–          ★★★ ½

Milk tea nowadays are so IN here at the Queen City, and there’s one located at J. Block Apitong St., and one in Talamban just across University of San Carlos which named Sprockets.

They offer from coffee to milk tea to cakes and very cute cupcakes and also snacks like chicken wings to pizza.

The place in Talamban, which my partner and I visited was really cute and comfortable; but I doubt that it will be on weekdays since it will be jam packed with San Carlos students, but still, it’s nice and pleasing to be in.


Try their Wintermelon Milk Tea, which you can see in their menu having the number ‘1’ beside it, meaning that it’s the best-seller of all. Also, try their Toasted Hazelnut Milk Tea which is the 4th best-seller of all. And their Blueberry Cheese Cake which was also a winner.


I love the fact that they have sinkers that you can choose from, which I prefer the burst, and you’ll just have to add P20.00 from the original price of the beverage.

The beverage price ranges from P90.00 – P100.00 which is really affordable.

Visit Sprockets and love the cuteness of the place.


Telephone – 234-3304 (Escario) 236-8955 (Talamban)

Facebook – Sprockets Facebook


Overall – 3.5





–          ★★★ ½

Ever wonder where those open air, top of the building, socialite restaurants we see in the movies? Well, there’s one in the Queen City called Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant.

Located at the 19th floor of Apple One building, Cebu Business Park just across the Ayala Center Cebu mall.


Ayala Center Cebu bird’s eye view at Apple One.

Sky Lounge is a high class dining experience literally and metaphorically. Metaphorically, the experience makes you feel like one of the Alta Sociedad having an elegant dinner together with the people you like, or a business dinner; and Literally because it’s on top of a classy building… really, really high, made me drowsy, capturing the city view due to the fact that I have Acrophobia.


The Panoramic City View at Apple One

Talking about the view; it’s best to capture the moment in a night sky where you can see the city lights all around the 180 degrees view on their Al Fresco (open air seating), and inside their glass windowed V.I.P. rooms.


The Al Fresco or the outside seating at Sky Lounge

Prior in going to Sky Lounge, you have to make reservations ahead of time due to the fact that in its very exclusive and few table seating space, also famous dining spot; plenty of people visit to have that top of the city dining experience. Also, there’s a P300.00, consumable on both food and drink, table fee.


The V.I.P. room at Sky Lounge

The food is in Thai cuisine, perfect for those who want extreme flavorful foods, like me. Try their best-seller Seafood Curry in Coconut Shell that costs P280.00 that culminates seafood experience. I loved every bit of it, even though I was worried that it comes with shrimps which could kill me (haha), thank God, it didn’t include shrimps with it.


Seafood Curry in Coconut Shell

Also, try their huge Barbecue Ribs which is also in P280.00 that tastes good to the bones. And try their Bangkok Express which costs P180.00, similar to Philippines’ Monggo or Monggos but rich in flavor and my favorite of all. All the foods are well cooked and are good for 2-3 people already, which compensate the price range of P180.00 – P380.00.


Bangkok Express


Barbecue Ribs

Although the place seems to be a perfect place to dine; we had a couple of troubles faced throughout our dining course. First was the dinner reservation that wasn’t in the list. I did a reservation four days before the date and unfortunately we weren’t in it. We had to wait for a couple of minutes for them to get a seat for us (luckily). Then when we seated there but we had to call the attention of the waiters to give us the menu who seems to be profoundly deaf at that time, making them hard to call; and isn’t that protocol? Then the waiting time for our order to arrive reached for about 40 minutes, and that’s really, really long.

I remembered our time at Bucket Shrimps which the waiting time was really that long but the food wasn’t fantastic and unfortunately had a low score for me, and I’m not planning to go back there any time soon to have another review.

To culminate it all up, the place is great, food is great but the service did not compensate for all the good things I experience there, and it’s not just me who’s complaining; I’ve read lots and lots of it on some websites, and I was this close to losing it. And they have to REALLY fix it, because unlike Bucket Shrimps; I’m planning on going back there for another review maybe sometime in the future.

My Tip? Don’t go there really  hungry.

Check out Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant.


Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant at Apple One


Tel. No. – 262-9088 or 511-7600

Facebook – Sky Lounge by Blue Elephant


Place – 4

Seafood Curry in Coconut Shell – 4

Barbecue Ribs – 4

Bangkok Express – 5

Service – 1

Value for money – 3



 -          ★★★★

With an extensive popularity of Korean themed café’s in Cebu, there’s one that opened recently this 2014 and like just some other café’s, it’s comfy but with an addition of fun.

Café Namoo is located at 2F Northgate Centre, Banilad, across Gaisano Country Mall and surely a true blue Korean themed one because of its obvious interior design that looks like an expanded and bigger version of Café Noriter. You can stay seated on their double-deck style compartment seating that is really exciting with comfortable pillows that is perfect for friends who you can chat with for hours and hours or with lovers who could stay and relax.


Post-it notes are all over the café, just like some of the Korean themed café’s you will see downtown, like Noriter, Sunday 2PM, and Café Maru. There are non-sense posts around, posts of love and some advertisements, just like what I did.


They have plenty of beverage offers that you will see on their counter, but then, I’ve noticed that the marquee above the counter was blank, and I hope to see the entire menu there one day.

Try their Ice Choco Latte for P145.00 that is a satisfying treat, also their famous and best-seller Java Chip Frap that costs P170.00 and is a real best treat they have. Their beverage offers ranges from P140.00 – P170.00.


Ice Choco Latte


Java Chip Frap

What lacks is that they haven’t yet any cake offers which I think will be available soon.

But what’s interesting in this café is the ‘Balloon Room’ which the name speaks for itself and it’s a true pleasure to seek. You can enjoy plenty of balloons and experience your childhood once more. This is what Café Namoo differs from the others, and it’s fun.


Check out Café Namoo and experience the goodness of Korea once more.


Cellphone: 0927 364 7138

Facebook: Café Namoo


10:00AM to 1:00AM


Place – 5

Choco Latte – 3

Java Chip Frap – 4

Value for money – 5

Overall – 4















–          ★★★★

WARNING: Heavy Spoiler ahead!

Then we have another Filipino movie themed with a rom-com that stars two of the finest actors in this generation that will surely be a huge hit. There’s this again cliché we’ve all been waiting for.

BUT, Starting over Again is one of my favorite Filipino movies of all time!

Starred by the finest actor today Piolo Pascual and labeled as the Multimedia artist, Toni Gonzaga plus with the direction of the well-known director, Olivia M. Lamasan; this is the movie everyone’s been waiting for.

The fact that the movie was all rom-com from start until the end is a plus point for me; and with its deep and realistic parts, it’s all perfection.

I have to put standards as a real human being and a reviewer, because, truth is, we all become bias in all aspects; and I have to say One More Chance, which teamed up John Lloyd-Bea was for me the best Filipino film in romantic theme movies.

The fact that how close a story to reality is what I love the most, only that the disappointment for me in One More Chance was by the ending, because, not to be bitter; but I really don’t like happy end romantic movies. And although it’s proper for the story, it’s best if the characters Basha and Popoy did not end together. However, it’s still the best for me.

Then we have Starting over Again; which themed a complicated love story. Girl loves guy and goes for him whatever it takes, and guy eventually falls for her, then she left him for no clear reason, then one day, she regrets everything she’s done and wants him back, but he doesn’t want her any longer.

That is a typical love story formula, let’s face it, but the twist was that the female protagonist was the one chasing after the guy and not vice versa; and the fact that I thought it was almost a happy end made me a bit sad, but then when it reached the resolution part; you’ll realize it’s beyond the typical love story we’ve all expected. I was happy with the ending; it was just PERFECT.

The reason why the movie was not a happy end was greatly satisfying; and I’ve always pleaded on my Facebook account that I am hoping that they don’t end up together, although the story was revolving around them. But ending them happy together was for me unfair and unrealistic.

Two people should not end up together again, even when there’s a serendipity sign that you’ve met again and you thought it’s for the reason that you’d have your second chance; NO, it most of the time is just for closure; like the ending of Starting over Again.

The reason why the character of Toni left the character of Piolo was also satisfying; it was just realistic as possible.

Toni is a very promising actress, she’s gone a mile and now she’s taking up a notch in being sexy on screen (which I hated to some actresses because they don’t allow themselves up for sexy scenes when in fact they’re actresses and its disappointing).

Piolo Pascual remains a respectable actor channeling every emotion on screen to the viewers. Truth be told, I almost tear up on his scenes, and not on the desperate and pitiful female character, which I take side most of the times.

Starting Over Again is directed by Olivia M. Lamasan and starred Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga with Iza Calzado and is produced and distributed by Star Cinema.




Just recently, I’ve seen photos and videos of gay people being bullied, hurt and tortured. And Every time I see things like that; it just hurts the crap out of me. I hate it, and I condemn those people who do such heartless and inhumane deeds.

I’ve told a lot of people that gay people always have a soft spot in my heart. I’ve witnessed what kind of bullying they experience. I’ve seen how they were called names. And again it’s heartbreaking. It’s heartless. How long are these people going to suffer? When will this narrow-minded society open their eyes and accept that homosexuality is never a sin?

Leviticus 18:22“Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.”

Leviticus 20:13“If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.”

All my life, I’ve been reading the bible (though some people may not believe it). There are a lot of passages in the Holy Bible about homosexuality, about gay being put to death. Trust me the last thing I want to do right now is to sermon you about religion or the Bible. But I need to bring this up, because homosexuality is often associated to be a mortal sin in the bible, especial. But WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE ANYWAY?

Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged.

James 4:12 There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

A lot of people get confused by these contrasting words found in the holy book. But let’s ponder on this one of my favorite passages from Galatians.

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Me with my gay brother, and my sister

Me with my gay brother, and my sister

See, we are all ONE in his eyes. So again, who are we to judge? Reality bites, some people refuse to listen and to see that we are one despite of the different choices of sexuality. It makes my heart sink. You know what’s even more heartbreaking? My father is one of those. And guess what’s even more ironic? His son, my brother is gay.

Yes, you read it right. I knew from the start that he’s gay but that has never been a problem to me. But raised from a traditional-military-with-strict-discipline-family, guess that really could be a problem. Ever since my father used to talk ill things about gay, I know it hurts my brother secretly. But it even pierced my heart more. I may not show it or say it verbatimly. I used to remember during our intermediate years, I still remember that jerk who bullied my brother and calling him names because of being ‘gay’, adrenaline rush, without any further ado, I went to their room and fought with that bully. Yes, I’m a protective sister, esp. when you bully my sibling just because of his choice of sexuality. Since then, the bully stopped. And I would gladly do the same thing if things happen again, related or non-related to me.

Awareness of homosexuality started at home and continued outside. I just realized most of my friends are gays. I easily get along with them, and yes I’m blessed to have my gay bestfriend. One thing to describe that friend of mine : TRUE. He’s a true person and  true confidante. Throught thick and thin, he’s been with me, supportive and goodness gracious, most were good and happy times. Many walked away from my life, former lovers and even former friends, but HE’S STILL HERE WITH ME  Who would not want a friend like that? I always know that gay people are the most true and loyal people. PROVEN AND TESTED.

Me with my gay best friend.

Me with my gay best friend.

I gotta be honest, it worried me before if they could really find someone special without the presence of lies and discrimination. I wanted them to be happy but at the same time, I don’t want them getting hurt. I guess God has heard one of my prayers, and send their significant others. They are I’m sure in the the state of happiness. And that made me happier.

With these 2 most important people in my life, my brother and best friend, they let me realize unknowingly the goodness of gay people. And if only I had the power of letting the people realize as well that gays are not as bad as what they think. Unfortunately, that would be really not possible for now. But I guess upon reading this article, at least I could have some people hit the realization button and open their mind. And just a sweet plea from the author herself to the readers, Stop bullying gay people, open your eyes and take thi 10-letter word.

ACCEPTANCE. yes, that’s what we need.


I love my brother and accept him for what he chose to be… whatever it may be.


with my brothers


It’s the loveliest day of the year once again, where hearts are full of joy and of course the main point of it all: LOVE. Valentines has always been a tradition for everyone around the globe who believes that love is important, that it should be celebrated.

You do not need a special someone to enjoy and celebrate Valentine’s Day; of course, love comes in all forms; husband, wife, friend, pet, and even family.

To include with the celebration of Love, here are some fancy restaurants that you’d have to book AHEAD of time before the date February 14 comes, so you’ll have a sure seat, and inconvenience will surely be avoided.

1. LANTAW SA BUSAY at Busay, Cebu- ♥♥♥♥♥

lantaw2 small

With the city lights ahead of you, plus the cool breeze and the relaxing time atop of the mountain; you can NEVER go wrong in this place. No car? Well, it’s not a problem. Click the picture to know how or click here to read more from Lantaw sa Busay.

2. RODEO GRILL at Archbishop Reyes- ♥♥♥♥

Rodeo Grill

Outside Rodeo Grill

If you want something Western-ish or Cowboy-ish date, well, Rodeo Grill is the perfect spot for you. With very, very affordable dishes yet super delicious; you’ll have a Wild, Wild West Valentine experience. Click here for more of Rodeo Grill.

3. SIMPLY J’s at N. Escario St. – ♥♥♥♥♥

Simply J's Restaurant, panorama

Panorama of the second part of Simply J’s Restaurant

If you want an American inspired date, very high class and very intimate; Simply J’s is perfect for you. It’s perfect for you to take your partner or parents. Click here for more of Simply J’s.

4. KUYA J RESTAURANT at N. Escario St. – ♥♥♥♥♥

Kuya J Restaurant Panorama

Kuya J Restaurant Panorama

With affordable and delish foods, plus a family ambiance; Kuya J is perfect for a family date this Valentine’s. Click here for more of Kuya J.

5. DISTRICT 50 at J. Centre Mall – ♥♥♥♥

District 50 Panorama

District 50 Panorama

A sweet 50s inspired date on a Valentine’s Day is very fancy. With their affordable and good offers; you can always look back to the times when Frank Sinatra was the crooner. Click here for more of District 50.

6. LA VIE PARISIENNE at Gorordo Ave., Lahug – ♥♥♥♥♥

La Vie Parisienne, winery, bakery

inside La Vie Parisienne winery

After dinner? Well, this is not a restaurant, although just beside this fancy winery is; this place is romanticism. You can tell by the Parisian inspired theme, and Paris is just LOVE. Click here for more about La Vie Parisienne.


What about LOVE?


Some say that love is a cliché belief to follow; others think it’s a wonderful feeling and the best state you’ll ever be. Authors know how to use it by writing it in the books, keeping people from believing that happy ends exist. Composers knows it’s a complicated, definitive endless roller coaster ride; and still people sing the songs of plea hoping cupid cling to their pry. LOVE. Big word, different meanings, different connotations. But for me, this is how I see this 4-letter-meaningful-priceless-makes-the-world-go-round-word.

2Who was there when you made your first cry, first smile, and first baby steps? Who was there when you had your school achievements or even academic problems? Yes, it will always be your bloodline, your FAMILY. Since birth, we have witnessed what kind of unconditional love our parents bestowed on us. It has always been us, and their sake will always be last just to get you safe and protected. We experienced greatest joys and sorrows at home. We learn from each other’s differences, commonalities and there’s a divine bond that intertwined us with our family. Unconditional love those parents give, putting the welfare of their children above theirs, that’s LOVE. The feeling that children want to make their parents proud and put that smile on their face, saying “That’s my child!” Yes, that’s also LOVE. The first place where you can see and witness love, the main abode where you can define love is at home, with your family and loved ones.

Love is an unconstructed accumulation of understanding the hits and miss.


Who was there to cheer you up when you have family woes, love issues or even school anxieties? Most of us answer that it’s our support system, friends. We find love at home, how much more to those people who you treated as best friends, confidante and soul mates? We have different kinds of friends. Friends who have amazing sense of humor, supportive and sweet. We also have friends who don’t really reciprocate as much as we do for them, this person may not be the most amazing friend, but you love her, and what do we do? We understand them. Yes that is LOVE. We love our friends’ admirable attitudes, and we accept our friends’ miss. Friendship with acceptance and sincerity is LOVE.

4Yes it is. You can see the other side of the person you know, not when she’s with her family, not with her friends, but when she’s with her special someone. That’s the strong effect of love. There are a lot of things you take risk in the name of that 4-letter word. You understand, you accept, you trust, you get hurt and you love again. Things that you think you’re not capable of doing are already your thing. Effort that you never thought of putting is already in your first priority. Extending your patience to the nth power that you thought you could never do. That’s how strong it is. Because you are a changed-person. All because of what? Yes, it’s all because of LOVE.

Family, friends, special someone. You can see it anywhere. You can feel it anytime. Because LOVE IS THE STRONGEST THING IN THE WORLD. How about you? How much love means to you?