What about LOVE?


Some say that love is a cliché belief to follow; others think it’s a wonderful feeling and the best state you’ll ever be. Authors know how to use it by writing it in the books, keeping people from believing that happy ends exist. Composers knows it’s a complicated, definitive endless roller coaster ride; and still people sing the songs of plea hoping cupid cling to their pry. LOVE. Big word, different meanings, different connotations. But for me, this is how I see this 4-letter-meaningful-priceless-makes-the-world-go-round-word.

2Who was there when you made your first cry, first smile, and first baby steps? Who was there when you had your school achievements or even academic problems? Yes, it will always be your bloodline, your FAMILY. Since birth, we have witnessed what kind of unconditional love our parents bestowed on us. It has always been us, and their sake will always be last just to get you safe and protected. We experienced greatest joys and sorrows at home. We learn from each other’s differences, commonalities and there’s a divine bond that intertwined us with our family. Unconditional love those parents give, putting the welfare of their children above theirs, that’s LOVE. The feeling that children want to make their parents proud and put that smile on their face, saying “That’s my child!” Yes, that’s also LOVE. The first place where you can see and witness love, the main abode where you can define love is at home, with your family and loved ones.

Love is an unconstructed accumulation of understanding the hits and miss.


Who was there to cheer you up when you have family woes, love issues or even school anxieties? Most of us answer that it’s our support system, friends. We find love at home, how much more to those people who you treated as best friends, confidante and soul mates? We have different kinds of friends. Friends who have amazing sense of humor, supportive and sweet. We also have friends who don’t really reciprocate as much as we do for them, this person may not be the most amazing friend, but you love her, and what do we do? We understand them. Yes that is LOVE. We love our friends’ admirable attitudes, and we accept our friends’ miss. Friendship with acceptance and sincerity is LOVE.

4Yes it is. You can see the other side of the person you know, not when she’s with her family, not with her friends, but when she’s with her special someone. That’s the strong effect of love. There are a lot of things you take risk in the name of that 4-letter word. You understand, you accept, you trust, you get hurt and you love again. Things that you think you’re not capable of doing are already your thing. Effort that you never thought of putting is already in your first priority. Extending your patience to the nth power that you thought you could never do. That’s how strong it is. Because you are a changed-person. All because of what? Yes, it’s all because of LOVE.

Family, friends, special someone. You can see it anywhere. You can feel it anytime. Because LOVE IS THE STRONGEST THING IN THE WORLD. How about you? How much love means to you?


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