I know most people, especially Filipinos are visual learners and reading is a pain in the ass, especially in long narratives like my posts in this blog. But I’ve had a lot of instances where friends or acquaintances really got me on my nerves.

When times like people tell me that have I gone or I should go to this place or this place, and I’m like, “Dude, we’ve been Facebook friends for quite some time and I’m like posting places especially the ones you’ve mentioned.” Or an instance like people ask me why I go to places like restaurants and the like and I keep saying, “I do blog, that’s why,” and they’d be like, “Really?”….. “REALLY????????????” Or some instances like when I post something then I share it on Facebook, and friends ‘liked’ it and they’d be PM-ing me asking, “Is the restaurant/cupcake house/tea house any good?” and if punches are to be made legal, I’d freakishly punch them in the face… via online.

Some people just needs a high-five… on the face… with a chair… in front of a crowd.

Whatever happened to reading?

This century has been the age pictures, videos and instant camera flicks; but we’ve forgotten the essence of reading and having the feel of the author and laughing with him or having the same sentiments with him.

Please do give yourself time to read. I bet, this place would be awesome if everyone does.


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  1. Haha! I noticed that, too. That people don’t read hahaha They post questions when the answers are clearly in the article hahaha :))

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