-          ★★★½

I’ve taken you to Paris, Greece and America, now I’m taking you to Singapura.

Although Singapore is a British colony; their culture and style doesn’t complement with the Britons due to the mixed race community they have there now. But Oriental people, specifically Chinese are the ones dominating.

And there’s no other place to experience the dishes you will eat in Singapore but in this cute little spot called One Claypot House.


One Claypot House is NOW located at C. Rosal St., Cebu City, across The Living Christian Church. Although the place is situated quite far from the pedestrian’s eyes; but finding this spot is worth it!

One Claypot House Panorama

One Claypot House Panorama

The restaurant is very small, good for 20-22 people, not including their outdoor seating; the interior is decorated with, just like Singapore, mixed culture hangings: with posh British boutique style chandeliers, to Oriental miniature boat-like hanging designs, to 50s American painting and so much more.


As it is a Singapore inspired restaurant; their offers are mostly Southeast Asian Cuisine which you will love with an affordable price range of P120.00 – P250.00 (one dish has P350.00).

Try their bestseller Lah-Lah-Lah Claypot which is a rice topping style that has pork, sausage, eggs and of course rice in it. The serving is in three, small, medium and large. Their ‘small’ is just enough for one person.

Lah-Lah-Lah Claypot in One Claypot House

Lah-Lah-Lah Claypot in One Claypot House

Also try their Milky Fried Fish Soup which is a healthy and a bit spicy yet cream soup offer. I’m in love with this, although I was not careful enough to chew the chili and burned my taste buds (lol).

Milky Fried FIsh Soup in One Claypot House

Milky Friend FIsh Soup in One Claypot House

If you’re a fan Bagoong/Hipon(bisaya)/Shrimp Paste; then you’ll fall in love with Binagoongang Pork.

Binagoongang Pork in One Claypot House

Binagoongang Pork in One Claypot House

And when you’re done with your dinner; then the perfect drink to compliment is the Milky Bandung. Although it’s an acquired taste, but you’ll later realize that its bland taste will neutralize the sweet/salty/creamy experience in your food.

Milky Bandung in One Claypot House

Milky Bandung in One Claypot House

There are still a lot to choose from in their menu and I’m pretty sure it’s pleasurable for your taste buds. My partner and I sure enjoyed their offers.

Go and try One Claypot House and experience dining in Singapura.


Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-10:00PM

Closed on Sundays


Reservations: 0908 279 1498



Location – 3

Ambiance – 3

Food – 4

Service – 4


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