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We can’t deny, movies offer us an escape, it gives us a pleasure to have another reality, a more complicated; sometimes happy sometimes tragic, but nevertheless: Entertaining.

I’ve been a movie fan ever since I was a kid. Film-making fascinates me way back then, and I’ve sure had directed a documentary way back in college using phone cameras, and also fan music videos of me and my friends, and hopefully develop my skills in the future.

(Read here for my top 10 movies of 2013)

Film-making is such a difficult task to do and creating an impact is another story.

In this blog post, I’m going to sum up all of the movies that got stuck in my mind in the recent memory I’ve watched in random.


1. The Prestige

I’ll start with magic.

The prestige is one of the most unforgettable movies I’ve ever seen. It’s directed by non-other than The Dark Knight series writer and director; Christopher Nolan, and the film depicts two talented magicians in battle of betrayal and revenge.

It’s just whooping Five out of Five stars for me. It’s very, very engaging, complex and mind boggling. My theory even went from human duplication (which I was correct) to time travelling. It was just so exciting and thrilling.

The ending was just perfect. This film is a no brainer for me; it directly hits the mark in my mind whenever someone asks me what my favorite movie is.

This film stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.


2. The Talented Mr. Ripley

Wow, although this movie was long but wow, this film still remains in my head up to this day. I’ve always loved the fact that I would never have a single thought on what the plot of a movie might be.

And this worked for me.

This psychological thriller is definitely a must watch.

Matt Damon stars in this film as a normal boy turned con artist turned murderer. I loved the fact that even when the character of Damon was also the main villain of the film; you would love for him to be saved from all of the crime investigations.

I had the adrenalin watching this film. It’s really worth it.


3. In Time

Well, this is one of the movies that many people will react to negatively. But really, I am overwhelmed by it due to its interesting plot and complicated story.

Although it received favorable reviews from ‘top critics’; I must say that I really did love watching every bit of this film.

It was exciting for me, although the plot is expected and you will know how it ends; still, it remains stuck in my head up to this day because I applaud the originality.

This film was directed by Andrew Niccol and starred Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake.


4. Inception

Speaking of originality; another Nolan film that I LOVED is Inception.

I love dreams and exploring it is my kind of thing; and Nolan created a storyline that would incorporate dreaming and it’s just well executed.

I mean, most of his films are well done, and most of it are my favorites, actually.

This cringe worthy film is just perfect for those who love excitement in adventure plus originality of the story. The plot is not complicated, but it’s not predictable. It’s crazy but not over-the-top.

This film stars (one of my favorite actors) Leonardo DiCaprio.


5. The Dark Knight

I told ya there’s going to be another Nolan film included.

Besides Heath Ledger’s  AWSOMENAJGBEABSASHHAGSHGEAH performance; this film is perfect, a great epitome of reliving a comic masterpiece.

I never loved Batman before… No, but Nolan made me love him.


6. Serendipity

C’mon! I’m a hopeless romantic kind of person!

Although this chick-flick is substandard to those who claims to have high level of taste (duh), but this rom-com is my favorite of all. The story is what I’m most fond of; it’s a delight to see a movie that will bother you the least from all the killings and heavy drama. It’s very nonchalant yet exciting. It’s somewhat what everyone had hoped for once in their lives, to actually have a soul-mate of their own and appears to them in the future and they lived happy ever after.

You should see this movie on Christmas, it’s just perfect…

Okay, whatevs. The movie is somewhat impossible; but relax! Chill down! Try to acknowledge the hopeless romantic in you.

This movie is directed by Peter Chelsom and starred Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, (If you haven’t seen this, but they’ve only been together in the beginning and end of the movie)


7. If Only

To embrace all of me being hopeless romantic, here’s the movie If Only. It’s a romantic-fantasy-tragic film that will leave you in tears.

It’s beautifully well-acted and well-directed.

The story is so beautiful it will make you think about making most out of it before everything is gone. It’s just so heart-breaking and so beautiful.

This movie is directed by Gil Junger and starred my ever favorite Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls.



8. Iron Man 3

Iron Man started the standard of a unified universe for a story, specifically in Comics. And not even DC could come up with a good plan to counterpart the Marvel Universe. The third film of Iron Man was the best at the time it came out, and I wondered how Marvel will even top it. Not until the next one on the list came.


9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This came out 2014 (which is this year), and I still can’t believe how Marvel pulled off a great story out from having perfection from Iron Man 3. Comparing to Iron Man 3; The Winter Soldier has a strong and solid story which captures your attention up to the end. Action scenes are so satisfying and amped up that will leave you on the edge of your seat. I am so excited on what’s to come for Marvel. Click here for my review

10. Avengers

Okay, first of all, I’m not a Comic geek; I just LOVE movies. (Although there’s nothing wrong about being a comic geek) But Marvel really brought out that geekness in me and I’m loving it.

Avengers was the conclusion of the Phase 1 and it’s crazy.

11. Frozen

From the funny sequences to the songs that create a Last Song Syndrome to the solid story, you can never get wrong with this film. I need not explain because everyone has already seen this. Period. Click here for my review


12. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This is my favorite Dystopian book series and it’s been made into movies. I would never like for movies to screw it up, but then it exudes excellence especially on Catching Fire where the excitement I felt while reading the book was magnified thru a cinematic experience. Really, really beautiful! Click here for my review.


13. Bridesmaid

This one is hell of a funny movie. I just can’t stop laughing from the nonchalant sequences yet hilariously portrayed. It’s brilliant and crazy.


14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Actually, I’ll be very biased to the entire Harry Potter Series because I grew up with it. And the brilliant mind of Jo Rowling captured the hearts and imagination of people around the globe, and reimagining it on the big screen, it was just pure perfection. ‘Nuff Said.


15. Now You See Me

I started the list with magic, and now I’ll end with magic.

The film Now You See Me is a movie that I really enjoyed watching. If entertainment and amazement is what you find in a movie; this is what you’re looking for.

This film stars Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman and many others.


Whatever your favorite film might be, it may be different from mine, but still one thing’s for sure; we all have escaped and enjoyed that chance to be part of something far from our reality.


You, what’s your favorite movie?


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