Maasin is part of Southern Leyte and has a crime rate of almost zero. Maasin is a small town with lots of pedicab ride as a means of transportation. People spoke the accent as of the people in Bohol, collocating ‘y’ to ‘j’ like the word ‘Unya’ which means ‘later’ in English, which is somehow uttered as ‘Unja’.

It’s my first time in Maasin, and my first in Southern Leyte too. And this is the hometown of my partner and this is also my first time to spend Christmas away from home and my first time to spend it with someone really special. So, as you have read, there are a lot of first times happened.

But, Maasin is just a small part of Southern Leyte and is slowly progressing to a bigger name. Yet, when I was there; I’ve found good stuffs to visit and try.


We had to ride either a Cokaliong ship or Roble that will take us from Cebu port to Maasin port directly, but has the schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays. In our trip; it was a special one on the very eve of Christmas.

The ride was five and a half hours long, and there was not much in the infinite ocean that bridges us towards our destination. Although, it was for a fact a little bit rainy and gloomy so instead of whining; I just took the chance to savor the grayness beauty of the surrounding. And it did not fail me.



If you want to be in the accessible part of Maasin, which is just near to everywhere you want to be; try Southern Comfort hotel that priced you cheap with an okay room to stay. Although not really a five star kind, but surely, if you want an affordable and a nice place to sleep; this is the hotel for you.


Maasin has a lot of Karenderias specifically what they call McDo. Nope, not McDonald’s, but a comic term ‘Mag-duko-duko’ which translates ‘bowing’ in English, meaning when you eat in that barbecue spot; you usually bow your head as to savor the taste of whatever offer it is in there.

Azotea de Maasin

Azotea de Maasin

But there is also a spot in Maasin that has just opened which gives you a city view: Azotea De Maasin. A home-style restaurant located at a high point which in a distant you can see the entire Maasin.




Great view with cool wind blowing through my chilling senses that is perfect for lovers and friends.


My partner took me together with his cousins in a nearby sea-side with a nonchalant but slowly getting the fame resort named Jaime’s Resort. The beaut is such Grecian that made me fall in love while taking a sip of my cold chocolate drink and having that magnificent façade, facing the vast, blue ocean and telling me how far I am away from home, all behind my wayfarer glasses.


You can also have your stay there in Jaime’s Resort for a steeper price, yet satisfaction guaranteed while staying.

You can also watch or play with the European owner’s golden retrievers that will surely uplift your spirits.



While one of my dreams is to travel the world; I would perfectly like to get lost in a small town like this and discover on my own. It’s perfectly safe, and everyone is surely willing to help you locate your destination.

Maasin is a place with lots of corners plus some traditional houses; a refashion of the Spanish colony way years ago.

It was Christmas time when I got there and the festive is not extravagant as of the one in Cebu; yet you can still see the glimpse of Christmas lights on each house and in their plaza that has a big Christmas tree with a sleigh ride going round in circles for children and adults alike.


My partner took me to places in Maasin at night, specifically in the plaza of their provincial seat that has a humongous field with uncanny trees plus a glance of the clear night sky above. All in a pedicab ride.


The pedicab ride gives you also a straight fact of how provincial Maasin is, and how far the place is from advancement; but that’s a good thing to start with, because, of all the places in the Philippines that’s growing; we also need some places that should remain as what it is. It may have a little upgrading; but I prefer culture over it in this Southern treasure.

Pedicab Ride

Pedicab Ride

By the day, his mother and niece took me above one of the highest peaks in Maasin which was the Monte Cueva Shrine. Its location is atop the mountainous part, and has a thousand steps before you reach the very solemn cave church.


You can see how religiously inclined these people are; and so I can relate. The cave is a dome shaped treasure in Maasin that has a light coming from a trap above the cave ceiling that allows light to enter and illuminate the statue of Jesus praying at the altar depicting the Holy Father talking to him.


I love staying even just a little while in this place, even when I’m catching my breath from the tiring thousand steps we took.

Then we get to see the shrine that has a Mother Mary statue right above the highest peak facing the entire beauty of Maasin.

Maasin Birds Eye View

Maasin on broad daylight

Also, I got the chance to pray in their old church that offers Latin masses for people who understands the language.


I never got the chance to visit the other shrine in Maasin which was more famous due to time constraint.

You can sense the true rural form that culminates calm and peaceful. You can also feel the growing need for advancement, but still grab a hold to the most important thing which is the Culture.

I wished I had more time exploring the growing wonders of the place, but maybe next time I visit, then it has plenty more for me.

Sunrise upon going home to Cebu

Sunrise upon going home to Cebu


Inside Maasin's Church

Inside Maasin’s Church

The Cave Church's entrance

The Cave Church’s entrance

A couple of blur - B&W shots


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