PITOS | Sutukil | Camotes Island | Experience [PHOTOS]

One of the best things in our Camotes Escape (click here for the blog post) was the fact that there are plenty of resort and home restaurants. And due to the fact that the island is situated afar from Cebu itself raises the toll on the expense.

Yet, you have to be like Dora, an explorer, to garner exquisite pigging experience!

And since we stayed in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, which costs us nearly P1, 700.00 per night (gush), we need to find a nearby restaurant that will not extract huge amount from us, yet will give us sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not that we don’t have money, but it’s wise to be thrift especially when you are travelling.

Here’s the tip: if you are staying in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, there’s this family owned restaurant which is called Pito’s Sutukil. Worry not, for the said restaurant is just located within the shoreline of the resort.

Calamares in Camotes Island, Pitos SUTUKIL

Calamares in Camotes Island, Pitos SUTUKIL

Sutukil means Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw which means Roasted (Pork), Fish Stew/Soup, Ceviche respectively. Pito’s Sutukil offers a menu of delicious food, good for plenty! Take note, plenty! Serving is enough for 2-3 people; even both of us couldn’t finish one dish!

On our very first time there, we ordered Tinuwa (Fish Stew), Calamares and my new favorite Sinuglaw.

Sinuglaw (Modified Ceviche) in Camotes Island

Sinuglaw (Modified Ceviche) in Camotes Island

You should try Sinuglaw which is a modified version of Kinilaw/Kilaw (Ceviche), that has raw fish cooked under the battling taste of sweet and sour vinegar plus added with onions and some spices. What makes a Sinuglaw unique is the added Sinugba (Roasted Pork) onto it.

I think it’s the best food I ate while I stayed in Camotes, although the dish can be found in Cebu. (Which I tried weeks after the Camotes escapade, but Pito’s is really different) But I love how the taste bombards to all of the taste buds in my mouth, down to my throat. It offers a variety of battling flavors, in a good light. I can really tell especially when I took my first mouthful, a salivation process takes part. It just gives me those feels.

I guess what differs in Pito’s from the way I tasted it in the main land Cebu was that they used a different vinegar.

Pito’s also offers breakfast meals that are way cheaper and affordable than those in the restaurant.

While on the road on our second day, we took our lunch at the Island’s marketplace which offers barbecue, enough to carry on for the rest of the tour. Moreover, while on the Island, we only ate at Pito’s restaurant and tried their Pancit which upheaves flavors, away from the usual bland taste from the city.



There’s been a booming popularity of tea houses lately, and it’s a delight for me since I love anything ‘Tea’. You can see sprouting of these stores everywhere nowadays and there’s been a great competition on who’s the superstar of them all.

Modified teas like Milktea is what is on the market as of today! And how experimental human being minds are that almost all fruits now are mixed with tea; it’s a true satisfactory delight.

Chatime Cebu


Just like my ever favorite Cobo, Chatime is a new superstar teahouse in Cebu. Located at G/F Stall 207 E-Bloc, Asiatown I.T. Park, Apas, Cebu City; Chatime offers a number of revamped tea experiences.

The place was friendly and cozy, especially on their couches which makes you want to stay for hours. Not to mention, the place was well ventilated, in actuality, it was too cool inside, and they also offer seats outside the tea house.

Chatime Cebu Panorama

Chatime Cebu Panorama

The lighting was yellow-ish with a touch of purple; two complimentary colors perfect for visual enchantment.

They also offer bite delights like what I ordered, French fries in cheddar cheese flavor which was a delish! And they are famous for their chocolate mousse.

Chatime bites, french fries in cheddar cheese

Chatime bites, french fries in cheddar cheese

What we loved about Chatime was their free charging. Before we got there, My partner and I had dinner at Rodeo Grill which frustrates us since they don’t offer free charging that truly is a bummer! But at Chatime, you can see plugs everywhere! Including for USB type of chargers!


Another thing we loved about Chatime is their modern way of calling customers to fetch their orders. We’ve all heard about Starbucks baristas screaming at the top of their lungs calling the customers, but in Chatime, they’ll give you a circle shaped gadget with instructions “Please pick up your order at the pick-up counter when I light and buzz. Thank You!”, and if your order is ready, the gadget then will perform a synchronized light dance with vibrations telling you to pick up your order. Such impressive!

Chatime Pickup Gadget

Chatime Pickup Gadget

Price range of offerings starts P90.00 – P200.00.


Chatime opens 11:00AM and closes at 12:00MN on Sundays-Thursdays and 2:00AM on Fridays and Saturdays.


Overall – 9



Rodeo Grill

Rodeo Grill




Have you ever dreamed of being a cowboy/cowgirl and ride your way to the bar and while you’re entering the swinging doors everyone’s staring at you because you are a famous head-shot assassin in the Wild, Wild West?

Oh yes, you got it right at Rodeo Grill. (Except for the part where you ride a horse)

Located across Café Noriter and just beside Hotel Elizabeth at Archbishop Reyes, Cebu City; Rodeo Grill is a Cowboy slash Texas slash Wild, Wild West slash Barn themed restaurant, with offers that are mostly hot plated grill.

Rodeo Grill

Outside Rodeo Grill

The vicinity is truly remarkable, with its barn-like ambiance. Although the grill is quite hidden from the glimpse of the highway, and just a marquee on its entre; Rodeo Grill offers a revamped luxury barn experience. Yet, I would recommend going there in the evening, rather on the daylight, since the lighting captures the essence of Western living, and eliminates the loud and uncomplimentary details of the trees and some unnecessary junks in the surroundings.

When you enter the grill, you will then be amazed of how close-captured it is from some of the bars we see in the movies: but not to mention their counter which is really modern and not Western, plus the air-conditioner (which is forgivable). Although the grill is too small; I cannot deny the inviting feel of the home-ish style restaurant.

Rodeo Grill

Panorama inside Rodeo Grill

I loved how they designed the huge picture of a riding cowboy on their wall, and how detailed their windows are, complimentary to the theme (unlike the one I mentioned in the Grecian theme inspired restaurant CYMA), and their tables were wooden: just the sound of rodeo it is. The floor wasn’t polished too, which creates excitement and a perfect feel of western.


Cowboy picture on the wall

They have a wide range of grilled offers: I ordered their famous Sgt. Pepper Sizzling which is grilled pork that costs us a shocking P169.00 BUT a huge serving great for two!

Rodeo Grill

Sgt. Pepper Sizzlers at Rodeo Grill.

I’m in love with the fact that their serving was big AND delicious. The meat was grilled viciously but with no excess coal which is not healthy and I don’t fancy. Also, the gravy is what I was raving about. The eerie taste of mixed flavors but still compliments to the grilled pork but will not give the taste of displeasure even after plenty of spoonful.

Pepper Sizzlers

Close-up shot of Sgt. Pepper Sizzlers

Next, was the Texas Sizzling Chicken which costs us P139.00 and still was a huge serving. The chicken was smothered with the said gravy on the heated plate plus extra random vegetables as the side dish same as with Sgt. Pepper Sizzling. The chicken was also soft and delightful.

Texas Sizzling Chicken

Texas Sizzling Chicken

We also ordered their Ranch Pochero which costs us P159.00, and, I’ll keep raving about their huge serving, because it’s truly commendable in a small amount of money but plenty offerings and tasteful, really. My partner ranted about how he would’ve ordered only the Pochero, since he’s in love with the taste, so was I.

And oh, have I mentioned their unlimited rice which is uh-mazing. And not just their rice, but also their bottomless soft drinks, offered in Coke, Sprite and Royal AND lastly their unlimited gravy. But I would comment on their rice, because I felt it was like in Golden Courie’s (a famous Filipino restaurant), which is quite a heavy kind. What I mean is that the rice itself is too concentrated that will make you feel full right after the second cup of rice is offered. And with the huge serving; I think it deserves a light kind of rice, so everyone can truly enjoy the grills.

The only comment my partner made was that they don’t offer charging your phone, which is a true bummer, and there was no WIFI around, and again, internet is everything especially when there’s Instagram. Although their waiters were OK, but I’d rather see a smiling and inviting one, so they should fire all of them… just kidding.

In totality, Rodeo Grill was a delight which only coss us at abou P577.00. A TIP, well, maybe you could just order two dishes and share it with your partner. Bring your friends too, it should be fun. Check it out and go home full and happy!


Sgt. Pepper Sizzling – 9

Texas Sizzling Chicken – 8

Gravy – 10

Pochero – 10

Ambiance – 9

Service – 7 (No wifi and no free charging of phone)

Value for Money – 9




There’s been a buzz in Cebu about a new superstar café that talks about ambiance, comfort and great coffee and its name is Café Noriter.

A Korean owned café, located at One Acacia Place Unit 10-11, Arch Bishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City just across Elizabeth Hotel; Café Noriter offers comfort and style while taking a sip or bite in their hot, cold and sweet offers.

Choco Latte

Choco Latte

There are a variety of coffee experiences; from cappuccinos to java chip frap which you will definitely enjoy and love.

Cafe Noriter Menu

Cafe Noriter Menu

But the main thing why customers go raving about Café Noriter is the setting itself. Although small, the café offers the cozy ambiance definite for a chill-time. You can sit, lie and play around in the tiny space with pillows and stuffed toys.

Café Noriter lets you experience a true Korean café setting.

Cafe Noriter Panorama

Cafe Noriter Panorama

The yellow lighting is perfect giving a calm and friendly set-up. There are also spaces at the top; and I was hoping we were situated there instead down below because it gives a full view of the café and a little bit of excitement.

Strawberry Smotie

My partner’s Strawberry Smoothie

You can also take pictures, print it there with a fixed rate and display it ANYWHERE on their walls. There’s a specific part where pictures are placed, but anywhere is fine. You are also given post-it notes for free where you can write ANYTHING, from sentiments of the heart to just simply saying ‘I’ve been here at Café Noriter’, which for me is one unique experience which formerly I dream of having a café and allowing customers to write on a post-it note and place it anywhere they like in the coffee house.

The post-it notes placed everywhere in the café are like colors of friendliness and love that is inviting.

This is just a perfect place to have a chat with friends and catching up with what’s happening with their lives, or just simply a perfect setting for lovers to chill out and write on the post-it note their true love sentiment.

The café was a beaut!

If you buy a coffee or anything from their Menu; on weekdays you are allowed a 3 hour stay and on weekends, 2 hours, unless you buy another treat that extends your stay. Talks in the town saying people stay there like the entire day!


But due to the popularity, they cannot accommodate everyone coming in the café, that is why, they offer on the day reservations, and lets the people wait outside, until customers inside end their stay (good luck to that) especially on weekends. They definitely DO NOT take phone reservations too. I think it’s due to the unexpected time frame of the customers staying inside the café. Oh well, they’d better have a good strategy on reservation and stay system.

Also, they have to expand: really expaaaaaaaand to accommodate huge number of customers who are truly enticed with the café, and lower their speakers for people not to scream at the top of their voice while talking. Also, their WIFI is slow and inaccessible (when I was there) maybe due to the plenty of connections happening already from customers (bummer).

But to top of it all, the experience in Café Noriter was wonderful and soothing. My partner and I would definitely come back there any time!

You should too!

Visit their Facebook page for more details!





P90.00 – P180.00



Untitled_Panorama4 small

outside cafe noriter

Outside Cafe Noriter with light streaks from the lanterns.


CYMA | Greek Taverna | Restaurant Review [Photos]


Amazing geographic peninsula. Inter-island amazement. Rich history. Extravagant culture.

OPA! Greece is what you name it. From its grand blue and inviting waters to Homer’s Greek Gods and Goddesses with their equivalent grotesque structural houses; definitely, you’ll come and visit the mysteries of Greece. (And I can’t go on with this review if I keep talking about the wonders of one of my dream destination. Hehe)

In the city, CYMA is a Greek Taverna located at The Terraces, Ayala Mall that invites customers who desire a Grecian inspired ambiance. Opened on December 2008; five years strong and still operates well to give that wonderful pigging experience.

CYMA offers a variety of dishes that encapsulates Mediterranean experience specifically Greek. The Grecian inspired restaurant allows making you feel like you’re not in the Philippines, but in Greece.

Well, technically.

The restaurant itself gives a feel due to the Grecian color palettes which are Blue and White. I love how the chairs are painted blue too. But, truth be told, the huge glass windows differ from anything Greece. I definitely have the knowledge that the Grecian tavernas walls are stone and white with (sometimes) not very angular in manners and windows are undeniably small square/rectangular. I only wished they stood by the thought of ‘Greece’ and revamped all interiors to Greece-like.

Untitled_Panorama2 small

But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they needed those huge glass windows for customers to see the full view of the restaurant from the outside.

The counter is a true touch of Grecian taverna with a huge blackboard marquee that tells their ‘specialties’ and some links to social media accounts, great.

Now the food.

Filipinos are rich in spices and extremely precise in tasteful dishes, and Mediterranean dishes offer usually the same.

One of the best things I learned about Greece is their Gyros. I read about it some time ago, and watched a travel show on TV which is some kind of Shawarma, a roasted meat with lots of spices wrapped in a pita. In CYMA, they have their specialty, the Chicken Gyros. Costing at about P160.00; Chicken Gyro gives you a taste of goodness. Offered as an opening for the dinner My partner and Ihad and sliced in two halves; the food simply wows me due to the fact that it’s not too much salty; a little bit bland that differs you from the displeasure sense right after mouthfuls (Pu-ol, sawa), resulting to disgust. With a spicy side sauce; you can never get away from the tasteful firework of flavors.


Chicken Gyro is probably one of the best CYMA has to offer. You definitely have to order this.

We next ordered the Katoupolo Lemonato. Costing at about (an expensive) P420.00, Katoupolo Lemonato is a Chicken offering with a side dish of potatoes, but cooked in a different manner. Once we get a taste of it; it then counterparts our opening dish (Chicken Gyros), which gives the taste of mixed sour and salty. The food is really delicious, and how they’ve done it, I have no idea. BUT one thing gives the food extra excitement: Lemon. The balance the lemon gives is what makes the offering perfect.

Katoupolo Lemonato

Katoupolo Lemonato in CYMA

But there’s one glitch of the food, after plenty of mouthfuls, it will give you the displeasure taste resulting to disgust (pu-ol, sawa). I pity the dish due to the fact that when we started to taste it; it gives me a euphoric moment because of the battling yet complimenting flavors.

TIP: The dish is good for 2, but due to the displeasure it give; I suggest you offer it to 4.

And then our last is Moussaka.

We started with Chicken Gyro that was oh-so-delcious! Then next was the Kotoupolo Lemonato that took me to heaven, but brought me down to earth just right after. Then we have Moussaka that took me from earth………….. to the deepest pit of hell.

Moussaka is Greece’s national dish that is layered in eggplant, beef, with smothering, thick white creamy sauce (béchamel sauce) and cheese at the top that looks similar to lasagna.


I am hoping that Greece wont ‘persona-non-grata’ me with this review on their National dish because I still have plans to go there, BUT I believe as a Filipino, I wouldn’t appreciate the uncomplimentary taste of beef plus eggplant plus a white sauce that spoiled our dinner. Not to disrespect Greece’s national dish, but I will definitely not suggest Filipinos should order this.

Oh good Lord, if only you can see my partner’s face while tasting Moussaka. We were truly laughing our asses off for ordering that.

Oh well, the more bad experience we get, the more I can write things on my blog.

And now, their WIFI. Definitely available and fast, I was happy. Again, internet is everything.

In a nutshell

I would love to add that I like the fact that their waiters are in costume. I asked the waiter who was in cowboy suit, and he answered me that their ‘theme’ is United Nations. One waiter was wearing a Greek God costume, and you can only see a few restaurants doing that, and it’s much appreciated.

Waiter in Cyma in Costume

Waiter in CYMA in full Greek Costume

And speaking of waiters, their all-male waiter (at that day and time) definitely were accommodating and F.U.N.! They have one dish there which was really interesting: I noticed the manager went near to the Korean customers saying “We will be shouting”, and I wondered what that could mean. And then the waiter with the Greek God costume was holding a heated plate with some bread-ish something on it and he grabbed a lighter and the plate started to burst in flames and everyone in the restaurant shouted “OPA!” which meant nothing in Greece but just an expression of being joyful or happy.


We were so amused with that presentation that happened twice.

In a nutshell, there are lots and lots of offerings CYMA have, and we only get a taste of three. They still have fish, pork and pasta dishes also wines, so, there wouldn’t be a prejudice here for how bad will all of their dishes be. That’s why I’ll be giving ratings to the food we ate.

In a nutshell, I wouldn’t be planning to come back anytime sooner in CYMA not because of the roller coaster ride dinner we had, but because of the price range which is out of bounds and definitely will hurt your pockets, and not to mention, no need for tip since you give a service charge of P90.00. BUT there’s one reason why I can come back to the taverna: Chicken Gyro, a definite winner.


Come visit CYMA at The Terraces, Ayala, with no reservations needed. Visit their full MENU on their website. OPA!


Chicken Gyro – 10

Kotoupolo Lemonato – 8

Iced Tea – 9

Moussaka – uhm, -1? Just kidding, 2

Ambiance – 6

Service – 9

Value for Money – 7


Carrie | Movie Review

carrie poster

(This is going to be a review that will not compare from the original movie)


“Bloody, interesting yet lacking.”

Carrie is an American supernatural horror film about a girl who discovers she has telekinesis; a power of the mind to control things, and her struggle through high school where she experienced a modern kind of bullying especially about her first bloody period. Carrie does not only struggle at school but also directly at home with her mother who’s got some ‘mental illness’ due to being too much enticed religiously, pathetically thinking that wearing a sleeveless is a mortal sin. The film was released on October 18, 2013, after postponing the March 15, 2013 release.

Carrie stars Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) as the notoriously famous Carrie White and the Oscar Nominee and Emmy Award best actress Julianne Moore (Game Change) as Margaret White, Carrie’s mother.

Carrie is classic redux of the 1976 film and an adaptation of Stephen King’s classic in the same name.

Yet, the popularity of the first adaptation (1976) in other countries did not reach to where I live, therefore, I haven’t seen, heard of read anything about Carrie. It’s a relatively good perspective so that no comparison will be made out from this review, which I appreciate in doing, and I appreciate in reading. Not to disrespect Stephen King or the creators of the first adaptation; but it would be fair for me to review a film as it is.

I noticed how deep the storyline of the story was. From Margaret White’s ignorance of pregnancy, which she thought was cancer; to Carrie’s dreadful first period which she thought was some kind of disease. It also imparts the new age of bullying in the United States that includes technological ways (Cyber Bullying), which demonstrates the range of the modern matter that causes new wave adversary in youngsters.

The build-up of the story was somehow a bore, but thankful for the length of the movie that was only an hour and a half which defer viewers from total boredom.

Then the intensity came where (as everyone expected) the prom began, and Carrie, herself, started to rebel from her mother’s irrational, impractical and nonsensical guard. The part where the pig’s blood splattered on Carrie’s head that had been repeated three times in the movie was interesting and useful that gives the awe moment. Then from there, the climax of the redux extricates from the deepening build-up.

The climax did appease me, somehow, and how Chloe Moretz portrayed a possessed-like girl that murdered numerous of people in one setting and that she lost to her senses due to the circumstances. The plenty of action engrossed me in my seat, making me bend forward to wait for that climatic ‘umpf’ moment. There were loads of bloody sparklers and I enjoyed every bit of vengeance Carrie made from her intimidators.

How grueling the mass murder happened in the movie, gives excitement. Up to the portion where she gets the revenge to the biggest bully of all in the film. But, oh, it was just a normal way to die and it was one of the part where I find lack; I wished there was more of a triumphant feel having the ultimate vengeance from you enemy. (I waited for a part where Carrie tells her enemy, “BITCH!” before she died.)

But no, it was just a simple death. I preferred a death in front of number of people or something else. And they have the choice to redirect the movie away from the past recreation/adaptation of the book. (Yet still Carrie fan boys and girls will be frustrated with my idea for sure).

And another lack I felt was the lack of depth from Carrie’s bullying story. Carrie being thrown tampons and napkins was too much, but that was just the start of it all. The online video leak (Cyber Bullying) did not even take part of a strong portrayal of modern bullying which causes even suicides to some (sorry). But it was just a useless instrument that did not give a strong voice which should be the most important fact of all, since, let’s face it, Cyber Bullying nowadays is the trend on how to crush someone’s dignity and entire persona. That should’ve been emphasized.

The acting was not believable either which roots the blame to the directing. Except for Julianne Moor who gave a chilling performance, applauded her in the movie.

The movie ended with me still hanging on my seat still waiting for that climatic ‘umpf’ moment. But it did not come.

The entire movie was interesting, (from a perspective of non-comparison review) yet not satisfying and gives you a feel of ‘okay, that was it’. I am much disappointed with how the movie went since it stars one of my new favourite actresses, Chloe Moretz. And also the fact of the in-time issue which is Bullying and how awful it is and lastly, I fancy revenge stories. All of those enticed me to watch the movie. But it failed me somehow.

I wonder how fans of the original movie react to the remake.


Story     –              6

Cinematography              –              7

Musical Score    –              8

Acting   –              7

Direction              –              7

Visual Effects (YES)          –              8

OVERALL              –              7.2

Lantaw sa Busay | Review




Lantaw is a Visayan word which means to look beyond and that word has been used by a recent superstar restaurant in the same name ‘Lantaw’. Lantaw first became a superstar in their first branch located in Cordova, Cebu.

Lantaw is a sister branch of Moon Café, a Mexican style restaurant in Cebu which I also adore so much, and also with Thirsty, a very famous juice/shake stand located everywhere!

Lantaw has been also a talk of the town with its cozy sea-side ambiance and a place worth chilling. Not until their next branch came: Lantaw sa Busay.

Busay is a barangay (village) in Cebu situated on the mountainous part. Busay is known for the cool breeze and city view setting.

And what could be more perfect than having dinner overlooking the city lights?


Lantaw is famous for a place that is hard to access YET gives you a perfect setting for pigging experience!

And a GREAT TIP: you go there in the evening.

If you have a car, GREAT! You can just access the Cebu Transcentral Highway and reach Mountain View Park because Lantaw is just along that road.

But if you like to travel with a little bit of adventure, there are ways on how to get there.

A week before, my partner and I decided to visit Mountain View Park: a park located at Busay. And also planned on visiting Lantaw sa Busay right after since it’s just within that vicinity.

On getting there without a car, you must take a Habal-habal (motorcycle) just across J. Y. Square, Lahug, Cebu City. You can see plenty of Habal-habal drivers waiting for passengers, and instantly they will ask you, “Mountain View? Or Lantaw?” They quite know why people go to Busay.

A ride is good for two and costs us only P50.00 per person. It is a fifteen minute ride from J. Y. Square to Lantaw itself. And while on the road; you can feel the cool breeze while climbing the mountainous part of Cebu, and also, not to mention a glimpse of the city lights afar.

You will stop exactly on the entrance of Lantaw sa Busay where you can see a big marquee and some Habal-habal drivers are waiting for guests to ride back to J. Y. Square.


My partner and I were already exhausted climbing up and down and up again on the roads of Mountain View Park and on our way to Lantaw. We did not foresee how steep the roads were but just laughed about it instead.

When we reached Lantaw sa Busay, we were greeted warmly by their staff which holds the guest list.

AND ANOTHER TIP, you HAVE TO make a reservation days ahead of the date you are going to especially on weekends since a lot of people visit the site and same with their first branch. (Telephone Number is at the end of the post)

And since I did a reservation two days before we got there, we were seated at the far end of the place BUT with city view.

Lantaw Sa Busay

I was speechless with how vast and enchanting the flickering lights were. I was in awe with how perfect the spot is. The stunning landscape of the city was a paragon for a true lovers view. You can’t help but look outside that gives nostalgia. While sometimes, in perfect timing, you could see fireworks on the city’s atmosphere.

Their feisty staff greets you always with a smile on their faces, which I’m hoping it will not fade.


Since we fed our eyes for beauty, we were there for the food, and of course to fill our famished stomachs.

Lantaw offers a variety of Filipino style cooking, from openers, main courses, soups, veggies to desserts. A specific Menu was offered to us and I liked how they have pictures of almost all of their offers, which most restaurants don’t have.

My partner and I chose a modified version of scallops (since I’m overfed with baked scallops in some restaurants in Cebu). It is called Spicy Scallops. Also, we ordered the undying Sinuglaw (Modified Ceviche) and Tuna Belly for our main course. And lastly Banana Turon for our dessert.

Spicy Scallops

Spicy Scallops

Spicy Scallops costs P148.00 and did surprise me due to its familiar Pork n Beans taste. But I loved it. I loved every bit of the spicy-ness it gives me. Familiar but undoubtedly fun to eat.


Sinuglaw (Modified Ceviche)

Sinuglaw costs P165.00 failed. In awful failure, I really love Sinuglaw especially in Camotes and in Gerry’s Grill (A famous expensive restaurant in Cebu). My partner and I were too disappointed with it due to its bland taste which counterparts the pure taste of a ceviche! I don’t know how they lacked it with vinegar that gives you that 100% feel of salivation. Nah, it was disappointing. Nevertheless, we ate it.

Tuna Belly

Tuna Belly

Tuna Belly costs P175.00 and was also a bit bland yet you can still feel the taste of real fish. Some Tuna is cooked with too much spices or soy that covers the true flavor of the fish. I liked this one, so is my partner. But the serving was good enough for two people if you have other dishes, but if none, it was a little bit small, but just ENOUGH.

Banana Turon

Banana Turon

The Banana Turon costs P110.00 and was too much disappointing. My partner did not like the taste of the wrapper and how it was blended with chocolate syrup and ice cream. The battling taste was not flattering at all. Gives a little bit of disgust in my gut.


For our drinks, we ordered a Thirsty treat which was Mango shake. As I’ve written above, Lantaw and Thirsty are sister company.

Their Rice costs P30.00 also, but that’s not a bit too worry since the serving is huge, unlike in other restaurants.

The waiter told us that their bestselling was the Baked Scallops; I wished I ordered that, but anyway, I’ve had enough with the baked scallops in Golden Courie (another Famous restaurant in Cebu), which is also a delish!


Lantaw sa Busay offers you a totally amazing ambiance and view. With its city overlooking terraces, to it’s cool breeze setting. I commend on how they got that spot and redefined pigging experience! I then discovered that when I decided to go to the loo, I passed by the main, and it was totally, totally beautiful and cozy.

lantaw3 small

The place was perfect, until the food came. Their style in cooking was a bit bland, yet, some people can appreciate bland taste, but not My partner and I. But a true Filipino would never go bland. Although the situation was like that; I was still full and happy.

I would also like to comment on their inaccessible WIFI. They have two connections there, and none of it was working. We can’t even pass through the password phase. I don’t know, it’s because maybe were in the balcony part of the place? But let’s admit, ‘Ang mabait na kapitbahay, walang password ang WIFI’ (A kind neighbor has no password on their WIFI) and internet is now EVERYTHING (data loads slow at the mountainous part).

Anyway, I totally enjoyed Lantaw sa Cebu, I would definitely go back there and taste their other offers! With the friendly staff to reasonable prices; it’s definitely worth it.

lantaw2 small


                TELEPHONE – (032) 511 0379

                CELLOHONE – 0933 950 5323





SERVICE – 8 (because they didn’t give us WIFI and a saucer)

LOCATION – 2 (inaccessible if no car) 7 (if you have a car)

AMBIANCE – 10,000,000,000



COSTING (without car):

HABAL-HABAL – P50.00 x 2 = P100.00 x 2(going back) = 200


SINUGLAW – P165.00

TUNA BELLY – P175.00

RICE (platter) – P80.00

Rice – P30.00


MANGO SHAKE – P40.00 x 2 = P80.00

TOTAL FOOD = P868.00

GRAND TOTAL = P1, 068.00