–          ★★★ ½

Milk tea nowadays are so IN here at the Queen City, and there’s one located at J. Block Apitong St., and one in Talamban just across University of San Carlos which named Sprockets.

They offer from coffee to milk tea to cakes and very cute cupcakes and also snacks like chicken wings to pizza.

The place in Talamban, which my partner and I visited was really cute and comfortable; but I doubt that it will be on weekdays since it will be jam packed with San Carlos students, but still, it’s nice and pleasing to be in.


Try their Wintermelon Milk Tea, which you can see in their menu having the number ‘1’ beside it, meaning that it’s the best-seller of all. Also, try their Toasted Hazelnut Milk Tea which is the 4th best-seller of all. And their Blueberry Cheese Cake which was also a winner.


I love the fact that they have sinkers that you can choose from, which I prefer the burst, and you’ll just have to add P20.00 from the original price of the beverage.

The beverage price ranges from P90.00 – P100.00 which is really affordable.

Visit Sprockets and love the cuteness of the place.


Telephone – 234-3304 (Escario) 236-8955 (Talamban)

Facebook – Sprockets Facebook


Overall – 3.5

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