We sometimes can’t help when we get stuck in traffic and our tummies are rumbling. But if you’re in that situation, there’s a treat for you at 2nd floor, West Side Hub Bldg., MC Briones St., Tipolo, Mandaue City, and you’re in luck for some ngohiong experience.


They offer all those easy-to-dine food starting with the famous ngohiong which is the same as the one near USC main campus and behind CNU. I kind of love it there especially when I was in college where that’s one spot where students gather from all over the town to taste their delicious ngohiong, and yes it’s now in Tipolo, Mandaue.


I love easy-to-dine restaurants because their offers are mostly generic and are often the best treats you could have if in case you’re in a hurry for something, or can’t decide what to eat, or even take your first dates there, or just simply the right foods to eat when you want a snack from the lazy afternoon and the boring evening.

You can see the pictures below showing most of their offers. I also loved that they have a special soup that changes from day to day to keep the ‘generic’ restaurant out of the way. Cool.

IMG_8530 IMG_8529 IMG_8585 IMG_8544 IMG_8588 IMG_8533

They also have RILOG offers… yup that’s short for Rice and Itlog because ‘SI’ in ‘SILOG’ can sometimes be unavailable in other restaurants like this, so they made sure to have the available one.


This humbly small business will soon be filled with people as this building the restaurant is in would have two call center offices, and that’s an addition to the neighboring Urban Homes people.

The friendly owner will welcome you to have a chillin’ dining inside.

Check out IMBA now!



MON-SUN: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM





Here’s another healthy water I’ve created and this only requires two ingredients, a citrus fruit and cilantro.




- 2 citrus fruits (e.g. orange, lime, lemon, but for my case I used Lemon)

- Cilantro (usually, in the Philippines we call it Wansoy and you can see it on tags in Save More/SM Supermarket)


- chop lemons until satisfied.

- put inside the jar.

- pick the leaves from the Cilantro stems and put inside the jar.


This is actually my very first healthy water because it was just easy to create, I mean, you only need two ingredients and the willingness to stay healthy, right? This is a perfect for everyone who is on a tight budget but doesn’t want health to be compromised. And if the taste seems too bitter for you, you could always add HONEY with it. This healthy water stays fresh for 3 days.


DIY: Sassy Water (Healthy Water/Cleanse)

Lately, I’ve been becoming obsessed with healthy water and also, I love trying these on my own, so I want to share the very, very simple recipe with you guys, so you could create your own DIY healthy water/cleanse.



- 2 Lemons (usually P30.00-P40.00 each)

- Cucumber (usually P30.00-P35.00 for two at Save More)

- Mint (usually P14.00 only)


- chop everything until finish.

- take a picture for Instagram purposes (with step-by-step guide or you could direct them here, *wink).

- put Lemon first, then Cucumber and then fold some Mint for the real goodness to come out.

- add water

- let it cool for about 12 hours to 1 day (I prefer the latter)


Sassy Water is a very good and healthy hydrating liquid that you could substitute with pure water especially right after every meal. This water is good for 3 days only.







-★★★★ 1/2

I’ve wandered throughout Cebu looking for good food and it never failed me, but even when there are a lot of good restaurants out there: it seemed too generic to me. I’m looking for something that’s new and not famous because I’d love to discover them first, especially those that are praiseworthy.

There are those that stood out and one is Gibbs: Hot Wings located in Holy Family Village II, Banilad, Cebu City. It’s the village after you’ve passed the Banilad fly over if you’re coming from Cebu City.

Gibbs: Hot Wings offers you a very famous treat of hot chicken wings in different levels: hot, original, insanely hot, 2 intense and freakin’ hot. I’m not going to mention how spicy the levels are, but you have to try them yourselves.

And even when we ordered two of the insanely hot chicken wings; it was just worth it. The taste was so good, and cooked very well. The sauce that covered the wings was the one causing the spiciness of the dish and that’s what makes it a superstar.


I’m kind of happy tasting this original spicy wings in town because I’ve tasted WORST. One restaurant served us wings with hot ketchup drops over it. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant again because it’s been a year, and I’m hoping that they’ve changed the way they cook their spicy wings.

Anyhow, the insanely hot wings we have was spicy, but the magic was that we never stopped tearing the wings apart and put it in our mouths, and my partner IS never a fan of spicy food but he LOVED this one. And one reason why he doesn’t love spicy foods was that every after dining, he feels sick, but the spicy wings in Gibbs were a miracle.

They also have other offers like Spaghetti Meatballs, Carbonara, Mozarella sticks and Potato Wedges which were love, love, love. Everything here is just pure delish.


What I’m bummed about the place was that it was too small, BUT I believe that this restaurant has a huge potential in becoming the next ‘IT’ in town, although I’ve learned for a fact that Gibbs is a ‘must visit’ for University students and some alta-sociedad. And going there means to call in for reservation (number by the end).

There are writings on the wall of the restaurant from customers, but we didn’t get the chance to write ours because there weren’t space for us, but that’s fine. I’m hoping we’ll be one of the people to write messages on their wall when they have another chain somewhere in the city.


Gibbs: Hot Wings became instantly one of my favorite spots, and I’ll be visiting this place again and again and again.

Check it out and tell me about it!


Monday-Sunday: LUNCH – 11:00AM to 2:00PM and DINNER 5:30PM – 10:00PM



Number: 0949-376-7220

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars!



I’ve always liked suspense movies ever since I was a kid. I liked the feeling of being tortured emotionally by a scene on screen, like someone chasing the antagonist and it made me feel like jumping on my seats rooting for that person to survive the murderer; like in Amityville Horror (the latest with Ryan Reynolds in it) or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But as I grew up and watched more and more movies, (especially American movies), the thrill just got bland and it’s most likely faded because as time passes by, you get to know a movie and even worse predict what’s going to happen or even worse, the direction or the execution of the movie is not like in the past.

There are still some films out there (especially American movies… again) that still have this type of thrill that I wanted, but only a few left. One of it was when I watched the movie The Call.

OVERVIEW (Without spoilers)

The movie is about a 911 agent Jordan played by Halle Berry, who seems to be just a normal person trying to take in calls and trying to save someone’s life… you know, just normal (pun intended).

Anyway, she got a call, one day that changed her life.

She braces herself as she tries to rescue this certain person from a murderer that ended in failure. She lived her life in guilt, pain and regret for the next years until one day, history repeated itself with the same murderer.

She has to redeem herself by helping another victim, and a cat and mouse chase with exciting twist and turn happens.


First of all, by this movie, I realized how DIFFICULT mentally, emotionally, spiritually and everything is to become a 911 agent. The mere fact that you take in threatened calls in a normal day would be so intense that I don’t think my mind and body can handle. It’s very tough especially when you didn’t give the help of the person on the other line who’s asking for it.

Sometimes, we just hear funny prank calls on YouTube about stupid people calling 911 services, but little did we know how serious it is to have that kind of job.

I have worked in a Call Centre and I don’t think customer service with irate customers (because they want services to work for them), would compare working in a 911 customer service. And this emotion of hardship was shown in the movie, that’s why it’s good.

Second, a talked about the thrill in movies that are only present in few American films nowadays and I love that The Call gave me the excitement that I needed to see.

And lastly, the story is unique. I don’t know if there are other movies out there having the same storyline as this, but The Call is such a unique perspective of a 911 officer with an interesting story of vengeance.

Overall, The Call is thrilling in a sense of need for redemption and uniqueness of storyline in this world whose filmmaking is starting to become rip-offs of other film.







Ever since the dawn of The Hunger Games book series and its rise to fame, I was always a fan but not of the third book which is Mockingjay. Why? To be honest there are a lot of  wrong things happened in the book. The first two were beyond awesome, and we have Mockingjay, about the final part of the rebellion of the districts versus the Capitol, specifically between Katniss and President Snow, but it seems to feel like rushed and unfinished.

Of course in Mockingjay, there are no more games happened because everything stopped when Katniss showed true rebel in Catching Fire.

I have doubts about Mockingjay becoming a hit in movie theaters compared to the first two films which have solid storyline and heart pounding events. And I have more doubt when they decided to split Mockingjay into two films.

Nevertheless, I’m always a fan of the book series so I put my faith in the directors and screenwriters to amp it up into a cinematic experience, and guess what, Mockingjay Part 1 was good!


Mockingjay is the continuation of where we left off in Catching Fire a year ago. It’s where Katniss woke up and found out that there’s District 13 being an underground society, Peeta and the rest of the victors captured by the Capitol and of course, the start of the uprising.

District 13, which is spearheaded by President Coin which is played by (who I call) The Possessed Julianne Moore (in a good way) and Plutarch which is played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the rest of the team who helped Katniss survive in the game in order for them to create a propaganda in enticing the people of Panem to rise against the tyranny of those in the Capitol.

They’ll be convincing Katniss to do so and also in order to regain power all over Panem.


To be honest, I was expecting additional scenes in the movie due to the lack of intensity in the film. I mean, it needed to happen because the source material only focuses on Katniss’ stupidity in choosing to be the Mockingjay or not.

The film focuses on the propaganda created by District 13 using Katniss for the uprising.

I love the fact that this whole movie is about backstage propaganda and how showbiz it all is even you are in the midst of a war. There will still be the ‘lights, camera, action’, make up, costume and script behind it and also it shows how empowering this is for an entire community or whole country perhaps. Let’s face it; we all love a good advertisement.

Also, the additional scenes that are not in the book are really intense and captivating that it will give you goose-bumps. Although for some times I was kind of bored a bit, but just a few, no worries.

There’s one scene where Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) sings and how it grew into a song of rebellion. It was just perfectly well done!


Overall, the movie is about the emotional turmoil of someone in the war, and how a community of rebels acts to it, as well as how it will lead to a huge war against the Capitol.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is a rebellious propaganda fashioned with behind-the-scenes showbiz and deliberately intense and emotional rollercoaster ride towards an inevitable war.






-★★★★ 1/2

Hey, it’s been long since I had my last restaurant review on my blog, but I’m back, and this time I found a good spot in town located in Oakridge, A. S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, and it’s called 10 Dove St.

This rustic themed café slash restaurant is a small but cozy spot which offers brunch, lunch and dinner. Opens 10AM to 10PM every day of the week and the dining experience I have was pleasurable.

First, the place is very cute and very sophisticated it has a Victorian-esque or American townhouse themed like Simply J’s or somewhat like Café Georg have. The ambiance is welcoming and it really has a socialite feel with it that’s confident and partly intimidating.


The welcoming of the waitress named Grace was really warm and she was helpful while serving us in our time there.

The food offers are variety as well. If you want a big bite, I suggest their complete set from entre soup, main dish to cake OR entre soup, sandwich, salad to cake that will cost you just around P250.00-P275.00 for everything (except for the drinks) and to be honest, I have to say that two people could probably enjoy this type of set.

Lasagne for P160.00 only (And it's good for 2!)

Lasagne for P160.00 only (And it’s good for 2!)

Also, your money won’t go to waste because they have an American way of cooking and presentation, so the taste of the food was fair.


Visit 10 Dove Street and tell us what you think.


Mon-Sun: 10:00AM – 10:00PM



RATING – 4.5 Stars