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It’s always a delight when you have plans on your own for that very day and that’s what you exactly wanted to do. But unfortunately, for my partner and I; it was a very stressful Saturday. We were planning to do a review for Ipar’s Restaurant, but unfortunately, the place was unavailable due that it was used for a function… I wonder why they don’t have their own function rooms.

Well, the misfortune took us somewhere else deserving.

Café Georg is one of the spots where I always pass by and see at G/F MLD Bldg., Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City, and wanted to visit one day. And the plan that night was re-arranged by the stars to destine us to that very, very nice restaurant.

Having the wonderful theme of Americano; which you can notice while you walk in, and also the cabinet of Chinas on the entrance part which looked really, really nice; Café Goerg is a restaurant extravagant that you will find and experience in the Queen City.

The place looks really expensive due to the Western style design. The plates and bottles that are hung on the walls captivate the sense plus the chandelier gives the warm, welcoming appeal. But what astonishes me the most is how the place made me feel like I’m on a boat or on a cruise, perhaps. It really gave me and my partner those feels which was really incredible.


Their Menu has the price range of P200.00 plus – P300.00 plus in the main course category, like fish, beef, pork, and pasta. Salads do vary from P150.00 – P200.00 plus. The reason why the price looks steep on their Menu because it already is revamped by VAT.

Try their PorkChop with Garlic Herb Butter which is P220.00 that culminates a pork experience. The butter and the vegetable sidings were the perfect combination. The flavours compliment together with the bland taste of the pork. It’s just too perfect for us, it’s too American, and it’s the taste I’ve been looking for a long time.


Also, try their Beef and Vegetable Casserole which costs P210.00 that is perfect for people who does want it bland-ish. I loved it because I think beef should be cooked that way, also, the vegetable sidings are perfect apogee for it.


Their Bolognese is a marvelous delight for me because I am a pasta person, and I know when the pasta is good or not. Bolognese on other restaurants is too intense in sweetness; I have a hard time finishing it. But well, it maybe is cooked that way, but I beg to differ; Café Georg offers a Bolognese that is just right on its sweetness. I was wonderstrucked by the flavour which kept me saying ‘God! This is good!’ repeatedly. Café Georg’s Bolognese costs P195.00.


For the drinks, try their Red Grape Shake which is P115.00 that will conclude your dining experience. Café Georg also offers cakes and cupcakes and some delectable assortments for snacks and chilltime.


The service in Café Georg is superbly impressive. The waitresses put smiles on their faces whenever you glance at them, and that’s a plus point, of course. Then the service was very fast, we did not wait for 15 minutes for our order to arrive. What impresses us the most is that, although this might sound a bit absurd, but the fast response when we ordered extra rice. Well, in other restaurants, it will take time for the waiters to return with the extra rice, because we always order one.


Café Georg couldn’t place any more impressive feels in my system. When we deliberated, I quickly said, ‘This is a five’, and it will be a five.


Telephone – 234 0887


Place – 5

Porkchop with Garlic Herb Butter – 5

Beef and Vegetable Casserole – 4

Bolognese – 5

Red Grape Shake – 5

Service – 5

Value for Money – 5



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  1. Ah! My favorite restaurant! You should have had their chocolate decadence for dessert! Don’t miss that next time :)

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