It’s reasonable enough to create a one sided critique because it’s somebody’s opinion and it matters. But when two heads come together to pick their tops; you have the comparison and a conclusion that one differs from the other and that’s important in understanding criticism; that one may experience epic in a certain something, and the other might not; that one may have pleasure in watching the movie/TV Series, and one may find it absurd.

So, my partner and I decided to create a Top 10 Movies we’ve watched in 2013 since we are both movie-goers and below follows mine first and then my partner’s:

MY TOP 10:

I’ve come up with these top 10 by the process of elimination: by first listing down all of the movies I’ve watched and started to eliminate down to 10.

1. Man of Steel – When I was asked by my partner to write about my top 10 movies in 2013; Man of Steel came in naturally. A revamped story of Superman plus stunning visual effects made me proud to have seen a perfect revision.

2. Frozen – Perfect plot, fancy songs and a fairy tale story that did not focus on Boy meets girl, boy marries girl and they lived happy ever after. Frozen is a musical spectacle that culminates wonder and fun.

3. Iron Man 3 –Iron Man 3 who took it to the highest level. Tony Stark’s struggle in being Iron Man and a continuity of the Avengers and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is exciting. Although panned by fans due to the unprecedented twist in ‘Tony Stark’s most powerful villain of all’; Mandarin, but fanboys can be irritating sometimes; but truth is, Iron Man 3 sums it all up for Tony Stark.

4. World War Z – Zombies for me is just as lame as vampires (hi Twilight) but this heart pounding version is not like any other. Zombies do run fast and scientifically created, not mythical. The dénouement gives me satisfaction too.

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Probably the most exciting movie of the year. All of the other movies were full of amusement, but this one, I’ve heard and felt all of the emotions from people in the cinema. Catching Fire surpassed its predecessor and I love how it was true to the book.

6. Gravity – What I loved about Gravity was the cinematography play and the depth of Sandra Bullock’s acting. Although the plot was straight from point one to point two (survival plot), the way it was created was as of its perfection.

7. Now You See Me – The underrated movie of the year is one of my most favourites. Although this movie is on the top of the most found plot-holes this year; the story-telling in the movie is satisfying and shocking. Visually entertaining and fascinating.

8. The Croods – The most heart-warming movie of the year goes to The Croods. With indefatigable comic sequences to exciting plot, you could never go wrong with The Croods.

9. Insidious 2 – The unexpected sequel and the plot is terrifyingly enthralling. I loved how they made continuity to the first one that made sense and how daunting it was up until I got home from the cinema.

10. OZ: Great and Powerful – Visually entertaining and exciting. The movie is long yet satisfaction guaranteed by the end of it.


1. Iron Man 3 – Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man I think is reason enough why this movie is on my list.

2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – The book is my favourite in the trilogy and the movie was faithful to the book. What’s not to love?

3. Gravity – Alfonso Cuarón’s style partnered with good cinematography makes an excellent outer space movie like we have never seen before. Putting Sandra Bullock as lead and George Clooney for support makes a movie only a fool would miss.

4. The Croods - I love a family movie where I can watch with my mom and niece and just laugh our hearts off. I could barely stay on my seat.

5. We’re the Millers – This is not the typical family movie and definitely not the type you watch with your parents. But what I like about this film is this is the movie that made me realize that Jennifer Aniston is indeed funny, really funny!

6. The Great Gatsby - The movie criticizes the often irresponsible lifestyles of wealthy people and Leonardo DiCaprio as the lovestruck Jay Gatsby just feels so right.

7. Frozen - Several film critics considers this to be the best Disney animated musical since the studio’s renaissance era. The story, the songs, and the humour adds up you will have to agree the critics are right.

8. Now You See Me – I enjoy a movie about magic because there are endless possibilities how the movie can end. I almost always see how a movie can end but this time I was in for a surprise.

9. The Purge – Let’s just put it this way; I like a movie where almost everyone gets killed. I know there’s something not right with me.

10. Trance – This is a Danny Boyle film and I love manipulative women who play with danger.


Basically, my partner and I have six out of ten common movies in different sequences, and these are Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Gravity, The Croods, Frozen and Now You See Me. Obviously, Iron Man 3 scored the highest in this top 10 of ours (since I also rated 5 stars for the movie), because it was sincerely good; actually great! We thought that creating Iron Man 4 would be a suicide since the third film is the peak of all the Marvel movies before it.

Catching Fire made it on my partner’s top list, also I rated it 5 stars; so it’s obviously one of the best movies in 2013.

What made it shocking to most is having Now You See Me in our list. I have to be honest, but it was really, really good. Although some might take it as a cheap thrill, having too many plot-holes and a shocking twist in the end; but the theme was all about illusion and the science of it. So, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and clearly didn’t find answers to all the questionable plot-holes I realized while still watching the movie. It’s really captivating and terrifyingly good. I can’t help but to put it on my top.



  1. yey! i have a list to catch up. HAHA! thanks Don. very encouraging to watch those cause of your movie comments , abiba ko nimo as movie critic!

    keep posting ;-)


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