Lately, I’ve been playing this game called Disco Zoo which I downloaded from the App Store. This game consist of a Zoo that rescues animals from different places like in a farm, outback, Savanna, Northern, Jungle and Jurassic using any aircraft upgrades. It’s not a hyped game that rushes your adrenaline, complex or the like. Although rescuing the animals do need some memory skills and luck; the game is just calm and easy. Everything you need is just told.

Animals make money until the time they fall asleep and the phone notifies you to wake them up. It’s easy yet fun. And upon rescuing animals, you need to follow patterns in which I’m quite appalled about because I really do have a bad memory. And to remedy my plea, I managed to look up (cheat) on the internet all of the animal patterns and print it out.


Sample animal pattern

And, I’m not that selfish, so I’ll be sharing this ready-to-print Word file for the ease of everyone playing the game.

Download here —-> Disco Zoo


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