralling fall gives you the hype that could make you scream, “WHOOOOOOOAAAA!!!!” and that’s what happened…. to my partner, not to me. I know I’m a chicken, I have fear of falling. Well, I don’t regret not jumping either, (LOL) but I also wished I could have. The fact that the waves are so strong was a plus factor too since there’s no one who can assist you whenever you’re there, not even a rope that you could hold on to upon going back to the shore.

Anyhow, Funtastic Island will not be fun without friends, so I suggest going there with them.



MORE PHOTOS! (Cheers to Louie for some photos taken!)















Malapascua is an island located at the northern tip of Cebu, and a barangay of Daan Bantayan with its local name ‘Logon’. The island of Malapascua is known for the crystal clear water beaches and white, powdery sand shoreline. Also, it’s been a diving spot for people who loves witnessing coral reefs and under the sea wonders. Malapascua is also known for the Thresher Sharks that are abundant in the surrounding waters of the island.

I still can never forget the first time I went there way back ten years ago: we had our struggle in going there but when we arrived at the beachfront; it awed me to my soul. The clear blue waters were at the most splendid and captivating. The memory stuck in my mind still.

Not until I went there ten years later.



Let’s start from how we travelled.

First, we (all people know) rode a Ceres Bus bound for Maya that has a sea port where numerous of transportation boats await.  The ride was a painful 4 hour drive (not unless you have your own car or service). We started our trip from the North Bus Terminal by 7:00AM and arrived at Maya port by 11:30. It was long and torturous. But I let it pass and just enjoyed the annoying smoke and dirt that is visible in my face.

The boat you will ride on from Maya port to Malapascua Island

The boat you will ride on from Maya port to Malapascua Island

Next, when we arrived at Maya port, there were several boats parked in their port. So my partner told me that we should go to the ticketing office to pay the port fee and so on. But then, one local told us that they were not present any longer right after the great typhoon Yolanda. The ruins left by the typhoon are still visible in the port, actually. There were people (usually locals) barking at everyone who reaches the port and it feels like everyone new has no idea where to go. So, we asked one local on what to do and where to go and just pointed at one boat that will transport us from there to the island. But it was a wrong boat so we transferred to the right one.

We waited there for an hour or so because they have to fill 30 people in that boat. By the way, the fee for the boat is P80.00 per person. (If and only if the tide is low, there will be an inconvenient small boat or banka that will transport you from the port to the boat waiting afar that will cost you another P20.00)

After Yolanda, there was no organized direction on what to do and where to ride there at the port. We were frustrated about that fact and it was scorching hot.

Then we arrived at Malapascua after 20 minutes. Before we docked; we could see the beauty of the crystal clear water (you can see in the video below) as the boat rushes to the beachfront and it is magnificent.

And then we docked, unfortunately I was not impressed. What welcomed us shocked me, and you can see in the pictures below.

IMG_6549 IMG_6555 IMG_6554 IMG_6552 IMG_6551 IMG_6550

It is fitting that Yolanda struck the island so badly that it destroys most of the trees and nearby buildings/cottages but it’s unfathomable for the government not to take actions in any of these unfortunate circumstances when it’s already six months passed. And there were no governing rules upon littering in the seashore.

The part where we stopped 10 years ago in the island was now a place of garbage.

We hadn’t had our lunch so we ate at Mabuhay Restaurant or whatever it is called. We ordered many foods (ala cart kuno) because the waitress said it was good for 1 person only when in fact it’s good for 2, DUH. We waited for almost 2 hours before our meal arrived. It’s very, very annoying, although their food is OKAY. But still, it’s beyond frustrating.

At that time I felt like it was a wrong decision going there. It’s really dreadful.



But then we were there because a friend of my brother invited us to come over the island for their fiesta, and so it’s good to know that there’s someone who could navigate us to somewhere different and clean.

I was not hoping to find one, but then when we went to his family’s house in Guimbitayan, located at the other side of the island; the beauty of the beach there was magnificent. I was in awe seeing the shore and the clear blue waters.



When I dipped, it was just perfect. I was then transported back 10 years ago, and reminisced the feeling of awe. It was almost deserted, and I can only see us playing around the very long sea shore.


The sunrise is just perfect for the PANG-Instagram/Facebook photo-shoot we did. It captured the island’s vibrancy to life.


My father and our friend’s grandmother built a tent for us to relax and feast our eyes to the beauty of the beach. It was really pleasing.


At night, the moon serves as your spotlight to go and take a dip without wondering where your companions are, even though it’s black dark there because the houses around don’t have electricity maybe due to Yolanda (again).

We just brought tents with us to stay for the night.

Nearby, the people build a campfire on the shore, which for me is not good at all; and the local children were playing around it. It was nice of sorts though.



Our friend told us to go to Bantigue cove which is just a walk away from where we were staying. And so, we realized how little we have seen from the island. And we reached the part where the sand is softer (on the shore and in the waters) and the view is nicer.


To reach Bantigue cove, we have to climb up the hill and it shocked me to see the back part of the island where there’s a soaring high lighthouse at the top.

It was stunning as you can see in the pictures.


But then when we reached the cove itself, there were ruins everywhere.


Our friend told us there was a resort built but destroyed by Yolanda (AGAIN AND AGAIN!). There were just ruins everywhere that entails a PANG-Instagram/Facebook photo-shoot.

The beach in Bantigue cove was not at all nice now, so we climbed back.



I realized that I should never just be mediocre, just because the beach front frustrates me doesn’t mean there’s no other part of a place that will ‘wow’ me. It’s very essential to everyone who loves to travel. Never Stop.

The island is full of garbage now, there are so many issues that I’ve found when I was there from Maya port to the island itself; and it’s for the government to take action and for the people also take initiative.

Malapascua is such a beauty! Reliving its potential means potential for a booming tourism. People just have to create ground rules and not just write it but to apply, organize and follow it, and with just that; the island will be perfect again.



Bus (back and forth) – P163.00 + P163.00

Boat (back and forth) – P80.00 + P80.00

Small Boat (if lowtide both to and from) – P20.00 + P20.00

Stay (At Moonlight Resort – for me not advisable) – P1,600.00 AC Room


Note: I cannot post all the costs, room availability and the food here because our friend’s family plus my parents paid for many things there.




At night, under the stars

At night, under the stars

Tents, Tents, Tents

Tents, Tents, Tents

Our friend's house.

Our friend’s house.

The local name for Malapascua.

The local name for Malapascua.

Starfish everywhere! It made me happy.

Starfish everywhere! It made me happy.


Cozing under the tent.

Cozing under the tent.

Push mo pa!

Push mo pa!


Stay cool under the sun.

Stay cool under the sun.

IMG_6502 3

The Sunrise.

The Sunrise.






To be direct, Mountain View Nature’s Park in Sitio Garahe, Busay, Cebu City is one of the most famous places you could hear from talks in town because of the overlooking indulgence of the entire Cebu city, and I’ve been here for plenty of times but never experienced the way I did on the Holy Week passed.


Same as my blog for Lantaw Native Restaurant, which is just around the corner of the entrance there in Mountain View, if you don’t have a car, you can go there by taxi which you can rent from J.Y. Square, P250.00, or by Habal-Habal (motorcycle) which costs P50.00 per person, or if you have your own car; that’s probably the best.



Because of a family affair, I got there again. To make the story short; my mother and brother rented a stay for one night just for P1,200.00 non-air conditioned room.

The P1,200.00 Cottages

The P1,200.00 Cottages

I have a short knowledge that there was lodging in Mountain View! So bummer of me.

So the clan went there for a hike and ended up gasping for breath because no one expected how difficult it is to reach on top since it was most of their first times.

Back to the room: it was big, enough for my clan of ten (imagine that) but sush, they didn’t know we were that plenty. Though some of my family members brought with them tents and just stayed outside. The room is (as they say) good for four people. The bed is humungous and very good to sleep into.

You can order food in their canteen and have them delivered in your room if you like.


TIP: If you’re planning to go there, have your rooms booked ahead of time, especially on weekends and holidays like the Holy Week. And I, most especially, like for you to book on the air-conditioned room, good for P1,500.00 on the overlooking deck part because you can see the city lights from the windows of your room, and there’s no need for you to climb up just to see it.




You can also enjoy their amenities. They have an Adventure Obstacle that is variety for P150.00. Their trail entails a lot of challenges; from walking on an unstable hanging bridge (but safe) to zip line-ing your way to excitement. This is available 9:00AM to 7:00PM daily.


You could also experience their very cold swimming pool that’s good for P100.00 on adults and P75.00 for youngsters. It’s very good for kids because the highest is just 4 feet, so no fret.


You can do camping, as I’ve said a while ago. There are certain places you can do it, but mostly, people build their tents when the dusk hits the horizon.

I’ve seen people grill outside of their rooms too.

You can soul search, or try marathon from the top down to the entrance of the vicinity. (Just kidding, you’ll end up getting killed)

And when nightfall comes, the city lights below will enchant you. It’s very amusing and enthralling yet at the same time very serene. Looking away from the busy city makes you go past through everything you’ve been through and ponder about your life. It’s very nice, I tell you. I’ve been there many times, yet the city lights never fails to amaze me.


It’s best to see it in their viewing deck which you could also have a booze with your friends. Thank GOD there’s no entrance pay.



Here’s the catch, is all the amenities too expensive or too much? Well for me, there are a lot of transactions to be done in the spot, and the prices are quite revamped from the normal prices in the city, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s really quite difficult to transport goods from down below up there on the mountain, that serves justice.

Also the crew’s salary hehe.



Telephone – (032) 231 5444




Another evening shot

Another evening shot

Cebu in the morning.

Cebu in the morning.

IMG_7149 IMG_7141 IMG_6985







-          ★★★★

The dreading city life requires you to escape from it in order to maintain balance in your life. Ahh, the relaxation you acquire gives you pleasure. Whenever you look online for a place to stay or to escape; there’s always something that holds you back. But this time; try to pursue it, and you’ll be pleased.

And one resort that’ll give you that exact relaxation away from the city is in Huna-Huna Cliff Resort. It is located at Buyo, boundary Carmen/Catmon, Cebu.

Huna-Huna is a Visayan word for thinking, pondering or contemplating. True to its name; Huna-Huna Cliff Resort offers you a peace and serenity for a calm experience.

With its European Villa inspired theme; you could never go wrong to its relaxing feel facing the vast Camotes Sea. This European situation requires your full attention to its nonchalant ambiance convalescing from your city life.

The white walls and marble tiles of the villa are idyllic, hinting Santorinni, Greece.


The overhead pass is nostalgia of somewhere in France; and the Family house for number of guests makes me remember of an Italian Villa.


The beaut of the place gives time for yourself to escape and contemplate your life while sitting on the bench looking afar on the effervescent Camotes Sea.

Guest House in Huna Huna

Guest House in Huna Huna



Going to the resort is easy.

All you need to do is to ride a bus bound north at North Bus Terminal, near SM City Cebu. There you will find huge busses; and all you need to find is Ceres Liner. It’s fast, hourly and safe (sometimes, depends on the driver).

When telling the co-operator of the bus (kondoktor) where you’re heading; you can directly say in Huna-Huna, because most of them already know where it is. If not, then tell him at Buy, boundary Carmen/Catmon. The cost will only be P55.00 per person; so it’s not that really expensive.

From the city, you’ll be travelling 1 hour and a half if there’s no traffic. The resort can be found on the right side of the path; and there’s a marquee on the side of the road, if you have a car of your own or the co-operator forgets about you and where you’re heading.


TIP: Whenever you reach Carmen, Cebu; call the co-operator’s attention and make him remember where you’re heading. Or better yet, open Google Maps if you’re on 3G, but I doubt it will operate well on the countryside.



Booking ahead is always the best thing to do whenever you want to go to a certain place so that you’ll have a guaranteed stay. And when calling the resort (numbers at the end of the post), they will ask you to pay full at their Banilad, Cebu office.

For me, trying to book a room for the next day was lucky because I was only giving a promise to them that my partner and I will not cancel our reservation. But that was really our plan, so cancellation would be inevitable (hehe), but really, try to book really ahead of time.

The air conditioned rooms are available for P2000.00, good for 2 pax with breakfast, and the check in time is 1:00PM, check out on the next day, same time. (Room rates below)


They also have a 2 storey guest house, good for family or group of people.

The resort also offer some relaxing spa treatment for the price range of P900.00-P1,500.00.



We stayed in Room 11 of the resort, and that is on the bottom-most part on the cliff near the beach where you could take a dip.

The room is just fabulous. Its clean and our stay there was marvellous. If relax is what you’re looking for, then this is perfect for you.


The room is small BUT very, very relaxing. You’ll have your own veranda with table and seats; and for us at Room 11, the sea is just beneath us. It really looks luxurious even thinking about it right now makes me want to go back there.

Staying in their room makes me want to stay there forever.

I love their lights which have the control switch on how bright you want it to be; the very functional hot and cold water which for other resorts are not present; and the bed is soft, so as the pillows and the comforter.

The bed is facing the glass door with the sea as our breath taking view. The window on our left side is a perfect instrument for the sunrise to take a peek before we realize it.


Sometimes you’ll forget to close the glass door and hear the rushing sound of waters outside while you are lying like a king or queen in your very comfortable bed.

And our veranda is perfect for dinnertime, with the warm, romantic lights plus the stars above us.


It was just pure lux. C’est la vie.


TIP: And you should try to ask if Room 11 is available. *wink



The food is variety there, and mostly it offers Filipino style of cooking. But their breakfast is mixed from Filipino to American to whatever it is in their menu that you’d like to have.


You’ll only have to order ahead of time because they still have to prepare your food from scratch, so it takes a bit of time to finish and serve it to you.


The price ranges from P130.00 – P250.00 depending on what MEAL you order. There are also offers that reach P300.00-P500.00; these are specialties.



The beach is just part of the resort with no shoreline that is a little bit rocky on most parts. I did not get the chance to swim because I really did not want to. I just wanted to relax in our room, and in our sophisticated veranda.




When we checked in, we were greeted by a huge black dog (I have no idea what breed it was) which I was much afraid of at first due to its size; when we walked down to our room; he was ahead of us following the attendant, and whenever we stopped, the dog looks at us trying to signal something; then we realized he wants to take us to our room. The dog named ‘she-she’ (I think) was really, really sweet. She had our hearts just for a short stay there because of her kindness to visitors.




I’m still pondering how relaxed my partner and I were on that resort, and wishing we could just lie there forever… with money magically appear on our table. HAHA

But then, Huna-Huna Cliff Resort is a resort away from hassle.



Cellphone: 09173179741/09322242375





*According to hunahuna.com as of 4/8/2014

Air Conditioned Rooms

Php 2,000

Inclusive Breakfast for 2 (two) persons

Prices are regardless of single or double occupancy

Extra Bed without breakfast Php 500


Fan Rooms

Php 1,000 to Php 1,500

Exclusive of breakfast

Prices are regardless of single or double occupancy

Extra Bed without breakfast Php 500


*Day use (maximum of 3 hours)

Air Conditioned Rooms

Php 800 (Php 100 each extra hour)


Fan Rooms

Php 500 (Php 100 each extra hour)


Entrance fee is Php 75 with free use of our cottages. Huna Huna Cliff Resort reserves the right to refuse or discontinue at any time any accommodation to any persons it deems unacceptable under its standard.



Rooms – 5

Food – 3

Service – 3

Facilities – 3

Ambiance – 5

OVERALL – 3.8/5




our veranda in the evening

our veranda in the evening


Our veranda in the morning


Our room in the evening

Our room in the evening












(Tips are usually in Italics)


It’s once again the Festival dedicated to Sr. Sto. Nino that contributed to the inception of Christianity in the Philippines and defined Cebu.

Cebu, known as the Queen City of the South, is famous for the Sinulog Festival that gives tribute to the young Jesus, Sto. Nino, which was brought by the Spanish people (via a statuette) that was led by the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan.


Sinulog is annually held on the 3rd Sunday of January: Grandiose floats and costumes plus fluid-like dances, true to the name ‘Sinulog’ that came from the Cebuano word ‘sulog’ meaning ‘like the movement of the water’; this is culminated on the last day of the 9 day celebration.


Every year, there are plenty contestants coming from different places in the Philippines contending to win for the best dance interpretation to win in the Sinulog Contest. The Grand Parade will first have to show off the contestant’s dance interpretations in the streets of Cebu City leading to Abellana which will be the arena to show off their fab dances to the judges.


Everyone from various places, Filipinos or Foreigners alike enjoy the mardi gras that gives the best street dance feel due to the loud drum beats that make you move and shout ‘PIT SENYOR!’. Even children are held on their parents’ shoulders to let them see the colorful parade on the streets.



Probably the most crowded Sinulog I’ve ever attended, and also everyone’s opinion.

There are a lot of sight sees that you’ll enjoy in every corner of the city. You’ll have to enjoy every painted faces to street dances people do. Also, henna tattoos are a trend too, and everywhere you go; there are people who cater to giving you that Sinulog vibe.


Fuente Circle is one of the best places to go during daylight; which you can visibly see every float passing by. Some with famous local celebrities that usually defined what is like being a Filipino. But most floats have extraordinary designs. Ahead of the floats are their dancers who usually make stops to some spots to offer a dance to street judges.

People could also try to roam around starting at Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino, (Sto. Nino church) dance your way to the crowd at Jones Street reaching Fuente Circle.


The wonderful floats go all the way from morning until the evening. And right after every contestant is done; there the fireworks begin.

I personally enjoyed this year’s Sinulog because it was not sunny at all; everyone loves the sun, and I do, but sometimes it’s just too painful out there; but not this year, it’s purely cloudy, it drizzled in a while but did not bother everybody at al.



I noticed the trend of GoPro cameras nowadays that takes videography, photography and selfies to the high level… literally.



Every spot in the city; there’ll be fireworks.

One in Abellana, right after the last contestant is done with their presentation: another one is in Crown Regency in the heart of the city, one at SM City Cebu and the most celebrated and waited is the Ayala Center Cebu Fireworks.


Ayala is not just famous for their mall, but for their annual Sinulog fireworks show that costs them thousands to millions of pesos. But not just that; Ayala Fireworks is famous because of their unique and spectacle show.

They don’t just show you explode here and explode there kind; you will see heart shaped blasts or Saturn shaped or a smiley: all you need to do is ready your camera and tick at the right time when it explodes.

The extravagant firework show always ends up in a humongous firework blasts that lights up the entire vicinity that gives magnificence to everyone that is watching.


If you’re wondering where I had my dinner; Ayala is a perfect place to go. BUT, there’ll be less chance to dine perfectly and fast there. My partner and I ate at Simply J’s Restaurant. I purposefully did a reservation ‘just in case’ we can’t dine in Ayala, and that was the case. But the place is miraculously almost deserted when we arrive there.

There are couple of affordable restaurants just within the vicinity of Ayala mall for you to dine yet not be able to miss their grandiose fireworks show like Simply J’s, Kuya J or Rodeo Grill.




Then the real party begins!

Everyone works their way in Mango Avenue to party! If you ever want to get wet and wild then this place is surely for you. Just make sure you’re ready to get down and dirty because the crowd will be crazy.

Baseline, Alchology, and Yo.u are the bars that you usually hear where the party is to the extreme. Bottles of alcoholic drinks are surely on the grounds wherever you go. Everyone you’ll see is surely drunk when the clock hits 12 for sure.

That surely was the most crowded because I encountered problems passing through Mango Street but nevertheless… still alive!



Sinulog 2014 was crazy.

Next year would be another blast, for sure.













Maasin is part of Southern Leyte and has a crime rate of almost zero. Maasin is a small town with lots of pedicab ride as a means of transportation. People spoke the accent as of the people in Bohol, collocating ‘y’ to ‘j’ like the word ‘Unya’ which means ‘later’ in English, which is somehow uttered as ‘Unja’.

It’s my first time in Maasin, and my first in Southern Leyte too. And this is the hometown of my partner and this is also my first time to spend Christmas away from home and my first time to spend it with someone really special. So, as you have read, there are a lot of first times happened.

But, Maasin is just a small part of Southern Leyte and is slowly progressing to a bigger name. Yet, when I was there; I’ve found good stuffs to visit and try.


We had to ride either a Cokaliong ship or Roble that will take us from Cebu port to Maasin port directly, but has the schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays. In our trip; it was a special one on the very eve of Christmas.

The ride was five and a half hours long, and there was not much in the infinite ocean that bridges us towards our destination. Although, it was for a fact a little bit rainy and gloomy so instead of whining; I just took the chance to savor the grayness beauty of the surrounding. And it did not fail me.



If you want to be in the accessible part of Maasin, which is just near to everywhere you want to be; try Southern Comfort hotel that priced you cheap with an okay room to stay. Although not really a five star kind, but surely, if you want an affordable and a nice place to sleep; this is the hotel for you.


Maasin has a lot of Karenderias specifically what they call McDo. Nope, not McDonald’s, but a comic term ‘Mag-duko-duko’ which translates ‘bowing’ in English, meaning when you eat in that barbecue spot; you usually bow your head as to savor the taste of whatever offer it is in there.

Azotea de Maasin

Azotea de Maasin

But there is also a spot in Maasin that has just opened which gives you a city view: Azotea De Maasin. A home-style restaurant located at a high point which in a distant you can see the entire Maasin.




Great view with cool wind blowing through my chilling senses that is perfect for lovers and friends.


My partner took me together with his cousins in a nearby sea-side with a nonchalant but slowly getting the fame resort named Jaime’s Resort. The beaut is such Grecian that made me fall in love while taking a sip of my cold chocolate drink and having that magnificent façade, facing the vast, blue ocean and telling me how far I am away from home, all behind my wayfarer glasses.


You can also have your stay there in Jaime’s Resort for a steeper price, yet satisfaction guaranteed while staying.

You can also watch or play with the European owner’s golden retrievers that will surely uplift your spirits.



While one of my dreams is to travel the world; I would perfectly like to get lost in a small town like this and discover on my own. It’s perfectly safe, and everyone is surely willing to help you locate your destination.

Maasin is a place with lots of corners plus some traditional houses; a refashion of the Spanish colony way years ago.

It was Christmas time when I got there and the festive is not extravagant as of the one in Cebu; yet you can still see the glimpse of Christmas lights on each house and in their plaza that has a big Christmas tree with a sleigh ride going round in circles for children and adults alike.


My partner took me to places in Maasin at night, specifically in the plaza of their provincial seat that has a humongous field with uncanny trees plus a glance of the clear night sky above. All in a pedicab ride.


The pedicab ride gives you also a straight fact of how provincial Maasin is, and how far the place is from advancement; but that’s a good thing to start with, because, of all the places in the Philippines that’s growing; we also need some places that should remain as what it is. It may have a little upgrading; but I prefer culture over it in this Southern treasure.

Pedicab Ride

Pedicab Ride

By the day, his mother and niece took me above one of the highest peaks in Maasin which was the Monte Cueva Shrine. Its location is atop the mountainous part, and has a thousand steps before you reach the very solemn cave church.


You can see how religiously inclined these people are; and so I can relate. The cave is a dome shaped treasure in Maasin that has a light coming from a trap above the cave ceiling that allows light to enter and illuminate the statue of Jesus praying at the altar depicting the Holy Father talking to him.


I love staying even just a little while in this place, even when I’m catching my breath from the tiring thousand steps we took.

Then we get to see the shrine that has a Mother Mary statue right above the highest peak facing the entire beauty of Maasin.

Maasin Birds Eye View

Maasin on broad daylight

Also, I got the chance to pray in their old church that offers Latin masses for people who understands the language.


I never got the chance to visit the other shrine in Maasin which was more famous due to time constraint.

You can sense the true rural form that culminates calm and peaceful. You can also feel the growing need for advancement, but still grab a hold to the most important thing which is the Culture.

I wished I had more time exploring the growing wonders of the place, but maybe next time I visit, then it has plenty more for me.

Sunrise upon going home to Cebu

Sunrise upon going home to Cebu


Inside Maasin's Church

Inside Maasin’s Church

The Cave Church's entrance

The Cave Church’s entrance

A couple of blur - B&W shots




What do you think about Christmas?

For me, whenever I hear the word Christmas; I always think about the Joy it brings. Although, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, according to a song, but truth is, lately, it’s been one of the hardest times because of the fact that most people face loss, tragedy, longing and lack in the time of happiness.

But whatever heartache we might have, Christmas is there to serve as an inspiration to us, making us realize that everyone here on earth deserve to be happy.

And this Christmas, I claim happiness.

Here are some shots that my partner and I made in front of some Christmas trees downtown.







Now figure out where in the Queen is the location of each Christmas Tree, including the wreathe!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! And may Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family!