–          ★★★★

WARNING: Heavy Spoiler ahead!

Then we have another Filipino movie themed with a rom-com that stars two of the finest actors in this generation that will surely be a huge hit. There’s this again cliché we’ve all been waiting for.

BUT, Starting over Again is one of my favorite Filipino movies of all time!

Starred by the finest actor today Piolo Pascual and labeled as the Multimedia artist, Toni Gonzaga plus with the direction of the well-known director, Olivia M. Lamasan; this is the movie everyone’s been waiting for.

The fact that the movie was all rom-com from start until the end is a plus point for me; and with its deep and realistic parts, it’s all perfection.

I have to put standards as a real human being and a reviewer, because, truth is, we all become bias in all aspects; and I have to say One More Chance, which teamed up John Lloyd-Bea was for me the best Filipino film in romantic theme movies.

The fact that how close a story to reality is what I love the most, only that the disappointment for me in One More Chance was by the ending, because, not to be bitter; but I really don’t like happy end romantic movies. And although it’s proper for the story, it’s best if the characters Basha and Popoy did not end together. However, it’s still the best for me.

Then we have Starting over Again; which themed a complicated love story. Girl loves guy and goes for him whatever it takes, and guy eventually falls for her, then she left him for no clear reason, then one day, she regrets everything she’s done and wants him back, but he doesn’t want her any longer.

That is a typical love story formula, let’s face it, but the twist was that the female protagonist was the one chasing after the guy and not vice versa; and the fact that I thought it was almost a happy end made me a bit sad, but then when it reached the resolution part; you’ll realize it’s beyond the typical love story we’ve all expected. I was happy with the ending; it was just PERFECT.

The reason why the movie was not a happy end was greatly satisfying; and I’ve always pleaded on my Facebook account that I am hoping that they don’t end up together, although the story was revolving around them. But ending them happy together was for me unfair and unrealistic.

Two people should not end up together again, even when there’s a serendipity sign that you’ve met again and you thought it’s for the reason that you’d have your second chance; NO, it most of the time is just for closure; like the ending of Starting over Again.

The reason why the character of Toni left the character of Piolo was also satisfying; it was just realistic as possible.

Toni is a very promising actress, she’s gone a mile and now she’s taking up a notch in being sexy on screen (which I hated to some actresses because they don’t allow themselves up for sexy scenes when in fact they’re actresses and its disappointing).

Piolo Pascual remains a respectable actor channeling every emotion on screen to the viewers. Truth be told, I almost tear up on his scenes, and not on the desperate and pitiful female character, which I take side most of the times.

Starting Over Again is directed by Olivia M. Lamasan and starred Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga with Iza Calzado and is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.



  1. I agree with you. I don’t think that all movies should have the sappy happy endings because it takes away the reality of life. Although i have to disagree with you on what you said about basha and popoy. For me it all depends on the situation or the story, for basha and popoy they needed to sort things out some things for themselves and needed a time away from each other so that they could breathe whereas Ginny and Marco’s are different. :) Im satisfied with their ending at least there was closure between two characters. :)

  2. It was a fine display of immature love vis-a-vis mature love … both wonderful in their own ways but one outlasting the other. Finally, it gives the Filipino viewers a more realistic view of what makes up relationships – more than magic and love, it is trust and acceptance of possible failures and the openness to grow together that will hold people together.

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