– ★★★★★

 (This review contains minor spoilers only)

  ‘An ambush of engaging sequences that leaves you satisfied’

Once upon a time there was Iron Man 3 where the hype is on the top of every Marvel movie that I thought wouldn’t be surpassed by any other sequels/spin-offs or interconnected movie. The level of Iron Man 3 (not from a fan-boy perspective) was above the top. From the storyline to its action sequences to its comedy was above all commendable (although fan-boys would not agree with me, of course).

Then, there was Captain America.

Although the first movie was a little bit dragging from the beginning up to the end, the storyline was strong and was complementary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tone was sepia-ish due to the timeline of 1940’s.

But little did I know that the entire first movie of CapAm was vital for the sequel: The Winter Soldier.

It revolves around Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and the events after the cataclysmic Avengers in New York. In his trial to blend with the modern time and facing another familiar enemy which would destroy the entire empire of S.H.I.E.L.D., also a past that is sinister in the present, naming himself “The Winter Soldier” (Sebastian Stan), that will rock Rogers’ world. Betrayal and Loyalty are his ultimate struggle on who’s who he will give his trust, to win over the first ultimate test in the modern world he and the S.H.I.E.L.D. will ever know.

There’s a lot going in the film, but is not distracting, and the pace is just perfect for the two hours and fifteen minutes run of it. The character build-up was enough for each, especially on Falcon (Anthony Mackie), the ex-military/side kick of Captain America. With Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), his character was focused from start to finish because he’s the focal point of the movie on which the main characters should act upon after his unforeseen demise. But one superstar, aside from Captain America himself, who garnered an applause and bravo credit in the film, was Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). Her finesse, sinister moves, unprecedented jokes and sensual aura made it work for the entire movie. She is that one person in a film that would give a cool effect, plus she’s a woman, so, it all works. I think its Marvel’s way to introduce her because of the rumoured Black Widow movie… and I’m up for the line.

The only character that was little most exposure was Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), but well, I am biased to this because I just so love her. But I guess it’s a build-up on what’s to come for her and Steve Rogers in the future.

The story of The Winter Soldier was really compelling. The ambush to the main characters was believable in the sense of real life situations. The betrayal of some will pose a question on whether a main character will die. And that’s exciting and dreading at the same time, not knowing if your favourite character will make it or not.

All the action in the movie was up-beat and so good. Although, I just hoped the camera movements weren’t that much moving a lot, but still it works.

What I appreciate about Captain America: The Winter Soldier was that from start to end, because of the compelling storyline; it will engage you to focus and love every scene. It’s a must watch. I’m kind of in battle to what’s better, Iron Man 3 or Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the latter is a bit revamped on the storyline.



For the post credit scene, which you can see on this LINK here, you will have the glimpse for the second Avengers movie starring the twins; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a 2014 sequel Marvel Studios Film, a ninth instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, third film of the second phase leading to Avengers: Age of Ultron, Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthonie Mackie, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell, and Robert Redford.








If there’s one gay who definitely understands every single Taylor Swift song that would be me.

I have always been a fan of Taylor Swift; one of the most award winning and successful singers in this generation who captivate the hearts of millions around the globe. And she’s just 24 and she’s up to the top giving endless hopes to broken hearts out there, and inspiring millions of damsel in distresses hoping for their prince to come and save them from loneliness, or just simply sing the songs of their lives.

Why do we love TSwift?

It’s because she’s young and successful, therefore, she’s really inspiring others to pursue one’s dream. It’s because she’s inspiring others to take risks and be FEARLESS, because it won’t be life as it is if you’re not one. It’s because she knows her worth, making other girls out there realize that you’re more than something out from that semi-toxic relationship you’re having. It’s because she’s a fashion icon and makes girls remember to stay classy. It’s because when she dances, she dances awkwardly, and many can relate to that, but because she’s fearless, she’ll do it whatever critics might say about it. It’s because she’s not afraid to love, and she’ll do whatever it takes to give everything even when critics say or write in epic proportions about how she’s not learning from it, in which she is.

It’s because she speaks to the hearts of millions through her songs… That completes a Taylor Swift.

Why do I love TSwift?

Because she sings the songs about my love and life in the perfect tone, melody and exact words that are impossible to speak out in person. Because her songs give more meaning, in spite heart breaks and trials of love she’s singing; but let’s admit, we’re all kind of a hopeless romantic in our own way. Because she inspired me to be FEARLESS and to take risks because life’s what makes it. And because, I learned to love with no boundaries, because that’s what love’s all about. If you don’t give what you have, then why bother in the first place?

Then the inevitable came in February of 2011, when her Speak Now world tour came to the Philippines… I kinda have hoped I would’ve came, because my brother promised me he’ll take me there, (I was still at school that time). But no, he’s kind of a jerk. And that’s one of the many reasons why we had a drift.

I lost that opportunity to see her live and have my first concert experience. But anyway, I knew she would come back sooner… or later.


Then she recently announced that she’ll be bringing her Red Tour in Asia, and one stop is in the Philippines; I was so ecstatic about the news that I was literally jumping on my bed. My heart leaped telling my partner about the news. He always has been a great supporter of mine when it comes to Taylor Swift; even calling me T.T. Swift (whatevs haha).

I said that I’ll do everything in my power to get to this concert… then the day when the concert tix was released. I planned to buy it online (since it was the only way, I’m in Cebu, and her concert was in Manila, so I had to take a plane to get there), and when the morning came I opened the online ticket seller, learning that it was already too late for me since it’s already been sold out… literally, like I called the ticketing department where they sell those tickets, and she enthusiastically told me that there was just NONE. Before whenever I opened the website, TSwift’s concert was bannered, and now it’s Barney’s. (Anong gagawin ko sa concert ni Barney? Dadami lang kaming mga bakla doon).

I never saw that coming. My heart got crushed. It was a dream of course and it makes a normal person sad. I already had foreseen myself with my partner jumping on the balcony of the General Admission (Since I can’t afford the expensive VIP tix, cuz I’m not rich), and dancing together with ‘22’, singing my heart out until my voice runs out.

I even foresaw that I was holding this colorful marquee with an “I LOVE YOU, TAYLOR! –DON” with it. Wow, it just sunk my heart.

I am so like Taylor Swift, melodramatic on this, I’m even blogging about it! But oh well, its life, full of surprises and disappointments. But then, my hopes went back up after learning that I still have a chance, that the Ice Cream brand Cornetto (who is sponsoring Taylor’s concert), is doing a raffle draw by sending out codes on the lids of their ice creams with the price of 2 VIP Tix, and some minor prizes.


So, literally, I bought almost every day. I have already 10 coupons, hopeful for my first concert experience together with someone I truly idolize. Even my co-workers helped me in finding this Taylor Swift promo of theirs just for me to win.


My co-worker, Miss Ay, was so sweet in buying me 2 Cornetto’s and giving the lids to me :)



Why do I deserve to win? Because, I know and understand every melody, rhythm, lyric, and heartbeat of each song she’s made.

SO, I’m still hoping to win. Although my best chance might be one is to a million or two… or three.








–    ★★★★

How authentic is authentic?

One evening, when my partner and I went to a restaurant that serves “authentic” Spanish cuisine (mixed with Filipino), I was undeniably disappointed. First and foremost, two of the specific cuisines they offer are supposed to be amped up with flavors because Spanish people once hailed towards far Asia to search for spices specifically here in the Philippines, and this should be elementary, but it results to a bland taste, which for me is unrighteous. And second, the price does not compensate the offers.

And then we have Ipar’s: Authentic Spanish Cuisine restaurant at Ramos St., Cebu City, (along the Velez University road) which is also offers “authentic” Spanish cuisine. I have a Hispanic bloodline, so I shall judge… (hehe)

Ipar’s has long been famous for obvious articles boastfully posted on their walls with the owner/chef’s in it. Ipar’s has been praised due to the dishes that is closely or a true replica of a certain dish from Spain, since the chef himself has studied thoroughly on why do Spanish cuisine ticks to millions of people around the globe.


I applaud the place.

It’s a real Hispanic interior; impressive, from its huge Spanish-restaurant rodeo cloth hanging above the high ceiling to their cooking pans that hung on the walls which gives the exact feel of a Spanish kitchen.

They have an array of canvass posted together with the pans and some Hispanic photographs and artifacts that makes you feel you’re in the right place.

I love how Ipar’s makes you feel like you’re not in the Philippines but in Spain. It’s a true plus point.


Now to their Food. They have a Spanish menu, which will be awkward if it’s not, that are separated according to their kind, whether it’s Carnes (Pork, Beef, Lambs), Ensaladas (Salads), Aves (Fowl/Chicken) or Pescado Y Mariscos (Fish and Shellfish) … (wow, so proud of me mentioning these Spanish words).

Try their Pechuga en Salsa (Chicken breast in cream sauce topped with sliced mushroom)… should I explain further? Anyway, it’s very tasteful. I love the overpowering saltiness that gives it a wow factor. This will cost you P180.00


Also their Chuletas de Cerdo al Ajillo which are porkchops sautéed in garlic sauce that costs P200.00. This is very delicious. The garlic sauce is a perfect component in this dish that gives enough flavor for you to savor.


For some, salads are eaten before the main course, but I really don’t. It could be I eat it after or during. I love for you to try their Ensalada Mixta Completa (Mixed green salad) that has this vinegar-ish flavor that culminates the salad experience. I’ve never tasted like that anywhere (if you do, let me know). This salad cost P120.00


They have this superstar offer that is ranted all over Foursquare; it costs P70.00 and it’s their Leche Flan. Some say it’s the BEST leche flan in town, and we certainly agree with all of them. It’s very flavorful, and you can’t stop taking a scoop of it until you get none.


The food in Ipar’s are good and how it stays true to the tagline “Authentic Spanish Cuisine”. My only concern is that because of its too much flavor, you may end up not finishing your food because it can always be too much for the taste, resulting to a feel of disgust it your gut. (BIDLI in Bisaya). Although the price range of the offers is from the lowest, P180.00 which are mostly salads, P200.00-P500.00 which are mostly the main dish, which is quite steep for budget diners out there.

But I’m happy because the other week it was closed due to a reserved party, so you plan ahead and call them before you go there.

Overall, it was a nice dining experience. Check out Ipar’s and tell me what you think.


Dinner – 6:00-10:00PM

CONTACT (for reservation)


032 255-4727 or 032 410-7727


Place – 4

Service – 3

Pechuga en Salsa – 3

Chuletas de Cerdo al Ajillo – 4

Ensalada Mixta en Completa – 4

Leche Flan – 5







– ★★★1/2

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

The bar is set high for sequel films especially onto the successful ones because everyone is expecting more from it. And in times like these; sequels or franchises are a trend. One can be seen from Marvel which gave the success on not only creating sequels but creating an entire universe as a whole.

Sequels or prequels tend to give excitement to people especially upon hearing from its public announcement, and when Warner Bros. decided to impart that information last year, I was excited.

The first film, 300, was visually entertaining, taking a whole new level of filmmaking. Although, the movie Sin City has the same kind of visual approach about filming in green screen and emphasis on the blood splatting; Zack Snyder took it up the notch. The whole film felt like a High Dynamic Range (HDR) shot that Digital Camera’s give, and the slow-motion capture says it all.

The storyline tells the 2nd war between the Greeks and Persians, and how did that came to be by iterating the account of the 1st Greco-Persian War by Lionidas’ wife, Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey), making the movie a prequel-sequel alike.

It narrates how the God-King Xerxes wanted his vengeance from the Greeks because of Themistocles’ (Sullivan Stapleton) honest mistake upon demising his father and having the gut that Xerxes would one day be a threat, but ignoring that intuition of his.

Also, the Persian Naval commander Artemisia’s (Eva Green) story of her original Grecian roots showed how ruthless Greeks were to her and her family that made her lustful for revenge.

The Story

The movie is based on an unpublished novel by Frank Miller, who also did the original 300, that depicts the epic war story of the 1st and 2nd Greco-Persian war. The story of the 2nd movie is interrelated to the original 300 and a proceeding account reaching to an end.

300: Rise of an Empire’s story is much crispier than the original. There are more battles than the first, and it was interesting, seeing rivals strategize to win.

The depth of the emotion was already set from the first movie (thanks to it), and now a threat is far more revealing and invigorating.

I love the fact that my eyes and ears were totally onto the movie, making me keen to every details there are, and having the feeling that you don’t want to miss something, most especially the mot juste which is a 300 trademark, (e.g. ‘THIS IS SPARTA!’) that creates more tension in the film, and this time it’s ‘SEIZE YOUR GLORY’.


The best thing about 300 movies is that the graphics are very well defined and the scenes are captivating. The slow-motion takes place and it’s a numerous positive things to it. Although I sense that I guess if you’ll add all the slow-motion scenes, it kind of adds to the time frame of the movie which makes it reasonably long. But, it’s proprietary and needed for the justification of the film though.

Besides the long slow-motion scenes are the muscles and abs which are the proprietary of all.

Just kidding.


300: Rise of an Empire is the sequel that is properly well executed. The sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire is again visually stunning, wickedly entertaining.

300: Rise of an Empire is an American film, sequel to 300, directed by Noam Murro, produced by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300) and starred by Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, and Lena Headey. The film was released on March 7, 2014.






I’ve catch up with the 9 episodes of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 and I can say it’s surpassing its predecessor cycle.

First of all, I would like to commend all the staff and crew of AsNTM for the job well done to the show. It did give the original America’s Next Top Model franchise justice since its well done with class yet there’s this animalistic feel from the show that seems to have from the original. I mean, ANTM is all for the drama and stuff, not just the glamour and all of that.

I’ve been watching ANTM from the very first cycle up to the last 20th, and I’m very much applauding myself for I have somehow reached a show that long that didn’t give any boring bones.

And now, Asia’s Next Top Model is on their second season, and I can say the competition is now ON. After Janice and Tia have been eliminated for the past episodes, and unfortunately Natalie had to go (which was just okay); this time, it’s now down to the remaining six girls who will compete for the crown of Asia’s Next Top Model.



After some weeks, it’s been obvious who has topped and who has flopped. The remaining girls are:

  • Katarina (Philippines)
  • Jodilly (Philippines)
  • Josephine (Malaysia)
  • Marie (Japan)
  • Nicole (Singapore) and,
  • Sheena (Malaysia)



Katarina is a beautiful face. Perfect for the ‘girl-next-door’ and beauty/commercial shoots, but is she more than just pretty? Might be, but for now, NO. Although Katarina is a Filipino; I will not be biased in saying that she deserves to win this.

She can still be present in the competition but for only one or two more episodes. Although, she topped last; I strongly believe it’s a hit/miss shot. She’s fortunate that that shot was captured and the theme is close to the heart of what Filipino culture is. Although I’m a bit impressed in her last photo shoot because she correlated her movements to yoga, but then, she has this high fashion model persona that is hard to cultivate, and if so, weeks couldn’t suffice to nurture her talents in modelling.


The positive thing about her is that she can model beauty products, and also lingerie, because her girl-next-door image (and I say this in general) could always be converted into sexy. She has this generic face who will take down FHM or Rogue, but for High Fashion magazines? Probably, but it’ll take a lot of practice from her to nail it.

What she lacks for me is her variety of expressions and lack of exploration. It’s not much when she poses in front of the camera, and although she might feel she’s giving it her best, but it’s not showing on the lenses and on our TV screens.

If she incorporates her yoga more and give variety of expressions, then she’ll be on the top three.



Here’s another Filipino contestant that’s giving us hit, and hit, and hit each week. Jodilly is not an experienced model, but she’s a notch ahead for high fashion.

Beauty does not always come from the pale skin, beautiful eyes and perfect face shape; a quote from Nigel Barker when he was once an ANTM judge before, saying, “Perfect is boring.” And Jodilly’s façade is ready to take on Harper’s Bazaar or Elle and even Vogue, given years of experience.


Jodilly tries hard every photo shoot to give her best. Giving us new body angles, showing us her body shapes, and giving breathtaking results… she’s just going straight ahead for top three.


But my first concern for her is she’s sometimes giving us a duck face, which I do not fancy and is not high fashion. Although she already has got rid of it (hopefully), I hope she’s going to crush it out of her system.

Another concern of mine for her would be she’s sometimes getting too posey which is actually not the case for all fashion shoots. I’ve noticed in the entire season 2 of AsNTM, all the contestants are TOO posey which I will be talking about after each contestant.

But, in fairness to Jodilly, she’s posey, but the face sums it up in the end. All she needs to do is to take note about the H2T… HEAD TO TOE.



She’s another hit and miss. She has this strong face that is quite like what’s Nicole is giving. Josephine is capable of creating amazing results and it’s really fierce. But the only problem is that, her inexperience gets in the way.


Just like other contestants, she’s too posey which can most of the times become inappropriate. She has photos that I love, including the ones they were on ice which looked really, really fierce.

But then, she sometimes needs to think about correct poses and body positions that will compliment her strong façade, and she needs to think about her strong façade that it will not border ‘scary’, which brings me to the next contestant.



Nicole, Nicole, Nicole… let’s be honest, her attitude is a bit over-the-top even from the start of the show and she’s got behavioral problems that need to be solved.

But what can you do about her when she’s giving great results?

Nicole was the least contestant in the show that I expected to give a fierce and close to perfection results. Week after week, she’s showing what modelling is H2T because she already has this beautiful face and she knows how to work her body.


If Katarina is the beauty queen, and Jodilly is close to getting into Vogue; Nicole is already capable of High Fashion. You would not think that this woman can give breathtaking results via just looking at her personally or on TV.

She has this defeated outlook on the show but when she hits the camera; she’s giving awesomeness frame after frame after frame, and that’s really incredible because you can never really judge a book by its cover, and Nicole is a testimony of it.

Although the last photo shoot, she was on the bottom two because of her stubbornness upon instructions from the mentors. And I was sure they were there to help her. And I realized on that very episode that jungle/amazon theme is not her forte.


She’s put up straight to the top three.


sheena (1)

She’s the blonde girl who needs to upgrade herself, because if she does not; she’ll surely be out on the very next episode (if Katarina wont screw it again).

In the last episode (episode 9), she summons this cultural vibe that was good enough for her to be on the 3rd person to be called. And yes, she’s definitely perfect for jungle/amazon themed photo shoots.


But what can she give more?

We’ve seen her in glamour, sexy, and fierce shots… but then, she’s not giving it that much. She may have, but it’s not enough on screen, and definitely not registering on her photos.

I believe she’ll be fabulous in punk-rock theme.


But as what she’s showing up to the very last episode; I can say it’s now time for her to go.



The glamour episode where all of them stood in front of the Petronas towers give me the feeling that this woman, Marie is capable of taking glamour shots.

She’s also definitely perfect for jungle/amazon shots as what we’ve seen on episode 9 on the show, where she nonchalantly posed on the boat looking like a lazy leopard on a tree, only with a notch of fierceness and glamour.


Marie is the person who gives amazing photos, but also gives mediocre ones. Why? Because of her emotions. She definitely gets confused easily, and when she’s confused, it reflects in her photos.

All she needs is focus and I definitely think that she’ll reach the far end of the show.



We see that the top three contenders are Jodilly, Marie and Nicole, for which I also strongly believe that they are going to be the top 3, and I strongly believe that Katarina and Sheena are definitely ready to go.

Josephine, on the other hand has the capacity to reach up to top 3, because it’s either Jodilly will go cray-cray and will screw things up for her, or Marie will get confused in the following episodes, especially when the stakes are high and it will get tougher, or Nicole will lose it (which I bet NOT).

One concern about these remaining strong contestants is that as they all go slowly to the top; they get even more posey.

Coco Rocha has the only authority to be too posey but not too trying hard.

Jodilly, on the other hand, tries her best to pose, yet still sometimes not getting that great results she’s expecting. Josephine, is confused. Nicole is too much posey, that whenever she doesn’t pose that much, she won’t get a good shot. Marie, is like Josephine, a bit confused.

With a little bit more training, I guess they’ll make it right.

That’s my analysis to this and I’ll be blogging again before the very last episode to predict who will win.

Who’s your top three?





Lately, I’ve been playing this game called Disco Zoo which I downloaded from the App Store. This game consist of a Zoo that rescues animals from different places like in a farm, outback, Savanna, Northern, Jungle and Jurassic using any aircraft upgrades. It’s not a hyped game that rushes your adrenaline, complex or the like. Although rescuing the animals do need some memory skills and luck; the game is just calm and easy. Everything you need is just told.

Animals make money until the time they fall asleep and the phone notifies you to wake them up. It’s easy yet fun. And upon rescuing animals, you need to follow patterns in which I’m quite appalled about because I really do have a bad memory. And to remedy my plea, I managed to look up (cheat) on the internet all of the animal patterns and print it out.


Sample animal pattern

And, I’m not that selfish, so I’ll be sharing this ready-to-print Word file for the ease of everyone playing the game.

Download here —-> Disco Zoo





– ★★★★★ (3.3.14)

The Parisian themed restaurant, La Maison Rose (The Pink House) has grown to a much better spot in the Queen City which I now claim The French Park. First, it expanded to a Parisian wine junction; La Vie Parisienne, and now a pizza place has sprouted in the same spot, and it’s called WORLD PIZZA: Around the world in 80 Pizzas.

The World Pizza has quite some worldly taste, instead of just pure French. They offer 80 different kinds of pizzas from the Philippines to the world.

The spot has just a bar for the waiters and waitresses to stay and get the orders, together with the European style stove where the pizzas are cooked; and just some chairs and tables around. The best thing is that they have a huge hammock that looks like the ones I’ve seen on 9gag, which seems relaxing, and when I was there, kids were enjoying the swinging treat.


The best thing was that the waitress told us that we could go and sit anywhere, from La Maison Rose, La Vie Parisienne to World Pizza, just as long as it’s in The French Park.

Try their American pizza that costs P250.00 and also their Laos pizza that costs P210.00. Both are equally delicious and sumptuous, and my partner was indeed super impressed by the way it was flavoured.

You can also blend two pizzas at a time for the highest price of the two you’ve chosen. What I mean was that; just like us, we bought American for P250 and Laos for P210, we paid P250 pesos because it’s the highest price of both.

TIP: If you’re planning to mix two flavours at the same time; choose those treats/pizzas that have the same price or at the same price range. If you choose the P250.00 pizza, better make sure the half of it also costs P250 or at that range.

The Pizza Challege

Now, my partner and I were really impressed by it, so we made a deal to experience another pizza treat that comes from another country to experience of what it taste like in other places just like the way I imagined it to be.

Now, the challenge starts… care to join us?


American – 4

Laos – 5