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About O.S.T.

Fashion. Food. Travel. Film and TV, Something Crazy.. Anything Fancy. This is what this blog’s all about.

Laag (v. or gerund) – means go out, wander or roam in English, hence, Laag ta na! (not in literal) means Let’s go out!

I am a fan of Travelling and one day, I’d be exploring each continents appreciative by the culture, style, tradition and every little detail that incorporate the title of the place or country that I’m in.

I am also a fan of Food and one day, I’d be indulging myself from restaurants to sidewalk delicacies that will surely sweep me off from admiring the place to falling in love with it.

I am a fan of Fashion and one day, those runway will be glamorized by street-style of normal people with different statement which encapsulate fashion and comfort.

These are the things that I love to do and the things I want to share to the world. They say experience is the best teacher, in conclusion, experience is the best way to impart knowledge, and through blogging; experience doesn’t give a borderline only in information and visuals, but comes with imagination.

Hi, my name is Don/Sheance, and I’ll embark on my journey to life and sharing it to the world One Setting At A Time.


6 thoughts on “About O.S.T.

  1. I really find your blog so interesting and very pleasing to read it gives me lot of information on food, travel, fashion, and what’s the latest here in Metro Cebu, In fact it helped me a lot on the good place we should choose every time we go out with my friends.

  2. Hi, I wanted to take a moment & thank you for liking my post, Movies Marathon for Halloween. I’m interested in reading your thoughts about your experiences. Admittedly, I’m not much for fashion, though, I know what I prefer. I look forward to what you have to say about food, travel, film & TV.

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