This is a related post to our experience at Simply J’s AND what we’ve noticed about the lack in customer service in most restaurants nowadays. This is me writing but the voice behind this rant goes to my partner.

Don’t get fooled by this category title that talks ‘Good Customer Service’ cuz I added ‘Rant’ to it because before we got there; I’ve had researched about Simply J’s, and usually, I go to Foursquare to check up on the setting, and I read something about bad customer service their having. So basically, this is not about their good customer service but neither about a really terrifying service also.

When we got there, the waiter took us to the table we wanted and gave us really good looking menus and right after 15 minutes or so, our food arrives, just exact for our famined stomachs.

Everything was PERFECT.

Not until we discovered a huge fly in my partner’s Iced Tea. We were shocked by it, but the good waiter then replaced it with a new one so we proceed. Then my partner signaled the waiter for his dessert which was their Apple Pie. But then, the waiter served us something different. It was dark and with ice cream on top. We did not bother asking the waiter because for me, I wasn’t curious enough to know what the offer was and why it was black since I was not enticed to eat the dessert, and my partner thought maybe it was a twist in the dessert or something like that.

Then we got to taste it, and I was in familiar with the taste of chocolate, but did not bother to ask as well. Not until my partner stepped in a conversation telling me that that was a Brownie Ala Mode. A eureka moment came to me, which was totally right all along.

We called the attention of the waiter and told him our plea, and right after, he got hold of the Brownie and took it away in exchange of the real Apple Pie Dessert.

Don’t get me wrong, this is actually NOT a really, really BAD customer service, but the point my partner took me to realizing something correct was when he said to me;

‘The trick to good customer service is turning a bad experience to a good one.’

What my partner meant was that if this was a true restaurant, not a family owned one; they aren’t allowed to eat the mistaken dish given, and so, since they aren’t allowed to indulge one; they might as well offer it as a complimentary dish/dessert to the customers they’ve wronged. They couldn’t just throw it all away like that? And if we two were really having ill manners, we could’ve ranted out our dismay to the waiters or to the manager, but no, we’re not those typical customers. We side with the waiters mostly IF and only if they do their job without giving us an attitude.

To sum it all up, when customers experience a bad experience like giving wrong dishes; they could offer it to the customer instead or we would think they’ll recycle the dish onto the next customer ordering it? Yuck.


I’m/We’re not bashing or turning the place down because I’ve entered a category where I talked about bad customer service; no, it sometimes turns out that way when we were there, and no, there are NO perfect service one restaurant can give, and no, I’m not bashing, I’m merely trying to suggest what could the management do to turn the tables proficiently and professionally in cases like that.

And in reality is that: this is true for most restaurants out there.

(cheers to my partner Jamie who gave me a thought to rant about this)


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