If there’s one gay who definitely understands every single Taylor Swift song that would be me.

I have always been a fan of Taylor Swift; one of the most award winning and successful singers in this generation who captivate the hearts of millions around the globe. And she’s just 24 and she’s up to the top giving endless hopes to broken hearts out there, and inspiring millions of damsel in distresses hoping for their prince to come and save them from loneliness, or just simply sing the songs of their lives.

Why do we love TSwift?

It’s because she’s young and successful, therefore, she’s really inspiring others to pursue one’s dream. It’s because she’s inspiring others to take risks and be FEARLESS, because it won’t be life as it is if you’re not one. It’s because she knows her worth, making other girls out there realize that you’re more than something out from that semi-toxic relationship you’re having. It’s because she’s a fashion icon and makes girls remember to stay classy. It’s because when she dances, she dances awkwardly, and many can relate to that, but because she’s fearless, she’ll do it whatever critics might say about it. It’s because she’s not afraid to love, and she’ll do whatever it takes to give everything even when critics say or write in epic proportions about how she’s not learning from it, in which she is.

It’s because she speaks to the hearts of millions through her songs… That completes a Taylor Swift.

Why do I love TSwift?

Because she sings the songs about my love and life in the perfect tone, melody and exact words that are impossible to speak out in person. Because her songs give more meaning, in spite heart breaks and trials of love she’s singing; but let’s admit, we’re all kind of a hopeless romantic in our own way. Because she inspired me to be FEARLESS and to take risks because life’s what makes it. And because, I learned to love with no boundaries, because that’s what love’s all about. If you don’t give what you have, then why bother in the first place?

Then the inevitable came in February of 2011, when her Speak Now world tour came to the Philippines… I kinda have hoped I would’ve came, because my brother promised me he’ll take me there, (I was still at school that time). But no, he’s kind of a jerk. And that’s one of the many reasons why we had a drift.

I lost that opportunity to see her live and have my first concert experience. But anyway, I knew she would come back sooner… or later.


Then she recently announced that she’ll be bringing her Red Tour in Asia, and one stop is in the Philippines; I was so ecstatic about the news that I was literally jumping on my bed. My heart leaped telling my partner about the news. He always has been a great supporter of mine when it comes to Taylor Swift; even calling me T.T. Swift (whatevs haha).

I said that I’ll do everything in my power to get to this concert… then the day when the concert tix was released. I planned to buy it online (since it was the only way, I’m in Cebu, and her concert was in Manila, so I had to take a plane to get there), and when the morning came I opened the online ticket seller, learning that it was already too late for me since it’s already been sold out… literally, like I called the ticketing department where they sell those tickets, and she enthusiastically told me that there was just NONE. Before whenever I opened the website, TSwift’s concert was bannered, and now it’s Barney’s. (Anong gagawin ko sa concert ni Barney? Dadami lang kaming mga bakla doon).

I never saw that coming. My heart got crushed. It was a dream of course and it makes a normal person sad. I already had foreseen myself with my partner jumping on the balcony of the General Admission (Since I can’t afford the expensive VIP tix, cuz I’m not rich), and dancing together with ‘22’, singing my heart out until my voice runs out.

I even foresaw that I was holding this colorful marquee with an “I LOVE YOU, TAYLOR! –DON” with it. Wow, it just sunk my heart.

I am so like Taylor Swift, melodramatic on this, I’m even blogging about it! But oh well, its life, full of surprises and disappointments. But then, my hopes went back up after learning that I still have a chance, that the Ice Cream brand Cornetto (who is sponsoring Taylor’s concert), is doing a raffle draw by sending out codes on the lids of their ice creams with the price of 2 VIP Tix, and some minor prizes.


So, literally, I bought almost every day. I have already 10 coupons, hopeful for my first concert experience together with someone I truly idolize. Even my co-workers helped me in finding this Taylor Swift promo of theirs just for me to win.


My co-worker, Miss Ay, was so sweet in buying me 2 Cornetto’s and giving the lids to me :)



Why do I deserve to win? Because, I know and understand every melody, rhythm, lyric, and heartbeat of each song she’s made.

SO, I’m still hoping to win. Although my best chance might be one is to a million or two… or three.



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